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A Change of Heart

Book #2 - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Chapter 9

Rillian and his Uncle

Dedicated to my late Great Grandfather who died a few months ago and enjoylife1994 for the 425th review

"A little bit more to the left."

Rillian, Bern and Caspian struggled as they moved themselves and the excessively heavy armoire.

"No, too far," Theresa shook her head.

The men groaned and moved it a little to the right.

"Perfect," Theresa smiled.

The men were just about to set it down when Susan shook her head and said, "You know, I think it'll look better over in the other corner."

"Which one? The one to the left or the right?" Theresa asked the queen.

"No, the other one," Susan shook her head.

"Oh, the one on the other side of the room?" Theresa looked at the corner, "Oh that would look good!"

"Guys?" Susan looked expectantly at the men.

With some more grumbles and groans, the men moved the armoire for the twenty-seventh time and set it down in the corner.

The women studied it, looked at each other and nodded. At this sight the men smiled, the work of moving that piece of furniture was over.

Then Theresa and Susan said in unison, "Move it back to the other corner!"

The men just grumbled.

"Mom!" Theresa turned to see Josslyn in the room. "All your stuff is moved into your office. We just need you to tell us where to place things."

"Good luck with that!" Rillian called.

"Susan, do you want to come or supervise the boys?" Theresa asked.

"I'll come; I think they can handle it."

The girls moved into the room that was going to be Theresa's office for the business.

"It's looking good," Theresa surveyed the madness of an office.

Piles of parchment, ink pots, quills, records, pictures, chairs, a desk, a few lamps, a clock and a few other odds and ends. The mess was complete with a half blind Edmund, a bordering on insane Lucy, a passionate Reepicheep, a selfish Elizabeth and a whining Eustace. The quarrels were many, the progress was little, new loathing was found and tempers were lost.

Susan frowned, "Yes, it's a-"

"What happened in here?" Rillian exclaimed as he, Bern and Caspian entered the room. "It's a bigger mess then when we left to move that stupid armoire!"

"We've been trying but some people are of no help," Josslynstared at Elizabeth who just rolled her eyes.

"It's a start," Caspian said coming up behind Susan.

The moment Elizabeth spotted Caspian; she suddenly became the hardest working, most caring, insightful person ever. Rillian could yell at her all he wanted, until there was a wedding ring on Caspian's finger, she considered him free.

"What about when he's married?" The voice in the back of her head asked. But, as usual, whenever she thought about it, she would then remind herself that there many other free men and there was no use in going after married men. Well there was that one time, but things ended very badly.

Seeing Elizabeth's new conviction and the reason behind it, Susan wrapped her arms around Caspian and he copied her. Susan whispered something of a flirtatious manner into Caspian'sear and they both laughed and sealed it with a kiss.

Elizabeth just rolled her eyes.

It surprisingly only took two days for Bern and his family to move their possessions into the castle (now they were sorting out where everything went). But, unsurprisingly, when the girls had met, it only took two minutes for Elizabeth to not like Susan. It took even less time for Susan to dislike Elizabeth; needless to say the girls had did not get along.

The girls seemed to be set on showing off to Caspian and showing up each other. If Elizabeth would move a sitting room chair to the castle by herself, then Susan would single handily move a couch. If Susan was demonstrating to Josslyn how to get a bullseyefrom 50 meters away, then Elizabeth would get one from 100 meters… albeit Elizabeth did cheat.

The others found the fact that Susan would consent to this competition with Elizabeth. Whenever confronted, Susan would deny it happening, but deep down she had her reasons. Firstly, she hated being shown up by someone who thought they were better than everyone else. Secondly, after all that she and Caspian had been through in the past several months, she didn't want Caspian to think that she didn't care. For the gentle queen to leave a girl like Elizabeth flirting was Caspian, it felt like she was showing she didn't care. Finally, after the whole thing with Torantrying to split them apart, there was no way she has even going to let a girl like Elizabeth try.

"Let's start with moving the desk," Susan suggested.

Josslyn went to pick up the desk when someone else also grabbed it, helping her out.

"Thank you your majesty," Josslyn said.

"Please call me Edmund," He smiled.

"Ok, Edmund, are you sure you can help with this? I mean your injur-"

It was at that moment, through the work of partial blindness and a faulty hand, that Edmund accidentally dropped his end of the desk on his toe.

As everyone else was laughing at the expense of Edmund's misfortune Susan looked over at Theresa. The Duchess had a pensive look about her.

"Theresa?" Susan questioned. "What's wrong?"

"I was thinking," Theresa contemplated.

"Thinking what?" Susan was worried.

"I was thinking," Theresa told Susan, "the armoire would look better back in the other corner."

"It's fine!" Rillian, Caspian and Bern shouted in unison causing Susan to jump as she had still been in Caspian's arms.

"Theresa, dear, please leave it for a day. If you still have a problem with it tomorrow, we'll deal with it then," Bern explained.

"Fine, then everyone grab a bag. We're going to each collect an item, put it in the bag then we can do this in stages," Theresa ordered.

"Where's the bags?" Rillian asked.

"They're over there, behind the trunk," Theresa pointed to some visible ties; the rest of the bags were out of sight behind the trunk.

"I'll grab them," Rillian marched towards the bags.

"Wait, Rillian, no!" Everyone stared in shock at Bern's uncharacteristic outburst.

Rillian turned and looked at his godfather, "Why?"

Bern rushed his answer when he saw his godson about to grab the tops of the bags, "Because they're-"

Rillian suddenly gave three very loud and sudden sneezes.

"Burlap," Bern groaned.

Rillian dropped the bags as everyone, except for Bern, stared at the knight in confusion.

"What was that?" Caspian was the first to speak what everyone was thinking.

"What was what?" Rillian asked innocently.

"The sneezing!" Caspian exclaimed. "What was with that?"

"Oh that. It's nothing really," Rillian shook his head. "Just an allergy. I sneeze three times whenever I touch burlap."

Rillianwas again met with strange looks.

"What?" Rillian cried.

"You sneeze when you touch burlap?" Susan pointed out the ridiculousness of the matter.

"Hey, don't blame it on me. I know its weird but I can't help it. It's been like this for the past twenty generations. My father had it, his father had it, his father had it and so on. I bet you anything that if I ever have a son he'll sneeze three times when he touches burlap," Rillian explained.

He still got the strange looks.

"Well," Theresa tried to break the ice. "Back to work. Bern, if Rillian can't help with this, maybe you can find something for him to do. Like move the arm-"

"Actually I have the perfect idea," Bern grabbed Rillian by the arm and the two men dashed out before they were told to move the armoire again.

"Ok, we got away from moving that thing," Rillian smirked, "Now we have to figure out something for me to do."

"Actually I did have an idea," Bern informed the young man. "Something that you'll find interesting."

"As long as it isn't moving heavy things," Rillian laughed.

"What part of not moving heavy things did you not understand?" Rillian grunted as they moved the chest into Bern's study.

"Trust me," Bern groaned. "It'll be worth it."

"Should we set it down here?" Rillian asked as they came into the room.

"Yeah," Bern nodded. "It'll do for now."

The two men set it down and Rillian panted, "What's in it?"

Bern was rummaging through his desk, "Something I think it's time you know about."

"What?" Rillian asked.

"Here it is," Bern ignored the knight's question and pulled a key out of the drawer.

"Uncle Bern, please," Rillian pleaded. When Rillian was very young, he had gotten into the habit of calling each of the seven lords Uncle. Not that any were related to him, except for Revilian who was his mother's third cousin, twice removed.

"Rillian have you ever wondered what happened to certain choice items that use to be in your home?" Bern walked towards the chest.

"Not really, I thought things had been stolen or sold," Rillian shrugged. "Why do you ask?"

"Rillian, it was no surprise to us that Miraz welcomed the idea of the seven of us going off to sea. We were avid supporters of Caspian the Ninth and Tenth and I'm sure we still all are. I can speak for myself in saying I still support Caspian," Bern bent down to the chest and put the key in. "And I'm sure you knew that your father was offered a position on our ship."

"Of course," Rillian nodded. "But he stayed for me and Cass-"

Bern looked up at his godson as Rillian trailed off on the name of the star.

"So what is in the chest?" Rillian switched the subject back.

"I'll show you in a minute. I still have more to tell you," Bern smiled. "We were all acceptant of the fact that he would stay. But that didn't stop us from trying to get him to come. I, myself, am guilty of trying to persuade him."

"What did you say to him?" Rillian frowned.

Bern smiled, "As long as I exist, in life and in death, I will never forget that conversation…"

"Redfield, reconsider your decision. The sea is just calling for us," Bern pleaded with his dear friend.

"Bern, please," Redfield tooka deep breath. "You have been my best friend since your birth, you grew up withme, and we received our lordships witheach other standing there in support. You introduced me to the love of my life, you were the best man when I married her, you rejoiced withme when I discovered she was withchild, you mourned with me when she died. Not to mention you helped me realise that raising Rillian was my first priority, you helped me decide to take Cassiadia in. Though not through blood, you are my brother who has always supported me. Please support me on this decision; it seems no one else does."

Bern sighed, "I understand why you want to stay, but this is what we always dreamed about. You, me and Mariana, off to explore the unknown end of the world. When did that dream die?"

"The dream never died," Redfield shook his head. "But the practicality of the dream died when it Mariana died. The three of us can't go do that when one is dead and buried and another has two children to look after and support."

"But Redfield, couldn't we leave them with someone?"

"Who? Rhoop? He's going. Argoz? He's going. How about Octesian, Revilian or Mavramorn? No they're going too, and I don't trust anyone else who could watch them. Mirazhas removed all trustworthy people. Just last month Belisar and Uvilaswere shot witharrows in a hunting party. And month before that Arlian and Erimon and a dozen more he executed for treason on a false charge. Last year he had the two brothers of Beaversdam he shut up as madmenand replaced them with Karminel! Everyone knows that family is after the throne."

"That's just rumours; those same rumours say that Karminel believes his family to be the true kings and queens of Narnia," Bern waved his hand.

"The point is I don't trust leaving those two withanyone except for myself and the seven of you that are going off. They're twelve years old, certainly not old enough to be left alone with people like Miraz and Sopespian. Cassiadiaalready knows the pain of not being able to have bothof her parents with her. If I can help it, Rillian will not feel that pain, at least not at such a young age," Redfield shook his head.

"But Redfield, you've always wanted it," Bern pleaded.

Redfieldsighed, "Bern, we have shared many things and feelings. We bothknow what it's like to lose our parents, we both know the pain of getting the tattoo to get into the council and we know what it's like to have a sword slash our flesh. But one thing I have felt that you haven't is the love of a woman who you cannot live without. And you have never felt the responsibility and love of a pair of children who need someone to love them like a father."

Bern lightly shook his head at the truth of his best friend's true words, "But what about the thrill of adventure?"

Redfieldsmiled and put a hand on Bern's shoulder, "It doesn't matter how delicious the taste of adventure is, when you're loved by a woman or a child or both; they are the best dish of the feast. So unless I am told by the great lion, Aslan himself, I would never abandon my responsibilities for the whim of adventure. And I know someday soon, you'll have the exact same situation and feeling."

"And he was right," Bern grinned.

"When?" Rillian asked.

"When we were about to set sail and I was saying goodbye to Theresa. She was begging me to stay but I thought I had to go. I was about to leave when I remembered what your father had told me. So I stayed and I've never regretted it. And if it weren't for your father, I never would have stayed," Bern finished.

Rillian didn't know what to say, so he was silent for a few moments before asking, "So what's in the chest?"

"Oh, forgive me, I got a little sidetracked. When I left withthe others, your father gave me this chest. He told me to keep it safe, that he only trusted me with it," Bern opened the chest and Rillian stared at the contents in a mix of shock and confusion.

Rillian frowned as he went through the box. Some things he recognized, others he didn't.

"What is all this?" Rillian asked.

"This is all the things your father held dear that could be kept safe without anyone knowing it was gone. He feared that when Miraz went after him, as he all knew he eventually would, that all the things of value would be stolen, destroyed or sold," Bern explained. "He wanted to make sure that, if you survived Miraz and/or ever found me or the chest, you would have some things that meant something. Now I'm not sure that everything was stolen, destroyed or so-"

"They were," Rillian bitterly cut in. "All our horses and livestock were slaughtered, our valuables sold, many paintings, papers and things like that were ruined. They stole many things, including my parents' wedding rings."

"Their rings?" Bern frowned.

"Yes," Rillian didn't notice Bern going over to his desk and began to take things out of one of the drawers. "There was nothing I truly wanted to keep of my father's except for those rings. I was kind of hoping that maybe I could have given my mother'sto Cassi. But, we both know how that one turned out; she never would have taken it. I guess it doesn't matter now, their rings are-"

"Here," Bern finished.

Rillian looked up inquisitively at Bern, but the moment Rillian saw what he was holding up his expression changed drastically.

Bern was holding a pair of wedding rings.

"You had them?" Rillian whispered.

"Your father knew how important these were, so did I," Bern smiled. "So he had a replicate of his made and I hid them the real ones separately in case the girls found and got into the chest. I could trust Theresa and Josslyn withleaving them alone; but Elizabeth- That girl is like magpie."

"Doesn't surprise me; that girl is something else. I wish all the luck to whatever man gets stuck with her."

That night they finished unpacking, they had a great feast in the castle of Narrowhaven.

"Tomorrow for the beginning of our real adventures!" proclaimed Reepicheep to everyone before heading to bed.

"So who wants to tell him the bad news?" Rillian asked.

Everyone just shrugged in response.

It could not really be tomorrow or anything like it. For now they were preparing to leave all known lands and seas behind them and the fullest preparations had to be made. The Dawn Treader was emptied and drawn on land by eight horses over rollers and every bit of her was gone over by the most skilled shipwrights.

So the crew had to stay for at least a week by Bern's estimates.

But it wasn't too bad; they got a tour of the islands. During one such tour (this one of the market) an important subject was brought up.

"Well it's a good thing we can have access to a market finally," Susan shot a look at Caspian, who, on the previous islands, had not let the company have much time to look around, let alone shop.

"To be honest Susan, I never thought you were really interested in shopping," Rillian pointed out.

"I'm not, but we do need to pick up a few things for the upcoming events this month," Susan reminded the knight.

"Theresa and Bern's servants are taking care of everything we need for the anniversary of Caspian's coronation," Rillian pointed out.

"Actually, I was talking about our birthdays," Susan said.

"But, my birthday isn't until the sixth of October," Rillian frowned.

"My birthday Rillian," Caspian input. "It's on the fifteenth."

"Oh right! Of course," Rillian weakly smiled.

"You forgot about it didn't you?" Caspian asked.

"Like trying to remember a dream you just woke up from," Rillian said.

"Edmund," Edmund turned around as he saw the Faithful Knight approach him.

"Yes?" Edmund asked.

"You're just the man I was looking for," Rillian paused. "Or boy since you're fifteen. But you did already live a lifetime so I guess you're a man-boy thing…"

Edmund raised an eyebrow, "Is there something you need?"

"Yeah," Rillian nodded. "Caspian's birthday is next week and I forgot about a present for him. So I have to get a present and since everyone else has their plans it seems you and I are the only ones giftless."

"What's your point?"

"Well, I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do and Theresa gave me the name of a man who could make it. But my problem is that I need someone to sketch up the idea and I can't do it. I mean I can draw, but only to the normal standard. I'd rather have a dagger in hand than a pen. And don't say anything about the pen being mightier than the sword, ok, I've heard it one too many times."

"Ok," Edmund nodded. "What do you need me for? Or are you just wasting time?"

"Susan told me you can draw well," Rillian explained, "So..."

"You want me to draw it?" Edmund shook his head. "Sorry, I can't."

"Why not?"

"Well, in case you haven't noticed, my arm is useless."

"Oh please, I've seen you write, and you're capable enough to draw what I need."

Edmund sighed.

"Please?" Rillian pleaded.

Edmund gave in, "What do you need for me to draw?"

Rillian smiled.

The day passed and everyone soon was trying to figure out what Edmund and Rillian were doing everyday. No matter what they did, neither Rillian, Edmund nor Theresa, would tell anyone anything.

Theresa and Bern were glad of the ship's company staying with them. The girls were glad of it too, but for completely different reasons. Elizabeth loved it because it meant that she was around strong, attractive men that hadn't seen many available females for a while.

Josslyn loved it because there were so many people to tell her stories about the world. She mostly heard these from Drinian or Rillian, but she also heard quite a few personal stories from Caspian. This was mainly because Caspian was always there making sure that if Rilliantold an embarrassing story about Caspian, Caspian was right back at him with a story about Rillian.

One night, when the Pevensies, Caspian, Reepicheep, Rillian, Eustace and Theresa's family (minus Theresa) was in the main area. Rillian was telling one such story to Josslyn as Caspian carefully listened in case Rillian decided to embarrass the king.

"So then Caspian says 'You know, you're right. I mean what would I do without someone to criticize, mock and annoy me all day?' and I say, 'I know, it's a scary thought.'"

When Josslyn burst out laughing, Caspian rolled his eyes and said, "Oh yes, very funny."

"Well, I'm just that kind of guy," Rillian smirked.

Caspian was about to retort when Theresa entered the main area, carrying a suspicious looking package.

"Need a hand there Theresa?" Bern offered.

"No, I'm fine," she put the package down. "Busy day; word has spread that the kings and queens of Narnia are here and suddenly everyone wants to use our docks. Not to mention Pug started working today."

"I still can't believe you gave that man a job," Josslyn shook her head.

"Second chances," Theresa gave her daughter a stern look, "usually have better results than firsts."

"Besides, he wasn't that bad," Susan defended.

"He tried to sell you!" Caspian exclaimed.

"Ok, he's no gem but it doesn't mean he should starve," the Gentle Queen explained.

"Said the one that didn't end up in the mud," Edmund bitterly replied.

"And," Theresa interrupted, hoping to prevent a fight, "our monthly shipment from Archenland came in today."

"You trade with Archenland?" Caspian's head shot up.

"Oh, of course," Theresa nodded, "their people are our biggest customers. If it wasn't for King Rothir, Marcus and I never would have gotten this company off the ground. After he died and his son Toran took the throne, Toran made sure that there was a consistent business going between the Lone Islands and Archenland."

"Did you ever meet…Toran?" Susan still had some troubles discussing Toran, but she was starting to get used to it.

"We met once or twice, but most of our correspondence was through formal letters. We didn't know much about each other's personal lives. The only real things I knew about him was that he had a wife, a brother and now he's dead," Theresa explained. "Though he did recommend that I send the girls off the Terebinthia, like he did his brother, but the prices were too high."

"So," Rilliantried to get off the subject, "what's with the package?"

"It came from the Archenlander ship," Theresa told him. "It was posted from a girl named Megara and she wanted it to reach, believe it or not, you Rillian."

Rillian smiled as he walked over and picked up the package, "Great! I thought I wouldn't get it in time!"

"What is it?" Caspian asked.

"That's for me to know and you to find out," with that Rilliandashed out of the room with the package.

"He is an odd one," Theresa turned to Bern.

"You should have met his father," Bern chuckled.

Only Elizabeth caught the dreamy smile that Josslynhad on her face. Elizabeth may have been foolish, but she sure wasn't stupid. She knew Josslyn had a crush on Rillian and that Rillian didn't return those feelings.

"Oh the fun I can have with this," Elizabeth thought.

The days passed and it was becoming more evident that Josslyn liked Rillian. She followed Edmund and Rillian to the market everyday as she helped them get Caspian's present finished in time. However, Rillian wasn't the only one getting close to Josslyn; Edmund had found somewhat of a friend in her.

The days passed quickly and soon The Dawn Treader was launched again, victualled and watered as full as she could hold, which was enough for twenty-eight days. Even this, as Edmund noticed with disappointment, only gave them a fortnight's eastward sailing before they had to abandon their quest.

However, Theresa decided that, to take everyone's mind off of the gloomy thought, she would throw a grand party that night in honour of the ship being launched again, the anniversary of Caspian's reign and the royal couple's upcoming birthdays.

Caspian and Rillian had just finished getting ready when they came across Bern. The Lord was standing on the highest point of Avra looking down on the eastern ocean.

"I've often been up here of a morning," said the Duke, turning towards the young men, "I watched my six friends sail away eastward and that never heard of them again. Just like I sailed away from Redfield, my greatest friend, and never saw him again."

"He worried for you," Rillian told Bern, "he worried for all of you."

"The mornings I come up here, I watch the sun come up out of the sea, and sometimes it looked as if it were only a couple of miles away," Bern continued. "I've wondered about my friends and wondered what there really is behind that horizon. Nothing, most likely, yet I am always half ashamed that I stayed behind. I've thought about joining your company to find them, regain my honour. But I won't leave my family and I wish you all wouldn't go."

"They left for an honourable reason, like we're going for an honourable reason," Caspian explained. "But that doesn't mean you staying here is dishonourable. You have stores of honour, and for all of us to keep our honour, we must part ways."

"But we may need your help here!" Bern protested. "This closing the slave market might make a new world; but war with Calormen is what I foresee."

"If war breaks out, my people would fight for you," Caspian promised. "Should the worst happen to these islands while we are gone, contact King Corvin and the Lord Regent of Narnia, Trumpkin. They will help you and they will fight for you."

"My liege, think again," Bern begged.

"I have an oath, my lord Duke," said Caspian. "And anyway, what could I say to Reepicheep?"

"If you want, I'll say it," Rillian weakly offered. He too was afraid of the dangers that awaited them. His worst fear in his entire being was that he would die away from Cassiadia and someone like Susan would have to tell her as they returned his body to her.

Rillian sighed, "Uncle, I too wish for us to stay, but we owe it to the others and we owe it to my father."

Bern weakly smiled, "You play the Redfield card as cleverly as he played the Mariana card."

"Mariana?" Caspian looked at Rillian.

"My mother," Rillian reminded.

Rillian stood to the side as he looked at the happy dancers on the dance floor. Currently there was some old Narnian tune playing which few of his shipmates actually knew. Susan and Edmund were expertly leading the dance, while Lucy and Theresa were trying to teach the dances to their partners, Caspian and Bern respectively.

He felt the warm but cautious glow of Cassiadia's heart against his neck, sensing her internal struggle of wanting to immerse herself in her native culture while still trying to conceal her heart from prying eyes.

"Someday my love," Rillian whispered.

"Having fun whispering to the air again?" Rillianturned to see Elizabeth walking towards him.

"Yes," Rillian snapped. "Having fun whoring yourself around?"

"Yes," Elizabeth snapped exactly like Rillian, trying to mock him. She frowned, seeing Rillian's smirk and realised what she said, "I mean no- I mean- Shut up!"

Rilliansnorted and Elizabeth plopped down in the chair next to him.

"Oh please won't you join me?" Rillian rolled his eyes muttering bitterly.

"My pleasure," Elizabeth once again matched his tone.

"You know for people who can't stand each other, you sure do act alike," Josslyn came towards the duo.

"We do not!" the pair protested in the exact same way. It was actually quite scary.

"Sure you don't," Josslyn rolled her eyes. "Anyway, I was coming over her to see if you, Rillian, would like to dance?"

Elizabeth just laughed as Josslyn blushed.

"Well, Joss," Rillian fidgeted nervously, "I don't know. That would be the sixth time we danced tonight, and I-"

"Just promised that he would dance with me," Elizabeth cut in.

"I did?" Rillian blinked.

"You did; we were about to discuss certain things of great importance," Elizabeth smirked.

"Like whether North is up or down on a map?" Josslyn bit.

"Very funny," Elizabeth rolled her eyes. "So Rillian, shall we?"

"Uh, sure," Rillian tookher hand, not really knowing he he agreed, and they went to the dance floor, being met with strange looks on their way.

The music began and luckily it was a Narnian dance that Rillian and Elizabeth knew rather well. The last thing they wanted was to embarrass themselves in front of the other.

"So what matters of great importance do you wish to discuss my Marchioness?" Rillian spun Elizabeth out.

Elizabeth stared into Rillian's eyes with a sort of challenge in them, "I know that I'm not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed-"

"What a surprise."

She sighed and became very serious, "As I said, I'm not what you would call quick but I'm not oblivious to the situation."

"And what situation would that be?"

"The situation regarding my sister's feelings towards you."

"And what feelings might those be?"

"You know, your responses are very redundant," Elizabeth pointed out.

"Well, that's just the kind of guy I am," Rillian gave her a sarcastic smile, which she returned. "Now I repeat, what feelings are you talking about?"

"The fact that she has a crush on you."

"She what?" Rillian froze.

Elizabethsighed, "I know my sister and I know how she acts. She's been very taken up with you and you haven't exactly been rejecting her."

Rillian looked away in utter disbelief at this revelation, "I had no idea-"

"Then you're stupider than I thought," Elizabeth sighed and her voice got quieter and more sincere. "Rillian, I want you to stop this before my sister gets hurt."

"Oh really? And what's in it for you?"

"Look, I know I'm a complete and utter witch to most people 99% of the time, but that doesn't mean I don't have a heart. As much as it hurts to say, deep down I really do love my family, Bern included. I just don't want my little sister to get her heartbroken."

"What are you up to?"

"What? I can't care about my little sister? I'm not that heartless, I do care about others!"

Rillian stared at her challengingly, "If you care so much about people, then why don't you show it?"

"The less you care about things the less it hurts when they let you down. Besides, I'm better than most of them. The looks, the charm-"

"You really need to get a goal in life," Rillian interrupted unimpressed, "figure out what you want and then get it."

"I know what I want," Elizabeth smirked.

"Yeah," Rillian dipped the Islander down, "you want to grow up, get over yourself."

As the words came out of his mouth, another dancer bumped into him causing Rillian to fumble. Unfortunately this meant that Rillianlost his grip on the girl and accidentally dropped Elizabeth, causing her to fall to the ground with a heavy thump.

Rillian weakly smiled, shrugged and said only, "Oops!"

It was one week after their landing that the Dawn Treader was towed out of Narrowhaven harbour. Very solemn farewells had been spoken and a great crowd had assembled to see her departure. There had been cheers and tears too, when Caspian made his last speech to the Lone Islanders and parted from the Duke and his family.

"Do not be afraid to come back for more supplies if you lot need it," Theresa smiled trying all she could not to cry.

"We won't," Susan hugged the woman, "please send our regards to Archenland if you should cross its path before we return."

"Well, Rillian, it's finally come true," Bern patted the young General on the back. "Through you, the dream that your parents and I would go sail to the Islands has been fulfilled."

"I promise, Uncle, when we return from this voyage; I shall take you with me to see what we have found. That way the entire dream will have come true," Rillian swore.

"Are you going to be okay?" Edmund asked Josslyn.

"Yeah, Rillian was really careful letting me down," Josslyn smiled.

"Well I hope I can heal the wound a little bit more with this," Edmund pulled out a crimson crest and Josslyn gasped.

"Edmund!" Susan called, "we were going to do that at the same time."

"Now could be a good time," Lucy pointed out.

"Oh, alright," Susan shook her head. "Bern, Duke of the Lone Islands, there is something we would like to present to you."

The three Pevensies withdrew a crimson crest, or in Edmund's case a second one, and held it out.

"Bern, for your courage and kindness we the younger King and Queens of Narnia would like to present you with a gift," Susan had a very formal air about her.

"Forever you and your family are to hold the highest honour we can bestow with the royal crests of Narnia," Lucy's attempt at formal fell a little short as she was out of practice.

"Duke Bern I give you the Swan of Susan," Susan pressed the crest into the Duke's hand.

"Duke Bern I give you the Eagle of Edmund," Edmund copied his older sister.

"And I, Duke Bern, give you the Lamb of Lucy," Lucy gave Bern the final crest.

"In addition to the Duke receiving three of the four crests of Narnia, I would like to give Josslyn my personal crest; the Eagle of Edmund. Josslyn was willing to buy Susan and me from Pug and when he refused the offer, she prevented Pug from selling Susan to the Governor's men," Edmund smiled at Josslyn, who in return threw herself into a hug with him.

"Thank you, Edmund," Josslyn grinned.

"I hope our paths cross again," Edmund smiled and withdrew.

"Speaking of gifts," Bern looked at Theresa, "we too have something we want to give you two."

Theresa and Bern handed Susan and Caspian a pair of identical thick blank books.

"It's so you can record your adventures and not forget anything," Theresa explained as Caspian flipped through the pages. "Happy Birthday, your majesties."

The company then boarded the ship and the royal family plus Drinian, Reepicheep and Rillian waved goodbye to Bern and his family.

The ship, her purple sail still flapping idly, then drew further from the shore, and the sound of Caspian's trumpet from the ship came fainter across the water, everyone became silent. Then she came into the wind.

The sail swelled out, the tug cast off and began rowing back, the first real wave ran up under the Dawn Treader's prow, and she was a live ship again. The men off duty went below; Drinian took the first watch on the deck, and she turned her head eastward round the south of Avra.

The strange thing was, as the ship sailed away, Rillian could almost feel like every league they went was another one closer to Cassiadia.

In this chapter I tried to put as much Josslyn/Rillian and Josslyn/Edmund friendship stuff in as I could. However I just couldn't, that's what's been stumping me for the longest time. So most of Ed and Rill's relationships with Josslyn might be explored further through flashbacks later on.

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