Well, here it is. The Epilogue! I'll let Rika take it from here.

Terriermon : But you said you would let ME narrate the epilogue!

Rika : Too bad bunny boy, you forgot to bribe her.

Terriermon : Aww man. What'd you give her?

Rika : I'm not telling you.

Me : Get on with the story before I change my mind!

Terriermon : -cuddles me- Moumantai, but I wanted to narrate.

Me : Sorry Terrier-chan, but if it makes you feel better, everyone will have some part in this.

A Different Kind of Epilogue

Well, everything is back to normal again. Then again, when is it evernormal here? I guess what I meant was that things between all of us are good. Actually things are going better than ever.Let's see...Even though Impmon didn't find himself a new womon, he did get those hot dogs he had been wanting. I would tell you the whole story, but I'd rather not.

Hey that's not fair! I want details of how many I had!

Whatever, you had ten. Happy?

That's a decent amount.

Anyway, looks like Henry and Jeri have been spending more time with each other. Just the other day I saw them at the park. Looked like they were holding hands, but it was probably the sun in my eyes. Ok, ok so they did hold hands, but it's something I wouldn't want to look at. I think I almost barfed when I saw it.

For the last time, her hand was cold and I was just warming it up.

Sure it was Henry. Moving on, Lopmon decided to give Terriermon another chance. This time he took her to a better place for their 'date'. I don't mind telling you the full story for this.

You don't have to tell them! just be happy you're narrating!

Alright fine, but to make a long story short, they had a nice time. Hard to believe right? I saw them the same da I saw Jeri and Henry. They would have even had a better time if Suzie hadn't tagged along. She wanted to play with them the whole time. Poor things, the only had a couple of time where they did have fun together.

Hey we asked you to watch over her but you said you were busy! what exactly were you foing?

I'm narrating here. Don't you have somewhere to be?

...We both know I would do a better job at this.

Keep on talking and my fist will hit your face faster than you can say 'moumantai.'

...go on.

Before I do...is anyone else going to interrupt me?! It better be a no or else! Ahem, where was I? Oh yea Renamon and I decided to not have monthly bets anymore. We figured it was a waste of time. So instead we just decided to dare other people into doing crazy stunts. That way only they get hurt. Just last week we dared both Kazu and Kenta to eat cupcake filled with laxatives. Then again, they didn't know there were laxatives in there, but what fun would it have been if they did know?

That wasn't funny Rika! Me and Kenta were in the bathroom for hours!

Not my fault you actually did it. Just be happy you two were actually mentioned in this story once.

Good point, but next time we won't fall for your tricks.

We'll see about that.

What's that supposed to mean?!

It's nothing, now let me continue! Or else I'll make you wish you were back in the bathroom again instead of here!

Alright calm down. Sheesh I wonder what chumley sees in you.

Speaking of Gogglehead... After weeks and weeks of Jeri nagging us to go on another date, we decied to try again. It wasn't that bad. He didn't talk as much and I didn't tune him out with my music. Then again, my CD player broke so I couldn't have done that even if I wanted to. I'm only gonna say this once...Takato is fun person to go out with, once you get past his awkwardness, but you know what? It was like Renamon and Guilmon were with us the whole time. Even Takato said he could feel their presence on that night. Looks like they're always going to watch over us.


Yes Renamon?

It's time to get going. We're going to be late if we don't leave soon, and who are you talking to?

I'll be there soon and don't worry about it. It's nothing. Well before I go, I should let you know how Renamon and Guilmon are doing. That's probably the only reason why you're reading this. For your information, they're doing just fine. In fact, it's like they're inseperable. You can't go to a place without bringing the other. Which is why... Takato and Guilmon talked both me and Renamon into going on...a...a...double date. I don't know why we agreed to it...ok I don't know why I agreed to it. Well, I only did it for Renamon...and maybe I wanted to see Gogglehead again...just maybe.


I'm coming Renamon. Anyway, I'll leave you guys right here, but don't worry, there's more stories to come.

We promise!

Oh god... that was a crappy epilogue, Dx but I tried?

Terriermon : It was great! -applause-

Me : Uh...thanks? Oh and for those of you who liked my story...I'm writing another one! It's not really a sequel, but there will be some RenaGuil moments and yea. All I need is for you...the reviewers, to give me an idea for an digimon enemy. Like the name, what it looks like, attacks, etc. That's all I need and my story will be up within a week, depending on who actually helps me.