Their Story


Dark clouds rolled across the Savannah, casting all that was once full of life into darkness, no sun nor did rain seem to want to shine down over the once prosperous land. These were what remained of the Pridelands, once the home of many animals who spread throughout the grasslands, once ruled by the late King Mufasa before the timing of his tragic death, and the death of the Pride's young prince, Simba.

With no heir left to the thrown, and their King dead, the pride had no choice as Scar, the Kings only brother, and only heir left for the throne, had stepped up to take his place as what he referred himself as The Rightful King.

But his reign was not as he had expected, that not long after he assumed the throne, bring with him his army of hyenas, did the drought come. The lands slowly began to die as the animals one by one migrated out of the Pridelands or face death of starvation. Many remained true to their old King, but not shortly after Scar's ascend to the throne, did many of the pride show their true colours as they supported their new King and soon Queen as Scar had taken his old cub hood friend Zira as his Queen. It wasn't long before the new Queen had given birth to a son…the newest heir to the throne of Pride rock. But the new prince wasn't the only cub that was born, among the lionesses that had remained true to Sarabi whom they all referred to as their Queen and looked too for guidance and courage; a young lioness had given birth to a cub of her own.

Fathered by a rogue who had been passing through the Pridelands before upon his discovery was murdered by Scar who feared another stronger male rival may try and steal the throne from him. So that the cub would not be next to die, the lionesses protected the cub with their life, but Scar had no intention of killing a female cub for he saw no threat from it. But no one had intended on the friendship that would soon grow into a painful love.

This…is their story