Alright, to all my fans of this story, please don't feel mad that I got your hopes up with a "new chapter" which turned out to be just this! Okm, so what I am trying to say is, that as much as I would love to continue this story and I KNOW you guys want me to, and I do have ideas for later, I think the best option is for me not to. See, I don't know how the whole story would go, I have no end, and I really don't know the story... just little parts. Also, if I were to start adding to it, and it be great, and all of a sudden not know what to do with it...I'd pretty much be screwed lol. So, I may worjk on it as a side project, but if I am to do that, I will write the entire story before I publish it. Som, I am sorrym, but I am almost positive I will not be continuing this. Sorry guys.