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Summary- Sakuras living the average teenage life except for the fact that she & her mom are always moving. Now in Konoha shes the new girl & everythings going well until she gets to know the Uchihas & finds out that not only humans attend Fire High


Rookie Nine- 16

Team Gai- 16

Sand Siblings- 16-17

Oto Gang- 15

Akatsuki- 17

Senseis- 26

Sannin- 50


Chapter One- Unbelievable

(Sakura's POV)

In the eleven years me and my mom had been traveling town to town I never thought I would end up here. According to my mom I had been born in Yukigakure just as she and every other Haruno had. You see the reason I hold my mothers maiden name is because when I was born my mom and dad had simply been dating and were engaged. Just after my first birthday dad walked out on us and left me and mom to fend for ourselves. My mom is over him and is completely fine being an independent woman; granted she has me by her side.

Anyways as I was explaining I was born in Yukigakure- also know as the town of snow, and boy did that name fit. Every day it snowed, yet every day the sun shined. It was kind of nice because the sun kept us warm during winter, but the constant snow kept us semi cold during summer.

During the summer of my fifth birthday my mom got an amazing job offer in a town named Iwa. It was a nice and sunny town. That was about the time I started school so that was where my career as a student began. Iwa Elementary wasn't that bad. I was picked on by many of the girls because of my looks though. Most children in here had sun kissed tan skin, big stunning blue eyes and either blond or brown hair. And here I was, Ivory pale skin, glossy emerald eyes and to top it all off cherry pink hair.

About half way through the school year something happened that left me stunned. I swear that if it wasn't for this one act of kindness I would either be bottled up with a trust issue, or I may not even be here today. I can still remember that one sunny day over ten years ago...


It was a normal March day in Iwa. The sun was high in the sky and the sky itself was clear blue. The playground at Iwa Elementary was filled with bright green trees and blossoming flowers of every color. Children were running, playing, and laughing like they did every day. Back on the blacktop near the basketball court a group of children were standing in a circle around me. They were chanting the absurd nicknames they had created for me and were throwing a variety of things from chunks of the blacktop that had chipped away to branches from the nearby tree.

I was lying in the middle of it and had multiple scratches on my arms and legs. I had tried to defend myself but it was a wasted effort. The leader came into the middle and I bravely raised myself to my feet ignoring the stinging pain that went through my legs. When the leader of the group pulled her tan fist back I closed my eyes awaiting the pain, but it never came. Slowly, I opened my eyes to see what had stopped the beating in front of me I saw a boy. He had sun kissed skin, long beautiful blond hair and sea blue eyes. I also noticed he looked to be about only a year older then me when I got a glimpse of his face. He gave me a childish grin then gave me a thumbs-up sign.

He turned back to the quickly dissolving group and gave them a look that said 'back off' all on it's own. Taking the warning the children began to run back to who knows were. Once they were all gone he turned his attention to me.

"W-W-Who are you?" I asked hesitantly. I had never really had friends so I wasn't sure how to act. He gave me a warm smile then offered his hand out to me which a reluctantly took. "Names Deidara, yeah" he answered in a proud voice.

As he led me over to the water fountain I noticed he was being...nice to me.. Not once had he made fun of my stupid forehead or ugly hair. When we arrived at the fountain he took a tissue from his pocket and began to clean my cuts.

I couldn't believe it...I had made a friend,

End Flashback

After that me and Deidara became best friends. We spent most of our time together and some people even thought we were dating. Sadly though when we were eleven and in the same sixth grade class he had to move to a faraway town called Konoha. On his last day he gave me a yin-yang necklace. He then put an exact one around his neck and said that I was yin and he was yang.

About a year after he moved away mom said that we had to move to a place called Suna. She said she knew some people there who could help her with her job and that we could possibly live near the middle school.

The schools there weren't as bad as Iwa. Most of the teens had a mix between tan and white skin, blueish green eyes and sandy blond to dark brown hair. The schools were pretty good as well. I wasn't made fun of nearly as badly as Iwa and within the first day of Seventh grade I was friends with Sabuko No Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro. They were extremely nice to me and said they liked my attitude and style.

Around that time was when I began to dress the way I do know; skinny jeans, converse, band and retro tees, and awsome belts. Temari was the one who actually got me interested in this style seeing as thats how she dressed. Me and her soon became best friends even though she was a year older than me.

I was now sixteen and was a sophomore at Suna High with Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari, and everything seemed to be going well. That is until about a week ago. My mom had discussed quiting her job and getting a new one in a town nearby. She said it was going to be a surprise about where we were going so I sadly agreed. I had said goodbye to all my friends on friday and was currently in the passenger seat of my moms gray Volvo. She did say though that her job was going to within walking distance so once we got to our new home that volvo would be mine.

I turned on my I-Pod and began listening to Paramore. Haley Williams had a way of comforting me. Focusing on the music I leaned my head against the window and looked out it with the corner of my eye. It was currently about 9:oo pm. Stars filled the sky giving it a beautiful look.

"We're here!" my mom announced happily breaking me out of my trance. I lifted my head up to see a big green sign saying in big white letters-

I stared wide eyed at it then turned to my mom. "We're living in Konoha now!?" I half yelled happily, half asked. She smiled at me then nodded. I let a smile grace my features and began to think of people I may know here. Deidara may still be here which meant I could see him again. I held no romantic feelings for him, but saw him as a brother.

After about an hour of driving in town we pulled into a white house in the middle of town. It was fairly nice though because unlike many of the houses it wasnt cramped together in a little area. We had a large front yard and from what I would tell there was a backyard just as big. The house next to it was the same way. I liked the place already. This area seemed to be a mix of country life and city life. Kind of ironic that the most spaced apart houses were in the middle of the city.

We pulled into the rock driveway and the car came to a halt. I slipped out of the car along with mom and me and her entered the house. She flipped the switch and I got a good look at the house. The walls were painted a pale blue and the carpet was white. All our furniture was already in place just as it had been in Suna. The black couch was in front of the entertainment center with the Tv placed of the part made for it. A window was to the right of the couch and a small chair sized tan futon sat in front of the window.

"Go on up to your room honey." My mom said. "Its the last one on the left upstairs." she stated pointing towards the wooden stairs. I smiled and nodded climbing the oak stairs.

Following her directions I opened the door to see my room just as it had been. My bed was a queen with black sheets and red and black blankets. Across from it sat my tv on its stand against the wall. The DVD player was below it on a shelf and to the right of that was my closet. I walked up to it and examined it. It was a simple sliding door one the already had my clothes in it. I made a note to myself to find out from mom what moving company we used.

I noticed to the right of my bed sat my nightstand. On it was my I-Home, and a picture of me and the sand siblings. I also noticed that instead of a window I had a sliding glass door and a balcony. Sliding the door open I got a full view of the city. It looked like every other big city except that tress were everywhere. That was one thing that made me love this town; it was modern, but nature was everywhere.

Yawning I noticed it was about 10:30. Mom said that tommorrow would be my first day so I set my alarm for six and changed into a pair of red and black pj pants and put on a black tank. I set my bag I had in the car with me on the desk next to the tv. I put my I-pod on the charger, turned out the lights and crawled into bed, quickly falling into a dreamless sleep.

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