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Just a quick summary. The story takes place 3 years after the D-reaper incident and obvisouly the tamers got their digimon back. Although the digimon and tamers have matured, Guilmon still acts a little more childlike than the others.

How It All Began

"Guilmon." a soft voice spoke.

"Huh?" the red dinosaur-like digimon named Guilmon replied. Usually his dreams consisted of an 'All-you-can-eat bread buffet' and occasionally, about his friend Impmon being nicer to everyone. It was only once, but boy was it worth remembering. However, this night, was different. Much different.

"I've been looking for you." It said again.

"Who is this?" he asked, more confused than ever. He looked around his surroundings. 'Where am I? This definitely isn't a buffet!' He was all alone in a foggy place and the weird, but pleasant voice talking to him didn't make him feel any better, just more confused.

The voice chuckled, "You're so cute when you're confused."

"Uhh..." was all that came out as he was blushing intensely.

"You're even cuter when you blush." The voice said in a sultry tone.

"Who are you?" Guilmon asked as he looked around for the tiniest clue of who was talking to him. Nothing.

"You don't recognize my voice? I'm hurt" It said.


"You're so clueless, but that's what makes me want you even more." The voice whispered.

"So….you're not Terriermon?"

"Of course not silly."

"Then who are you?"

"Well...since you don't recognize my voice, I guess I'll have to show myself to you." Then a tall curvy figured appeared in front of him.

'Oh my Godmon.' The one person, no mon he had not expected. Sure, she was a sigt to look at, but Guilmon's idea of a 'sight' was bread, peanut butter filled bread. This, was not bread at all. "Re-Re-Renamon? He stuttered.

"Oh yes." she whispered in his ear.

Ahhh!" Guilmon screamed as he opened his eyes from the pleasurable..er horrid dream. 'Hoo boy, that's the third time this week.' a voice chimed inside his head. It sounded a lot like Terriermon. "Oh this isn't good." Guilmon said to himself in a drowsy voice. 'No duh sherlock!' his inner voice yelled. It was loud enough to give the poor dinosaur a headache. "How come you're my inner voice, and not me?" 'Becauuuse! If you were your own inner voice, who knows what advice you'd give yourself. It wouldn't be nearly as great as mine.'Guilmon's inner voice said proudly.

"Then what do I do?" Guilmon asked himself sadly. 'Momentai, I'll tell you what you're not gonna do...'

"What is it?" Guilmon waited impatiently. 'I don't know, I'm still thinking.' Guilmon sighed. "So much for great advice..." He paused for a slight second. "Why don't I ask Takatomon! He's smart!" 'Yea and Rika's a sweet girl' The inner voice said sarcastically. "You're just cranky 'cuz I thought of it myself!" Guilmon said happily. Jealous? Yea well you're the one who's talking to yourself!

Guilmon, not being tired anymore, got up and started making his way towards the exit of his 'home'. 'And just where do you think you're going?' The inner voice asked. "To ask Takatomon for real advice." Guilmon huffed. 'At three o' clock in the morning?'

"Awh maaaan." Guilmon whined and laid back down. "What do I do now?" 'Wait until it's not completely dark and creepy out AND then go ask Takato. Of course, you could ask the real me and get better advice."

"Boy, you're even more annoying than the real Terriermon." Guilmon said before he yawned. 'I take great pride in that.'The inner voice replied. "Nighty night inner voice that sounds like Terriermon!" Guilmon said before drifting off to sleep. 'Nighty night Guilmon...'

Later on in the morning

Guilmon awoke to sound of birds chirping and he wiped his tried eyes. He sat up from his sleeping position and suddenly remembered what happened earlier. "Wow I can't believe its been almost a week of Renamon dreams." Guilmon said to himself as he reached for his breakfast. He spent quite some time deciding when it would be the right time to ask Takato about his dream. Several moments passed and he decided now was the time. He got up and started heading towards the door and as he was leaving, a purple imp-like creature wearing a red bandana and gloves stood outside his door.

"Yo dum-dum, let me in so we can cause some trouble." Impmon said from the other side of the gate.

"But you promised you wouldn't do that anymore." Guilmon reminded him and let him in.

"Eh so I lied when I said I wouldn't. Bite me." Impmon retorted before coming in.

Just then Guilmon had an idea (surprise surprise) "Actually can you help me with something?" Guilmon asked his 'buddy'.

"Alrightz so whadya want?!" he asked impatiently

"Well I had a dream abou-"His voice trailed off as he had a thought.

Guilmon's Inner Mind Theater


"Hi Impmon!" Guilmon greeted happily as he ate his speacial stash of bread. "Guess what!"

"You're finnally gonna leave me alone." The agitated imp guessed.

"Nooo! Don't be silly!" Guilmon said in a cheerful tone. "I had a dream about Renamon, and I really liked it!" Guilmon said sheepishly. "She said I was cute..."

Impmon stared at Guilmon for a few seconds, then it turned into a glare, then before you know it a dark aura was coming from him. "WHAT DA HELL?!" Impmon yelled angrily and started shooting fireballs at Guilmon until he burnt to a crisp.

End of theater

"HELLO?! Anyone there?!"Impmon asked impatiently, waving his hand in front of Guilmon. "What was da dream about? It better not be the one about the giant rubber duck attacking!"

Guilmon was still in shock from his train(wreck) of thought, but was brought back t oreality by Impmon. He shook his head quickly and replied to the impatient imp. "In my defense that was a pretty scary dream!"

"Yea, yea i was soooo scared when you told me." He mocked him "Now tell me pineapple head!I gotta get going and see my fox-face."

"Oh...Renamon." He said to himself. "Um…it was about…giant…chickens…invading…tokyo…?" he improvised.

"Giant chickens invading tokyo? What da heck didja eat last night?!" he yelled, losing all his patience


"Bread? BREAD?! Jesus! No wonder you're so damn chubby! And no wonder you get all these damn dreams!" Impmon yelled, he wanted to smack guilmon for making him listen to his dream. He then finally calmed down. "Ugh I'm leaving. See ya later birdbrain." He said as he was leaving the hideout.

"But I'm a dinosaur!" Guilmon yelled

"Whatever" Impmon said as he slowly walked away.

(Now what?) "Oh right I gotta ask Takato!" As guilmon started to leave, the inner voice came back to taunt him. 'You sure you wanna do that?'Guilmon stopped in his tracks to talk back to the voice. "B-but I need advice from Takatomon." He whined. "And I ran out of bread, I don't like when I run out of bread cuz then I get hungry and then I sta-" The inner voice interrupted him before he could finish. 'Alright I get it! You need your daily overdose of fat to function. Anyway, here's what might happen if you tell him, and let me show you a real inner mind theater.'

Inner Voice's (Terriermon's) Inner Mind theater


Takatomooon!" Guilmon called out happily as he ran to his tamer. "Can we play now?" He asked with a goofy grin on his face. Takato looked abck at him and luaghed. "'Course we can, boy! But first, is there anything you wanna tell me?"

"Hmmm." Guilmon started thinking about it. "Well..." He was then interrupted by Takato. "I knew it! You ate all the extra bread at home again huh?" Takato guessed.

"Oh, but I was talking about something else, but I really did eat all the bread too." Guilmon blurted out.

"Can you tell me?" Takato ordered, though it did sound omre like a question, since..well he's not good at demanding. "And I'll give you your breeeead." He practically sang.

"I had a dream about about Renamon and w-"

"You mean to tell me you had a dream about Renamon? Out of all the girl digimon out there to dream about, it just HAD to be her?She's probably the meanest digimon there is out there! And don't get me started on her over moody tamer!" Takato ranted.

End of theater.

Guilmon snapped back into reality. "Oh I wouldn't want that to happen." He gasped. "What if he got so mad that he…he... " Would take away your daily overdose of bread.' The inner voice finsished for him.

Guilmon screamed in fear. "I can't let that happen!' He grabbed a piece of bread and stuffed it in his mouth. "Now what do I do, inner voice?'

Ask someone else, someone who's smart, cute, provides comedic relief when needed... "Who's that?" Guilmon asked all confused. No one fit the description. Terriermon, duuuh! Who else?'

"Did my real inner voice get switched with Terriermon's or something?" 'Hey buddy, I'm just a part of your, reeeeally weird imagination, and my advice is to ask the second person you trust after Takato.

"Ohhh, like Terriermon?" Guilmon guessed. 'Oh now you say Terriermon!' The inner voice said sarcastically. 'And if he's the mon you trust, then ask away! You won't regreeeet iiiit.' The inner voice chimed.

"Awh, why do I get the feeling I will?" Feeling schmeeling! Just go ask!'The inner voice demanded. "Okay, okay, I will!" And with that, the red digimon ran off into the park in search for the answer to his dilema.

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