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Seething. Former Women's Champion Mickie James was seething. After having talked to Stephanie about the fact she thought she deserved a match against Ashley, since she was better than the Dirty Diva, Stephanie had d. But not before adding some twists of her own. She said that Mickie would be part of a tag team match with the World Heavyweight Champion, against Ashley and the Legend Killer, Randy Orton.

Now that she thought about it though, it wasn't that bad. For one, both guys had a past, and were "feuding" on TV. And whenever they had to fight each other, they'd get pretty competitive. Then again, John was friends was Ashley. For all she knew, he could even let himself get pinned so she could win. Ugh, she hated their little high school-wannabe drama. She knew that she'd probably end up doing most of the work in the match, because John would no doubt be spending most of the time staring at Ashley. But he was not going to screw this match up for her because of a stupid crush.

Excited. The World Heavyweight Champion was excited. He was thrilled. Not so much that he'd be teaming with Mickie, but because he was going to be in a match against Ashley. Meaning they'd have to talk about it. And she couldn't run away from him. She had promised to talk to him when they got to the arena.

Livid. The Dirty Diva, Ashley Massaro was livid. How could she..Ugh. she couldn't even form a complete thought in her head. She would be teaming with Randy Orton tonight, to take on John Cena and Mickie James. Sure, she and Randy were on friendly terms. Or, at least they had been before his return. Now, he was just a complete psycho. He beat up innocent people, who had already been beaten. He had also taken out Priceless' Ted DiBiase out. Who knew what he was capable of? Ashley certainly didn't. In fact, that was the main reason she was scared. Not because of Mickie James. No, but, because of her own tag team partner. God, if she was scared of him, she didn't know how they'd make it through the match.

Her thoughts were soon interrupted as she made her way towards the women's locker room. Someone was standing right in front of it. Blocking her from going up. She looked up, and who did she see? The Legend Killer himself, Randy Orton. Without so much as a word coming out of his mouth, the Missouri native stepped inside the locker room.

"What do you think you're doing? Randy, that's--" she started, but he pulled her inside too.

"Ow, Randy, let go of my arm!" Ashley shrieked, pushing his hand away.

"God. What do you want?"

"I will not lose tonight. I do not lose matches. Especially to Cena." he said simply,

"And you felt the need to grab me and pull me in here and ask me that?" Ashley asked, still angry.

He laughed darkly. "This isn't about you. I'm warning you…no, I'm telling you, do not dare allow yourself to get pinned."

She rubbed the spot where The Legend Killer had grabbed her.

"All right, Randy, let's get one thing straight," Ashley said, sitting down on the locker room floor. "One, I don't like being ordered around. So don't do it. Two, there are two of us in this match. You could get pinned just as easily as I could. Don't put all the work on me. Got it?"

When Ashley said that, Randy seemed to get angry. No, angry was a tame word for the look Randy had on his face now. "Excuse me? Do you think I could really get pinned as easily as you?" he stepped close to the Dirty Diva in the deserted locker room, and pinned her against the wall. "Honey, I am Randy Orton. A third generation superstar. Wrestling is in my veins. I was born to be this. You have, what? Three years here? I've had twenty years of wrestling to back me up. I am great. All you are is another little Diva in this company. Another dumb blonde. Who do you think you are to tell me what you don't like? If I want to, I will tell you what to do? Because you know what ? You will pay the consequences if we lose because of your inexperience."

Ashley didn't say anything, she just let him rant and yell and make no sense whatsoever. When he stopped, she shook her head and asked, "Are you done?" The blonde rolled her eyes and shook her head. "This Randy Orton is nothing but a jerk. But you didn't used to be this way. I remember when I first came to this company, what a nice guy you were. You weren't an egotistical jerk like you are now. What happened to you?"

Randy sat silently. "I grew up, Ashley." he muttered angrily.

"Growing up doesn't mean you have to stop caring about people," Ashley said. "You used to care about everyone, you took the time to say hello to us. I remember how nice you were to me on my first day. Did you change because you started hanging around Triple H?"

"Triple H?" he scoffed. "Triple H is nothing but a washed up sissy. I don't need friends, you know. I am fine on my own. Friends only slow you down. Distract you from your purpose in life. I changed, yeah, I did. And, I know that. But, you know, what? I changed for the better. This is the REAL Randy Orton you're looking at."

"I don't believe that, Randy," Ashley replied. She had seen the hurt that flickered in his eyes when Triple H and his Evolution teammates had turned on him. Somewhere along the line, Randy had obviously decided that it was better to hurt people than to be hurt and while she could understand that, Ashley just wished that Randy would become the guy she'd once known again. "I know this is going to sound kinda weird coming from me, but I know what you're going through--what it can be like when friends let you down." She smiled and placed a hand on Randy's shoulder. "I'm always here if you want to talk about it."

He harshly removed her hands from his body. "Let me tell you this again. I do not need friends. They're useless. They're no good. I don't care about what you believe. It's not like it affects me. Just know this, you do your little flirting thing with Cena in the ring, and you'll regret it. Trust and believe that." he said coldly.

"Geez, Orton," Ashley huffed. "I was just trying to be nice and do you a favor, because I felt sorry for you. I thought maybe you would appreciate it, since no one else cares enough about you to try and help." She stood up. "But forget it, if you're going to act like a dick. I don't have to hear this kind of crap from you, Orton. Now, we've got our match, let's just go out there and do it and get it over with as soon as possible." With that, she turned to leave.

"Hate. When you hate something or someone with a passion, it motivates you. It's like you have an edge. Revenge too. It's part of who I am. Evolution is the reason I am the way I am today. Whether you like it or not. So, tonight I'm going to do whatever I have to do in order for us to win. And I have to take out your precious boyfriend, then so be it. All you have to do, is take care of Mickie James." he said, and went out room, before she could reply.

Ashley was….stunned. Randy….had….had he actually? No, she rationalized. He couldn't have possibly…..She was imagining things.

And as she was about to head out the room, it was opened, and in came John Cena.

"John?" she shrieked. "You scared me." she said nervously.

Whoa, Ashley, calm down," John said, rubbing Ashley's shoulders. "I didn't mean to scare you…what's wrong?"

What? No? Nothing's wrong. Why would anything be wrong?"

"Oh, I don't know, maybe it's the fact that you look like a deer caught in the headlights of a truck," John replied.

"Um..."she looked at the floor. "I, John,…I have to get ready for the match." she said, and began to walk away, but the Massachusetts native grabbed her by the arm.

"Wait a second, Ashley," he said, his voice stern, but not quite hard. "I wanted to talk to you before the match."

"John, I can't. I have to get ready. We can talk later, okay? I promise." she said, pasting a fake smile on her face.

John, sensing she dint want to talk now, left. But, she had promised him they would talk, and he would hold her to that. Ashley always kept her promises.

"Mickie, it's good to see you? We haven't had the chance to catch up in a long time. It's good to hear from you." the guy she was talking to on her phone greeted.

"Yeah. Are you here yet? Because I have a proposition for you." she said.

"Proposition, you say? What about" he asked.

"Well, you see…" she began…

Twenty minutes later…

"Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for our main event. The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a tag team match!" Lillian announced, as John Cena's "The Time Is Now" began to play, and out came Mickie James and John Cena. The fans half cheered and booed the team. Both responses mixed for both of them.

Lillian waited for them to get inside the ring before continuing.

I hear voices in my head…they come to me they understand…they talk to me

"And their opponents, from St. Louis, Missouri, and New York, they are the team of Randy Orton and Ashley Massaro!"

Randy and Ashley then made their way down the ring, with her bouncing up and down, and doing her "Rock on" sign. Randy waited for her to finish, and opened the ring ropes for her. Slow. That was what came through his head as he thought about his tag team partner. He could only hope it wouldn't cost them the match. He rolled his eyes. She was still showing her appreciation to the fans. They didn't matter.

"Ashley!" he yelled. That made her stop, and turn.

"What?" she asked.

"Focus." he yelled.

"Fine." she said, as she walked past him, to start off the match.

Mickie did the same for her team.

"Scared?" she smirked.

"You wish." the blonde replied, as she kicked the other Diva into her corner.

She then began to apply a series of slaps to the brunette's chest before throwing her into the opposite corner. But, by then, Mickie had her defense up. She ducked the running Dirty Diva, and avoided her hit. Meaning Ashley felt the ring's post hit her at full force. She groaned in pain as The crazy Diva pulled her by the hair. She tried to apply a DDT, but Ashley reversed it. The blonde woman then kicked her former friend in the stomach, and slammed her against the mat. Then, she went and tagged in the Legend Killer.

Without a word to her, he went inside, and waited for the Diva to tag in his former friend. When Mickie realized Ashley had made a tag to the third generation superstar, she tagged in the champion, who slowly made his way inside.

"What? Having doubts?" The Legend Killer smirked.

"You wish, Orton," John muttered.

The two circled the ring, neither one wanting to make the first move. Randy kept his eyes locked on John in an intimidating fashion, but the Chain Gang Soldier didn't back down from Randy's stare.

Randy was going to win, he was sure of it. He had a strategy all planned out, and there was no way they could lose.

John was the one to make the first move, instantly stepping closer to Randy. The two of them locked up, and Randy quickly set the pace for the match, kicking John in the shin swiftly. As John gritted his teeth in pain, Randy grabbed him and whipped the other man into the ropes.

Mickie looked over at Ashley and mouthed "You're so gonna lose." Ashley simply rolled her eyes. The match had just started, how could Mickie be so confident that she and John would win?

Randy attempted a clothesline, but John ducked, causing Randy to stumble and lose his balance.

He grabbed Randy from the ground and began throwing punch after punch at the Legend Killer, connecting each one with Randy's jaw. A kick to the stomach followed, and then he hoisted the Legend Killer on his shoulders for the F-U.

"Yeah, John! Come on, bring it home, baby!" Mickie yelled, tapping the mat violently.

However, Randy wasn't finished yet. John wasn't going to defeat him that easily. He wiggled around and struggled to get out of the FU, and finally did so.

Ashley smirked at Mickie and, just like Mickie had done earlier, mouthed "You're so gonna lose," all the while smiling at her foe.

Once Randy had regained his footing, he didn't waste any time. Immediately, he poked John in the eyes to throw him off.

"Yeah! Come on Randy! You can pin him!" Ashley yelled.

Randy shot her a glare. He didn't need any support. In fact, he would have been perfectly happy doing this on his own.

John was on the ground now, much like he had been earlier. The Legend Killer began stomping John viciously, which was a trademark move of his.

He quickly dropped to the ground and grabbed John, pulling him up to a sitting position, and then applied a chinlock to the West Newbury native. He really wanted to bring this match home as quickly as possible, but he doubted John would submit so early in the match.

John wasn't about to let himself get pinned. Not to Randy. So, he kicked the Legend Killer in order to get back up. He quickly got up and hoisted the young man on his shoulders for another attempt at an FU. But when he was about to drop down the former WWE Champion down, he heard a loud, thud. He turned around, and saw Mickie throw Ashley on the steel steps across the ring. John froze instantly, not knowing if he should finish the match or go out and help Ashley out. She was his friend after all.

Outside the ring, the brunette was still slamming Ashley's head into the stairs. She then grabbed Ashley by her hair, threw her to the ground, and jumped on top of her. She slapped Ashley viciously, spewing obscenities at her as she did so.

And since it was getting out of control, the referee chose to go to the outside and separate the two Divas. Since he was so distracted, John didn't notice the Legend Killer sneak up behind him with a chair. His position fixed so that when he turned around, he'd be met with a chair shot. Randy's eyes were glittering dangerously, as he waited for John to turn around.

But, the World Heavyweight champion proved to be too fast, as he speared the Missouri native before Randy even knew what was going on. He began stomping on tattooed man, just like he had previously done to him. He stomped and stomped on his former friend, and his attacks got even more vicious than the first few had been.

Ashley, noticing what was going on, somehow managed to gain the upper hand in her brawl with the former Women's Champion, and alert the referee.

Randy struggled to get away from John, but he couldn't. The other man seemed to have lost it completely and refused to let up on his attacks, even after Ashley jumped in the ring and tried to pull him off of Randy. He growled loudly and shoved her away, still hitting Randy. The former WWE Champion had a split lip and his eye was beginning to blacken. Panicked, Ashley yelled, "Stop it, John, that's enough!"

Ashley looked over at Mickie, who was just standing there. She looked shocked, but she wasn't trying to stop John, and that made Ashley mad.

"John, lay off!" she screamed, getting up in his face again. She was angry now, and she grabbed John by the shirt and pushed him off of Randy a little bit. The referee, however, wasn't paying attention, because Mickie had him distracted so that John could get the pin. Ashley whistled, to get his attention, and the referee turned around.

And while the referee did pay attention to her, John Cena did not. He appeared to be ignoring the referee's orders to stop.

Mike Chioda rang the bell, signaling the disqualification.

"Your winners for this match, as a result of a disqualification, are Ashley Massaro and Randy Orton!" Lilian's voice chimed.

"What?" Mickie exclaimed, stomping her foot. She rolled up into the ring and grabbed John by the shoulder.

"Come on, let's go," she huffed, and the two of them made their way up the ramp, not looking at anyone, and into the backstage area.