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Lately, he'd been having a certain recurring dream.

It would always start out the same. He'd be alone, in what would probably be the epitome of romantic settings, with Kaede spending some actual time together. But, just before anything really good could happen, there would always be something to interrupt them--an earthquake causing Kaede to fall into some sort of seemingly bottomless chasm, a fire-breathing beast swooping down from above and destroying anything within a 100-mile radius, a flash flood suuddenly drowning both of them, random evildoers taking them hostage and selling them as slaves, the earth beneath their feet turning into lava, and many, many other worst-case scenarios.

Then, as if to add insult to injury, Setsu would show up. Riding on the world's whitest and most majestic horse and wearing armor that was so clean that you could eat off of it (given that you weren't already blinded by its shinyness), he would come and rescue Kaede in the most heroic and show-offy way possible and then proceed to take her with him and ride off into a conveniently placed sunset, leaving him suffering from both heartbreak and various injuries.

But, there did happen to be times when Setsu wouldn't come and he would be the one to save the day. Unfortunately, no matter how hard or how many times he tried, he was never quite successful. Things just would not work out the way he wanted them to. And oftentimes, after waking up, he would ask himself why--why he could never be the hero, why nothing he did was ever good enough--but he was never able to answer. Until one day, he finally realized it. It was because all his life he never really had to do anything for himself. Whether it was Hirai, Murumo, or one of his countless servants, he always had someone at his disposal. And when you never do anything for yourself, how do you expect to be able do anything for others, even the one person that you treasure more than life itself?

He stopped his train of thought right there, already knowing the anwser. He could never be a hero. Not to Kaede. Not to anyone else. But most importantly, not to Kaede. Not because of his lack of heroic qualities, but, as much as he hated to admit it, because she already had a hero of her own.

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