In the Land of the Shire


"In the land of twilight under the moon..."

-In the Land of Twilight



Lush. Alive. Vibrant.

The Shire, with all of its gentle and kind life.

Forests that creak with the secret whisperings of trees. Sun glinting of stones. Tiny shoots creeping through the earth.

Rivers that rush and gush like the blood of the land, giving the Shire life. Rippling streams and giggling brooks. Serene, almost sacred groves in the woods where children hide and play, and pretend to be kings and queens.

Gentle breezes bringing the sweet smell of heather and wildflowers. Brilliant skies like blue glass and tiny wisps of white cloud.

And a secret, a secret that is making its way into the land of the Halflings. Like poison, or ambrosia, or the rushing flood of torrential rain waters, it was coming- unstoppable.

And with it, the makings of history.