Susan lifted her skirts to her knees as she stepped between the cots that lined the courtyard, the dying raising hands to her

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No Right to Love

Susan lifted her skirts to her knees as she stepped between the cots that lined the courtyard, the dying raising hands to her. She touched as many of them as possible, knowing they felt that the Daughter of Eve could help and heal them. Lucy nodded to her as she stood from a man in need of her attentions, a silent acknowledgement. Susan knew her sister could handle the remaining patients and turned gratefully from the chaotic courtyard in search of a soft bed and a few hours of sleep.

She skipped on one foot and then the other as she pulled her shoes off, shivering at the contact with the cold cobblestone floors before bringing a hand up to undo her hair. Holding her shoes in one hand, she shook the dark locks out with the other so they hung in tired curls down her back.

"Not very ladylike, Your Majesty," a voice called after her. Susan jumped, her scuffed boots clattering to the stone floor in accompaniment with her flustered shriek. She spun around, hands flying in the air before coming to rest on her hips.

She released a sigh of relief at the sight of a chuckling Caspian shuffling towards her. "I just came from a battle so I don't much care, thank you!" Her exasperated glance was made obsolete by the tinge of laughter in her voice. The mirth died as she noticed he was favoring his side. "Caspian? Are you all right?" she asked, reaching out a hand to touch his shoulder.

He shrugged, brushing her off. "I'm fine. If you want to worry, worry about your brother. He took quite a beating."

"Peter'll be just fine. He's too thick not to be. He'll be up tossing that sword around in no time. So that just leaves you to worry about," Susan retorted, concern creasing her brow.

"It's nothing. I'm sore, that's all," Caspian replied, too quickly.

"We'll see about that. Come on." Susan turned on her bare heel and disappeared around the corner, leaving Caspian no choice but to follow.


Caspian leaned against the doorframe to Susan's room, not sure he should enter. "Oh for heaven's sake! You're hurt and Lucy's busy. Come on!" He hid a smile at her impatience but entered the room, propping the door open slightly with his foot.

"Armor off." She waved a hand at the cumbersome Telmarine armor as she pulled the various leather straps of her quiver over her head and laid them on the dresser. She glanced in the mirror and winced at the sight of her battle-torn figure. Pressing a hand to her forehead, she watched Caspian's reflection slowly take off the heavy metal battle outfit.

As he pulled the doubled chainmail off and set it on the floor beside the rest of the armor, she turned to face him. "Shirt, too." At his startled look she continued with, "You're hurt. Lucy's busy. No time for modesty, Highness."

He awkwardly cleared his throat but stripped the black garment off and tossed it to the floor with the rest of his clothes. Susan bit her lip at the bruised and bloody skin, dipping a cloth into the basin beside the bed. She rang it out, the dripping water and their breathing the only sounds in the room. Turning, she motioned for him to lie back on the bed. He settled in against the pillows, a grimace crossing his features. Susan gently pressed the damp cloth to his wound, knowing it felt none too pleasant by the way his fingers gripped her arm.

She cleaned the wound as best she could, the aftermath of the battle setting in. She always felt like this after a fight – worn, melancholy and lonely. Somehow it seemed different this time though and she wasn't entirely sure it was just her fear of losing Narnia again. Caspian pushed himself up so she could wrap the bandage around his chest and she unrolled the white fabric with a flick of her wrist. She leaned forward, her arms circling him to pull the bandage around him, unprepared for the feel of him against her. A shudder ran through her and she dipped her head to keep from looking him in the eye.

Her dark curls fell across his cheek as she brushed his bare chest, expertly tying the bandage off. Caspian brought one hand up to her face, tucking a lock of dark brown hair behind her ear, and settled the other on her waist. She raised her eyes to meet his, a reluctant glance that seared across his mind. He leaned in slightly, pausing for permission. She brought a hand up to his cheek, caressing the skin there, and he closed the space between them. Her eyes drifted shut, lips parted in anticipation.

"Susan, Aslan wants to-" Peter's voice cut through the room, shattering their moment. He knocked on the door as he spoke, pushing it in at the same time, but stopped at the sight of his sister and the prince. The former king's eyes widened and he spun around. His back still to them he said, "Um, Aslan wants to see us, Susan."

Susan's hand dropped to the bed, the silk a poor substitute for Caspian. She sighed slightly, her eyes falling from his. "I'll be right there," she murmured to Peter who hurried from the room, kicking the door all the way open as he went. Susan knew what he meant; that she shouldn't even be here, like this, with the future king of Narnia. As dreadful as it sounded, neither of them had a right to fall in love with the other.

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