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Chapter Twelve: Hello, Goodbye

I had always imagined what my mother's funeral would be like; my husband and I would hold our children close while the pastor would speak about how my mother led a wonder full, long life. My relatives would stand in a group across from us and my husbands relatives would stand next to them. Close friends from high school would be there next to us and my mothers childhood friends would be there as well..

Ok so I was slightly off...I did get the part about my relatives, and childhood friends right though.

Mikoto, Sasuke, Itachi and I all stood in a line right in front of her casket and next to us were Naruto and the others. My mothers older sister; Ren and her daughter Ume stood across from us. I remember Ume and I used to be close as children, but we lost contact when mother and I moved. One thing that stood out about her and Ren is that they possessed hair the color of a rose in bloom. They were both tall and slender, and they both had narrow oval shaped faces. The only thing different about the pair was that Ren's eyes were a fine violet, while her daughters were a light teal.

"Now before we give Ayame to the good lord her daughter Sakura would like to say a word or two about her mother." I took a step forward and every ones attention shifted to me.

Clearing my throat I turned around and faced the crowd.
"When I was born my father left us; leaving my mother to support the two of us. She never complained and she never cried. My mother was a strong woman who had complete control over her life and never grieved over dads departure. I remember starting school in I would come home everyday with tears pouring down my face because of the other students. One time it had worse than ever and she said something to me that has influenced my life ever since. "Some people you can never please, so you should just let them be. They'll never be satisfied with what they have and will mock everything thats different. Right now it may seem like everyone is like that, but I know for a fact that if you wait it out you'll find people who love you for you." We had only been here for a few days, but just as she predicted I found a group of loving friends that helped me recover after the accident. I know for a fact that my mom wouldn't want everyone grieving over her death. She would want them to move on with their lives but remember how she influenced them. She would want her memory to live on."

As I took my place between Itachi and Naruto people were clapping and mothers casket was lowered down into the ground. A few tears trickled down my face as the hole was filled and a hymn was sung. Once the pastor said one final prayer everyone began to mingle. A woman with curly black hair embraced me and explained she was my mothers childhood friend, and then a tall blond man did the same explaining he was too.

I talked with Ren and Ume and as they left I turned my head and my breath got caught in my throat. Under one of the nearby trees was a man with dark brown hair, a well defined face, and green and crimson eyes....It was the man from my dreams!

"Hey you!" I called out running towards him. He looked up with wide eyes then took off.
"Sakura where are you going?" I heard someone call. Ignoring them fully I stepped out of my high heel shoes and ran after him barefoot.
"Wait!." I called as we entered the woods that surrounded the cemetery. "I just want to talk!"

I sped up and when he was only a foot in front of me I tackled him. Once I was on my feet I held out my hand and helped him up.
"Who are you?" I demanded. He smiled slightly.
"Its been so long Sakura." he repeated from one of my dreams.
"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?!" I yelled in frustration.
"My name is Keiji and I've known the Harunos since you were born." I looked at him like he was crazy, but brushed it off and continued with my interrogation
"Why have you been in my dreams?"
"It's against the rules for me to directly approach you so I needed a way to communicate.."
"What rules?"
"I'm forbidden to explain them, and I'm probably breaking them by speaking to you, but you are in grave danger!" That sounded familiar.
"Did you send that email last night?" He nodded.
"What am I in danger of?"
"The cold ones; we're not sure what it is, but you posses something that they desire."
"Who are the 'cold ones' and what the hell do you mean by 'we'!" Before he could answer he began to fade.
"I must go now, but please watch out! I promise that next time I will explain more, but please speak of this to no one." and with that he vanished into thin air...

'Eh..What the hell just happened?' Inner asked looking at the empty space where Keiji previously was.
'I'm not sure, but something tells me we'll be seeing more of him.'

When I returned to the graveyard everyone questioned me about why I ran off, and I simply told them that it was too much for me to handle, and that I needed time to come to terms with her death. They all seemed satisfied with my answer, and with the funeral over everyone began to go their own ways.

"So what do the two of you plan on doing?" I heard Mikoto ask Ren as her and Ume approached us.
"We're not sure yet. We flew out from Yuki to attend Ayame's funeral, but Ume doesn't want to leave so soon." I noticed her voice had a deeper tone that kinda reminded me of a woman with a french accent..
"Why don't you two stay at our house for the rest of the weekend. We've got plenty of spare rooms." Mikoto offered. Ren glanced at Ume and then back at Mikoto.
"I guess we could do that." she sounded hesitant.
"Well we're going to leave, so you can follow us to our house." she told them as the four of us headed for her car.

I was silent on the ride home, which I could tell surprised Mikoto. More than once had she asked how I was doing, but each and every time I stayed silent and stared out the window. The conversation I had earlier with Keiji still bothered me, but I wasn't sure why..

'Maybe because some guy is with some weird ass group that has been keeping tabs on you'
'Thanks for pointing out the obvious.'
'Well since the Uchihas know about the supernatural why don't you ask them?'
'Good idea.'

When we all arrived home Mikoto showed Ren and Ume to their temporary rooms, and the boys retreated to their rooms. The first thing I did when I too went to my room was change out of the dress and into a pair of sweats.

'Its been an hour, so I think you should go ask Mikoto about that thing we were talking about.' Inner reminded.

Closing the door behind me I trailed down the hall looking for Mikotos room. I wasn't really all that sure what I was looking for, but when I came across a door with a red and white fan elegantly painted on it I was pretty sure I found it..

I gave a soft knock and heard her tell me to come on in. I was expecting to see luxurious furniture just like I had seen at the Hyuuga Mansion, but when I entered her room it was kind of a shocker. Her room was set up just like mine with a different color scheme.

"You need something?" She asked coming out of her closet and sitting on the blue bed.
"Yeah...I wanted to ask you something." I told her hesitantly.
"Ok. What do you want to know?"
"What are..the cold ones?" I asked with my head down. When I raised my head and looked at her she had wide eyes.
"WHAT?" She screeched. "W-where did you hear a-about th-that?"
'Remember what Keiji said....Don't her them about him..' Inner reminded.
"Well I...I overheard some one say 'cold one' while we were at the funeral.." I lied trying to make it sound plausible.
"When Fugaku and I first had the boys he told me their story. I'm not sure if I should be revealing this, but oh well." She took deep breath.

"The vampire race first began with a man who had a genetic mutation, and when he had children they too had the mutation. At first the mutation only caused small changes, like deformities or different colored eyes, but after many generations the mutation created the vampire race. As more vampires were born the world became chaos. There was no law, and there were no rulers. A group of elite vampires felt they were superior and began to take control. They established laws for not only the vampire world, but for all supernatural beings. At the beginning of their reign some thought that they should be the ruler and challenged them assuming they were just normal vampires, but they were wrong. Normal vampires have a mix between normal human blood and the mutated human blood, but all the vampires in the elite group only had the mutated blood in their systems. Most vampires acted just like humans, but had a different diet, but the elite ones had lost all human nature and were animals in human form. They still spoke, but aside from that they were like statues. Beings of the supernatural world began to call them 'the cold ones' because of their heartless nature. It's been over a thousand years since the cold ones took control and to this day they still rule over all supernatural beings. No one knows where they are, but they still walk the earth and they still posses the heartless nature that they did oh so many years ago."

When she was finished I thanked her and left her room. Once I was in my room I flopped onto my bed and stared up at the ceiling. So much had happened in the past two weeks, but about three things I was sure of;
1. I had something that a group of super-vampires wanted.
2. A strange man named Keiji and some group have been following me and knew more than I did.
3. I was in danger..

"Congrats to all of you for making it into the show." Tsunade began. "The way it's going to work is everyday at this time you will come to the cafeteria and practice your act. All this week will be on your own practicing, but next week we will rehearse how the show will go on Wednesday. So go ahead and spread out to practice." As soon as she finished talking everyone began to spread out and various music began playing.

Looking around I noticed that most of the acts were either a group of girls doing some dance act , or a group of guys in a rock band. There were only a few solo acts and I looked to be the only acoustic act. Sighing I picked my guitar up and headed to one of the far tables away from everyone else.

After I did a few warm ups I quietly began to strum the song, but when I opened my mouth to sing I was mute. Immediately my hands dropped to my sides, and my breathing became eratic. When I stood up I was dizzy and a headache was forming in my forehead. My stomach began to gurgle, and weird taste formed in my mouth.

"Sakura are you alright?" Tsunade asked noticing how I was acting.
".....Yeah I'm fine." I lied feeling the nausea go away slightly.

Once Tsunade was pleased with my answer she walked off. Once she was out of the cafeteria I sat back down, and took a few deep breaths. Slowly the nausea went away, and my breathing took on a normal pace, but I was still slightly dizzy.

Shaking my head I picked my guitar up, and went back to practicing my song.

"So how did practice go?" Sasori asked as we all sat down for lunch. Since I had been in here for the previous period I kept my guitar with me and set it under the table.
"Pretty good. " I replied sitting down. "What did we do in math?"
"Do you remember that thing he taught us last week?" I nodded. "All he did was give us a worksheet on it." He explained.

Just as I was about to bite into a good turkey sand which I felt a hand jerk me from my seat.
"What the-" I asked turning to see who did that..
"Remember what you told me last week?" Orochimaru asked.
"Oh...yeah." I said to myself remembering that I fell asleep last week.
"Well lets go." Grabbing my guitar and sand which I left the cafeteria and headed to his room.

"So..What do I have to do?" I asked sitting down. He walked over and set a paper in front of me.
"This is what we did while you slept. Just make it up and then you can go." He explained. He sat down at his desk and began to file paperwork, while I worked on the quiz.

The quiz itself wasn't that hard; had about fifteen questions that I knew the answers to. I finished it in about ten minutes and while I worked on it I ate my lunch.
"Here" I handed him the test. He looked over it then looked back up at me.
"Very good. You can leave." I grabbed my guitar and headed back to the cafeteria.

"What was that about?" Konan asked when I sat back down.
"I slept in his class, so he made me make up what I missed." I explained.

Even though there was only about five minutes of lunch left everything was just like it is everyday, but my mind was disconnected and I was deep in thought. I was still con fused about the whole cold ones thing and even though my brain told me to forget about it, my gut told me something strange was up.

'Oh course something strange is up; according to some guy who's been invading your dreams for the past week your being pursued by some group of vampires. And according to the mother of the guy your in love with they're descendants of the original vampire and posses unimaginable powers.' Inner retorted.
'Dammit I am not in love with Itachi!'

"Sakura, are you coming?" Sasori asked bringing me back to reality. Blinking I saw him and Dei in front of me ready to go to art.
"Yeah." I told them as the three of us left..

Art had been going fairly well, but about halfway through the sickness I had experienced during practice began to come back. Once again I was dizzy, nauseous, and I had a hard time breathing, but this time my vision was slightly blurred and when I was sketching my hands begin to shake slightly. Without thinking I stood up and ran towards the nearest bathroom. I could hear Iruka yelling at me to come back, but all that was on my mind now was making it to a stall as quick as possible.

I had enough time to lock the stall door before my stomach gurgled and I felt today's meal make an appearance. Aside from the food a bit of gastric acid came up as well, which burned my throat as I kneeled over the toilet bowl.

"Hello?..Anyone in here?" I heard a semi-familiar voice ask. I felt another wave serge through me and once again I was praying to the poreclain god..
"Are you ok?" she asked looking under the door. I turned to look at her and saw a girl who only looked about fourteen. She hair long hair the same color as Neji's with one strand that hung between her face. Her eyes were the same milky color as Hinata's.
"Oh jeez," she shrieked as she crawled under the door and helped me stand up. "I think you need to go to the office. Here I'll help you." I washed my face off with her help.

"I'm Hanabi by the way; Hyuuga Hanabi." She told me as we left the bathroom.
"Wait, Hyuuga?" I asked in a sickly tone. She smiled and nodded.
"Yeah, I'm Hinata's little sister." She explained. I nodded now understanding why she was a spitting image of Hinata and Neji.

"Hello girls," Shizune greeted. "What do you need?"
"I've been feeling sick all day, and a few minutes ago I puked." I explained.
"Go ahead and go back to the nurses office." She explained calling Tsunade.
"Ok. Thanks for helping me." I told Hanabi as Shizune wrote her a note explaining where she was. She turned and smiled.
"You're welcome. Hope you get to feeling better." She turned and left the office.

Blinking a few times I took a deep breath and slowly walked to the nurses room..

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