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Catchin The Bus

Kagome Higarashi ran down eleventh street. 'Damn', she thought, 'I'm gonna miss my bus!' Her tote bag, full of EVERYTHING that she would need for school.

This was her VERY first day at Higarashi Academy. She had begged her father to let her go. Naraku Higarashi was afraid the district would acuse him of favoritizom, but had soon complied. He couldn't say no to his beautiful little daughter, the only joy he had received from his marriage.(He's still married)

Kagome sreamed, "STOOOOOOOOOOP!" The bus came to a screeching stop, the driver patiently waiting for the exhausted child.

5 year old Kagome would be transferring from her current British private school to Higarashi Academy's 6th grade. An honored achievement. She had been educated since birth. She and another child her age were said to be the most intelligent children in the world, and they were gonna be placed in the same classes.

As Kagome borded the bus, she looked for a potential friend. If she was going to be in this boarding school, then, hell, she better have friends. She spotted a boy with silver hair.He looked young ,her age. He was surrounded by two 5th grade girls, to her surprise. There was a lot of space in his seat, so Kagome boldly sat down, receiving strange looks from the girls.

"Who the fuck are you? Strollin up in this joint with your pretty little face", the blond one demanded.

"I'm Kagome, uhhhh, Onna,yeah, Kagome Onna. My name suits me, ne? JK! I know I need major plastic surgery!",Kagome hated it when people used her because her family was the richest in the world.

The boy looked at her like she had lost her God damned mind. "You don't have much confidence, do you?" He threw Kagome Higarashi a sexy smirk. Seeing this, the girls latched on to him, throwing Kagome a dirty glare. Kagome looked dumbfounded.

This was going to be one hell of a long year.