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Summary : " He's used to being the top dog on Raw, and along that, comes the million of women who throw themselves at him. Now John must fight for the attention of the one woman who has secretly had his heart"

The Butterfly Effect

You better hold on tight
Cause I'm gonna love you nice
I'm gonna do it right
Let me light a fire in you tonight

My eyes have never seen someone who looks like you
I wonder if you dream of my hands loving you
Because I know I do every day and every night
And I know I'll lose control if I can't crush this appetite

This dream is eating me alive
This dream is eating me alive
Can't you see I'm burning up inside?
I pray I will not be denied

Let's light a fire tonight
Let's play the music loud
Let's expand the flames up high
Let's burn it to the ground

Let's light a fire tonight
Let's play the music loud
Let's expand the flames up high
Let's burn it to the ground

You better hold on tight
Cause I'm gonna love you nice
I'm gonna do it right
Let me light a fire in you tonight

John's POV

I wasn't wrestling with anyone that night, and I was bored. I was backstage with the rest of the guys for any other Raw when I heard her song. She had not been wrestling because she had taken time off for Survivor. Then, all of a my best friend, no my ex-best friend came out for the divas lingerie pillow fight against Maria, Jillian, Melina, and Mickie James. I had seen Mickie half an hour ago why did she not tell me Ashley was returning tonight? Then, I remembered I was the one who had screwed up my friendship with Ashley. She had come to my aid when I had my pectoral tear, which is when I killed our friendship.


" Hey John" Ashley greeted me with that sweet voice and smile I loved.

Unfortunately for Ashley though, I was in a bad mood. Do not get me wrong, I was grateful she was here with me, but at the same time, I hated having Ash here. I hated that she saw me like this, all weak and helpless. I hated the look in her eyes the first month I was home. The only thing I did that first month was lie. I was in so much pain, it was unbearable. I felt as if I wasn't getting better, but worse. My whole body hurt every time I woke up. I had fevers in the middle of the nights. Lucky for me, my brother Matt was also here with us, and he covered for me every time. Whenever I was sick, and I didn't want Ash to find out, I went to Matt. He helped me, and covered for me every time Ashley came, and wanted to see me at the worst times.

I called it pity, while my brother Matt called it caring. The way her eyes looked so sad every time she looked at me. I could not stand that, as much as I loved her, I did not want her here with me, seeing me in pain. So, I decided to do something I would probably end up regretting by the end of the day. I was going to kick her out of the house no matter what it took.

" What do you want Ashley?" I asked her in a cold voice.

Then, I saw the hurt and surprise in her eyes as she tried to seem unaffected by my sudden coldness.

" I just was just wondering if you wanted to go out to the park with Matt and I. " Ashley said quietly.

"Well, Ash that is a great idea. Yeah, why don't we do that, so then every stinking fan will know that I am in pain. Then, what is worse, they will ask me when I am coming back. You are a genius Ashley. Yeah, let's go do that" I was practically screaming at her now.

"Well, sorry John. How was I supposed to know. I am sorry. I didn't think" Ashley said, before I cut her off.

"Oh damn right you didn't think Ashley! Just like you didn't think when you went out with Hardy right after his break up. Then, with London, you go out with him, even though he is Matt Hardy's friend. How could you Ash? That is only something a skunkweed do! Get out of my house. Right now, I do not want you here. All you will do is mess up my return, My brother does not want you here, just like I don't. Do you know why I am going so slowly? It is I feel bad to leave you all alone on Raw. Hell, I know the minute you saw Hunter you would come crying in tears Now, get the hell out Ashley," I screamed to her, hoping she would leave me to my own self misery.

" Okay John

Then, I saw as she quietly went to the room she had been sleeping in all this time, and started to packing her clothes e to what I assumed would be another Raw. I went to my room and locked myself in there, in hopes of having her leave without attempting a goodbye. It wouldn't surprise me if she didn't. I mean, I had been so rude to her. I even said stuff I didn't mean.

For a moment, I wanted to take back everything I had said, and just beg for her forgiveness. I could always tell her the truth about how much I hated to her seeing me at my worst. I couldn't tell her that I was in so much pain, so I could always make up al lie.

" Yeah, that would work out John, " my brother said, guessing what I was about to do.

" What are you talking about?" I asked playing it cool in hopes of not being discovered.

"What am I talking about? You know darn well what I am talking about. I am talking about you telling Ashley more lies. You think that telling her a lie will make things better? Do you really think that? The more lies you feed her, the more you end up pushing her away. Every time you lie, she pretends as if she can't tell, just so you won't get mad and start arguing with her. Now, when I come home from visiting mom and dad, I find a sobbing Ashley attempting to pack all of her belongings into her suitcase. What did you do John ? Because in these 9 months out, you have been so rude to Ashley, and for strange reasons that I can not figure out she cares about you so much, that she is still her," Matt said, now playing the role of an older brother.

"Okay, fine. You caught me. What do you want me to say. You know how much I love her Matt. You can not expect me to just let her stay here and watch me get not better, but worse. I said stuff, but I dont really think that is any of your business. What I do withmy life is my business, not yours," I told him, trying to convince both ourselves that I was doing the right thing.

Then, as he was about to answer, we heard the unmistakable sound ofa door being slammed.

From that point on in those next months of rehab, I worried about coming back, and tried not to worry about Ashley and what she could possibly be doing. I concentrated on getting better and coming back to the ring soon. I knew I couldnt bother to think about calling her, or everything I had worked for so far, would crumble into pieces. There were so many times I grabbed my cell phone , and called her. Everytime I called her, I wound up hanging up before she even had a chance to answer me. So many times, did I do that, and at one point, Matt caught me and told me I should talk to her. I responded and told him she probably wouldnt even talk to me. He said he noticed that if Ashley was anything, it was that she was exceptionally kind.

So, I decided to take my brothers advice, and I called her on the Armageddon

Weekend. What I didnt know was that she was busy.

" Ashley Massaro speaking, who is it ?" Ashley asked, and I realized she sounded sleepy.

Through out this, I kept silent, fearing she would hang up on me as soon as she found out who it was.

"Hello, who is this ? If you dont start talking , I will hang up on you. Adam, if this is one of your stupid little prank calls, because if it is, I will kill you the next time I see you, " Ashley said.

Then, I hung up on her. After months of wanting to talk to het, I hang up on her. Why ? Because I find out that in my stupid decsion to pull her away from me, she becomes friends with one of my worst enemies by the name of Adam Copeland. How that had happened, was beyond me. He was such a jerk, and Ash was such a sweetheart. Adam was a man who had no concern for anyone other than himself. He would throw his best friend under the bus if given the chance, and I didn't trust him as far as I could throw him. He had stabbed so many people in the back, and had no respect for women at all. He was notorious for sleeping with the groupies, then dumping them the next day. If he hurt her, I would kill him…

Back to Present Day ( Still in John's POV )

Then, I saw as she won the match and the ref held her hand up high. I was so proud of her for winning on her first day back. To make matter better, she had come to Raw. Suddenly, my emotions went from happyness to dread as I realized I probably wasnt the first person she would want to talk to. If I went up to her, she would most likely ignore me, and I couldnt exactly blame her. I saw as she walked up the ramp and raised her fist in victory.

As I headed out of the arena, I saw my chance. I saw Ashley standing there , and by the looks of it, she had just finished a phone conversation, and the best part of this, was that she was alone. So, I bravely took the initiative, and decided to try and talk to her.

" Ashley, can I talk to you really quick? " I asked her.

" Sure you can, oh its you " she said curtly.

"Yeah, its me Ash, " I told her, calling her by old name I previously had for her.

" So after not wanting to talk to me for months, now you want to tallk to me ? What cold have possibly changed your mind ? Did you suddenly realize how mean you had been? Because you know what John, I creid myself asleep after that, " Ashley told me, now sounding bitter.

" Look, I know how mad you are, and you have every right to be. I just want to talk to you about that day. Ashley, I really am sorry for everything , I tried telling her before I got cut off by Mickie James.

" Hey Ashley, I am so glad I found you. I have been looking all over for you girly. Are you going to the club with the rest of is or not ? " she asked Ashley, then she saw me, and looking worried when she saw Ashs stony face staring at me intently.

" Ashley, I really am sorry. You have no idea of how bad I feel. If I could go back and change what I did, I would Ashley, please believe that, " I asked her.

" Save it for someone who cares John. I am done crying for you," Ashley said coldly, before exiting the arena with Mickie.