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Chapter 19: Poke The Bear and Say Goodbye


Ino and Sakura left the cemetery to go home, Sakura looking very emotionless, recalling all those memories, all the torture. Once they arrived home Sakura wordlessly took Ino's hand and led her to her bedroom, lying on a normal bed they spooned each other. The blonde's strong arms were surrounding Sakura, and stoking her soft tresses delicately. Time seemed to slow to a crawl around them; the sound of breathing was filling the air, one normal, the other deep but lightly shuddering. Sakura clung onto Ino's arms, and when she felt that wasn't enough, she turned herself around to grab her girlfriend's shirt and immerse herself in her scent to nuzzle her soft skin on her neck. The blonde responded by scratching the pinkette's back in comforting circles.

"There's more…" she trailed off.

"You don't have to-" Ino started before Sakura cut her off.

"Yes I do… if I don't, I don't think I'll have the strength to continue ever…" Sakura lessened her grip on Ino's shirt.

Kiba had told me of his plans to buy me anything I wanted, to put me in a good school and many other fantasies he could dream up. But when he left on my free days seemed a little less freeing. The house always had a cold feeling about it, and my father, not held back by Kiba, would quiz me brutally on the material I had read whenever he came down to deliver my meals. But when he came back for his monthly visit, it was fun.

"KIBA! How are you!" a small Sakura screamed once she saw her brother come in the door. Her father sitting in a chair in the corner of the room, only sneered at the return of his son. Kiba picked up the small girl and spun around.

"Hey there squirt! Boy, you're getting big aren't you?" Kiba was dressed in the traditional ANBU garb with silver arm protector that had some dents and slices in it, his dog mask hanging off his red belt. "How 'bout you get a coat on and I'll take you to the mall?"

"Okay!" The small Sakura said as she ran off to find her things. Kashaku never changed the direction of his glare as he got up his shoulder got caught. A kunai had pinned him to the chair.

"Sit down Kashaku, we need to talk." Kiba said in the darkest voice that even Kashaku flinched for a moment. "I will be returning once a month here, and if you don't like it, tough. In two years I'll have custody and I'll give her the life she never had. But until then, if she tells me that you hit her, I'll break every bone in your body. I've gained enough power to be on equal footing with you and in a year, you will become nothing to me. I will have knock down your pedestal and look at you from down the mountain. Got it?"

Kashaku laughed confidently. "You…. And me… on equal footing? Never. You better learn this, you useless mutt… I own you, always will. You can bark and howl as much as you like, but you can't get the leash off. Your whore mother couldn't." Kiba flared up and launched a punch at the man. But they each heard the pitter-patter of Sakura's feet on the wooden floors.

"I'm back let's…go?" Kiba was waiting patiently on the couch, the kunai gone, and Kashaku standing, the tension in the room was so noticeable that Sakura shuddered for a bit.

"Yeah let's go." Kiba smiled uneasily, but was determined to make everything seem okay.

Their day at mall was filled with laughter, and Kiba had bought Sakura some stuffed animals and candy.

Kiba had a good time sharing sour balls with Sakura and watching her face pucker. They were at the food court and eating McDonald's.

"So anything interesting happen while I was gone?"

"No, the house seems so quiet without you raising a ruckus."

"I don't raise a ruckus!"

"Oh yeah? What about the time you played baseball in the house on purpose just destroy father's favorite vase?"

"Well, he was being an asshole."

"Wake up call for Mr. Kiba Haruno, he's the definition of asshole all day every day 24/7 365 days a year!"

"Oh, right."

We laughed so hard that day, and every day he came home. Pretty soon, his visits were the only reason I put up with father's bullshit. After a while, Akamaru died, and I never really found out why. Kiba comforted me and I thought he was the best… But father had another opinion…

I was waiting for Kiba on the couch because he had called and said that he would come home for a month, for his birthday and for the day he would gain custody. It was raining that evening, thunder and lighting, the whole deal.

"Kiba!" Sakura scream once she saw her brother come in soaked from the rain. Sakura created a chakra ball and began drying him off.

"You're getting really good at that." Kiba commented Sakura smiled at his approval.

Kashaku was in his usual chair smirked at her chakra control and frowned once Kiba commented on it. He felt that he didn't have the right to comment on it. He frowned even more when Kiba stuck his tongue out at him. He looked absolutely aghast, since he usually had his nose up in the air, that sort of immature behavior was absolutely appalling to him.

"Aw get your head out your ass Kashaku." Kiba blandly said, infuriating the man further.

"Kiba," Sakura whispered, when the brunette bent down she continued "don't poke the fat, angry bear with a stick. He's been EXTRA mean lately."

Kiba nodded in understanding but felt confident that it was because he was going to lose his prize 'student'.

He was there for a week before him and father got in a huge fight, I don't know what they were saying but it had something to do with the custody of me or something. But they decided to settle the old score and have one last fight, no holds barred. Out in the park. I snuck outside and hid behind a tree. They were about 15 feet away.

"You can use your hands and kunai/shuriken And I'll use my hunting knife." Kashaku declared loudly. "We'll begin at the next lightning strike."

At the flash they were off, charging forward. Kiba went off to the right suddenly and raised his left leg in a kick Kashaku blocked it easily, until Kiba lifted his body in a handstand and swung his leg around, breaking Kashaku's guard and delivering another kick with his right leg. The older man ducked and grabbed Kiba's arm and flung him towards a tree, Kiba corrected himself in mid air and threw three shuriken. Kashaku deflected them with his knife, while he was doing that Kiba hopped off the tree and it as a foothold to shoot himself at the man raising a punch and throwing it. Kashaku grabbed the fist with his free hand but sliding backwards from the force of the punch. He flipped the knife in his hand and tried to slice Kiba's cheek, but Kiba stopped it with his right leg, turning him around as he delivered a heel to Kashaku's jaw. After flipping away he got into his fighting stance with a kunai in hand. Kashaku rubbed his sore jaw and launched forward slamming his knife down on Kiba's kunai so hard sparks flew. They stood in the stale mate for a few seconds before separating and clashing again and again.

Finally Kashaku threw the knife disarming Kiba of the kunai; he jumped into the air and flipped a few times before delivering a hammer kick on Kiba's shoulder, dislocating it. Kiba backed up dodging the volley of punches and kicks before driving into Kashaku's torso, effectively popping his shoulder into place before jumping on the downed man and kneeing him further in the ground, causing Kashaku to spit up blood. He punched Kiba and rolled over so he could get a few good hits in. Kiba threw his knees over Kashaku's shoulder and hooking his heels under the older man's jaw and sent him flying into a tree. When he bounced off, he expertly threw kunai through the cloak Kashaku was wearing and into the tree with little effort. Grasping the chance he launched vicious punches and kicks, each guaranteed to leave large welts. "Do you give up?" Kiba screamed at him.

"Yes…" Kashaku said while spitting out blood. Kiba turned around and screamed his victory to the heavens.

In the midst of it Kashaku detached his arm from the tree and grasped the knife that lay forgotten until now. He took the chance and stuck it into Kiba's leg and out the knee.

"GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" A bloodcurdling scream ripped from Kiba's throat as his dropped to his side and cradled his knee.

"Stupid mutt!" Kashaku ripped the knife out and started stabbing him with it. "NEVER turn your back to your opponent till he's dead. All the madness that has been building in Kashaku came out laughing as he tore apart his own son. Sakura from far away covered her mouth in horror. She gasped as Kiba somehow limped away and ran as best he could. Sakura ran after him, making sure to avoid being seen.

Kashaku's madding laughs could be heard over the thunder, the rain, the tears from Sakura's face, her heavy breathing as she tried to find her brother. She found him near the lily pond. But so had Kashaku. He shot at his retreating form, nothing but grazes made contact. At last he lost Kashaku and reached the lily pond. Sakura stole this chance to try to heal him.

"Hold on Kiba! I'll fix you!" she tried to form the chakra bubble but Kiba spoke.



"Get out of here, before he kills you too, I'm too far gone, I've lost so much blood. Even if I do live, I'll be in a wheelchair and that's not the life I envisioned for us. I was careless; I poked the bear, and got killed by it."

"Kiba stop talking like that! I'll fix you so you can walk and play tag with me and eat ice cream and make fun of the bear, and go to the mall and show you all my new friends and we'll get another dog and name him Akamaru II and live where lilies bloom all the time and read under Sakura trees and laugh!" Sakura was crying hysterically. She couldn't imagine life without Kiba, without his kindness without his laughter, without him holding her and spinning her around whenever she saw him.

"I know, I'm sorry."

"Don't go…"

"He's coming, You have to go now!" He focused all his energy and pushed her behind some far away bushes.

"Hello mutt…" Kashaku dark voice arrived from behind a tree. Kiba hoped he didn't see Sakura.

"Asshole…It's not nice to see you." Kiba spat.

Kashaku picked him so that he was on his knees. He put his gun to the back of his head. "Any last words before you join your bitch mother."

"Yeah. I hope you get raped up the ass by a steel pipe and it comes out your fucking mouth, and as you die you hear me…laughing at you." Kiba turned his eyes to where Sakura was at the right and smiled, he said a silent "I'm sorry, Sakura, but this is goodbye…" Sakura read his lips perfect.


Sakura was now crying in Ino's shirt and Ino held her tightly a few tears escaped her eyes. Knowing that Sakura had witnessed the most traumatic thing anyone can go through.

"I know what you mean." Sakura looked at her.


"To lose someone to madness, I know the feeling."

"What do you mean?"

"Remember your first day here? After I attacked you with the sandwich?"

"Now, I'm sorry I… did what I did. It's just…" Ino paused and gave Sakura the chance to move her hands from behind her back, although Ino tightened her grip to make her stay. "Someone I thought I could trust… hurt me… and at the end … he would always… call me a pig… his pig… I hated him for a long time... and eventually forgot about him. But when you said it… I felt like I had to… stand up for myself, and I forgot that you're my guest not…him. I'm so sorry." At this point Ino started to cry. She held Sakura like a protective teddy bear. And Sakura let her. She understood what it's like to be betrayed.


"To put it in short: At the age of five, my father molested me, it went on until I was 15 and left. But his words hurt forever. His calling me a pig, and him telling me that I would amount to nothing, but whoring myself out. For the first year of living I did do prostitution, until I met Ibinki Morino. He put me in ANBU and I became a first-rate interrogator instead of a first-rate lay. I too gained power to stand up to my fears."

"Oh Ino…"

They held each other for the rest of the day.



Sakura calmed down and Shikamaru, Temari, Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara Hidan, and Tsunade were made aware of the story and they all cried. But they finally found out, so they could help out Sakura with her mood swings more. Sakura thought she saw Kiba at the lily pond when she had a picinic with Ino one day. He was smiling.

Sakura still lives with Ino, and Ino popped the question, Sakura said Yes.

Kashaku Haruno was found and after classified torture, admitted to obstruction of justice in a custody hearing, murder in the first degree, Abuse charges, and many other crimes that Kohona had no idea happened. He gave the names of the jurors in the custody hearing, and found they were some of the city's biggest crime lords: Danzo, and Madara Uchiha being two of them. The former Akatsuki told ANBU all of his crimes and they were cleared of all previous charges.

All because of the brave little girl named Sakura Yamanaka.


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