Chapter One Hundred and Nine

A Trail of Blood


"And the blood shall sing to the blood...."

- Tersa, Queen of the Darknessby Anne Bishop



Bloodhound. Tracker. That is his name, in truth if not in company.

He follows the line of blood, over the mountains and through the woods. All in black, like the shadow of a shadow, the man who was once a king stalks his prey like a common murderer, loathing what he has become as he hunts down the Son of the Red Waters. He knows not why the Black King wishes his youngest son to be butchered.

"I care not how you do it, but kill the little bastard, and kill him now."

That is what Morquanar, King of the Glittering Throng, has ordered the Runner to do to his son. Nencarion, the seventh son of a seventh daughter, no threat to anyone's kingdom....

For a moment, the Runner thinks he may have lost the trail. Long ago, he did not hunt. He was not bloodhound, tracker, hunter. He was only the Runner, and King of his kingdom across the vast expanse of the sea, unreachable by Men and Elves and other Free Folk. Now he is the Hunter. If his Queen could see him now, he would shame her, and she would hate him.

Bitterly, he begins to run, the wind caressing his face. He smells May belles, those lovely blossoms, and June lilies, which grew in his Queen's garden. His eyes sting.


His nose catches the scent. He turns to follow it unerringly. The scent of the belles and lilies fades.

The Black Runner hunts.



Author's Note: I made a reference as to who this character is. He's a character from another book, but all grown up and very bitter. See if you can guess his identity, and I'll give you a cyber cookie. And I referenced a song and book in this chapter in the text. Guess it, and more cyber cookies. Reviews are awesome. Loves to my readers. And hi, Larner! Shout out to her, she's reviewed every chapter except the newest 2.