"At the end of the day she'll be nothing but trouble
And there's trouble for all if there's trouble for one…."
-At the End of the Day from Les Miserables

Haruhi was inside the principal's office, sitting quietly and patiently for Principal Uotani to end a call he was on. She'd been called down to the office several minutes ago, and was really just very curious as to why she would be needed. She hadn't been acting up in class at all, so it certainly couldn't be for that (and, anyway, students with behavioral issues were sent to the guidance office, not the principal's), she had been keeping her grades at straight A's, so her scholarship would still be in tact. The reason for her being called down wouldn't be for something bad, and so, she really wanted to know what the reason was. Maybe…maybe she had been doing so well in her studies that they were considering her for some other benefit; what other sort of benefit, Haruhi wasn't sure, but something….maybe.

At last, Principal Uotani hung up the phone, and sat back, looking at Haruhi for a moment. Then, seeming to remember why she was down here, he flipped open a manila folder that was sitting in front of him. "Haruhi Fukioka?" he said.

Haruhi nodded, sure that he was simply making sure that was whom he was talking to.

"Do you know why I've called you to my office?"

"No," Haruhi said honestly, shaking her head.

"Miss Fujioka, I am sure you are aware that we have a specific dress code. When you began attending classes here, you were forgiven for your lack of uniform due to your financial situation. However, now that you seem to have acquired one, we simply can't turn our heads away from your blatant display of lack of respect towards our school's policy."

Haruhi's brow furrowed. "I-I'm sorry, but I don't understand." She looked down at herself. "I'm wearing the school's uniform-"

"You are, in fact, a girl, Miss Fujioka?"

Haruhi nodded, and suddenly understood, without having to hear the principal's explination.

"I am not entirely certain of the policies of your last school, but here at Ouran Academy, the boys are required to wear a boy's uniform, and the girls must wear the girl's uniform. While you are wearing a uniform, it is not the correct uniform. And so, starting tomorrow, you must wear the proper uniform for you. The secretary just outside my office has one for you in your size; simply return the one you are wearing- dry-cleaned, of course- as soon as you can."

"Um…." Haruhi's mind was buzzing, attempting to take in the information while simultaneously realizing what her wearing a girl's uniform in school would do to the Host Club. The rest of the school was still under the impression that she was a boy, and while it really didn't matter to her on a personal level what the school population thought of her, but this couldn't- and wouldn't go over well with the Host Club. She still had the debt to pay off….

"Principal Uotani," Haruhi said slowly, "I understand that I…should be wearing the girl's uniform, but I was hoping that I could, possibly, continue wearing this one. I am part of the Host Club, and I have a debt to it, and I need to wear this uniform to pay it off."

"The Host Club?" Principal Uotani repeated. "The club started by Suou…. Tamaki Suou?"

Haruhi nodded. Maybe, since Tamaki was the superintendent's son, it would help….

"While I can't imagine why you'd have to wear that uniform, you may keep it, if you pay for it, and of course you'd only be wearing it after school hours."


"Miss Fujioka, there is no reason for you to wear a boy's uniform during class. You will wear the correct uniform, or risk the consequences," Principal Uotani said firmly.

Haruhi nodded, defeated. This would not be good, not at all….

The second Haruhi had the chance, she went in search of Kyouya. She had considered telling Hikaru and Kaoru when she'd returned to class, but what could they do? They'd most likely just poke fun, and that would be absolutely pointless. Honey and Mori couldn't do anything helpful, and Tamaki would most likely make a scene, which Haruhi didn't really feel like dealing with. No, the most logical thing to do would be to talk to Kyouya.

During the second study hall of the day (really, Haruhi couldn't understand why more than one study hall was needed; but, as Tamaki- or was it Kyouya?- had once explained to her, things here were handled to keep the students happy first, and teach them secondly), Haruhi went to the library in the math wing. Kyouya would most likely be there; like herself, Kyouya preferred silence while studying, and that particular library was very rarely ventured to.

She'd guessed right; within a moment of wandering around the first floor of the library, she found Kyouya seated at a table, taking notes quickly from one of his textbooks.

"Kyouya," she said quickly when she reached the table, not giving him time to respond with a greeting. "We have a problem."

"Hmm?" Kyouya grunted, glancing up at her. "Is this a problem with Tamaki? If so, tell him I have schoolwork to do, seeing as that is much more important."

"No; it has to do with the Host Club. I…. I might not be able to continue-"

"-even though you have only paid off half of your debt?"

Haruhi shot Kyouya a look, one he didn't catch, as he was still staring down at this book. "I have to start wearing a girl's uniform."

That got his immediate attention. His pen stopped moving, and, after a second, he placed it down on his notebook. Looking up at her, he said, "Explain."

Haruhi let out a sigh, and sat down next to him. "The principal called me down to his office to tell me I have to wear a girl's uniform, starting tomorrow, or else I 'risk the consequences.'"

Kyouya was silent for a moment. If he was worried, he didn't show it on his face. "I'll inform Tamaki. We will figure something out," he said simply. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have schoolwork to return to." With that, her turned back to his textbook, and began taking notes once more.

Haruhi stood up, sighing again. She hoped that he did, in fact, think of something.

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