UPDATE June 3, 2011: Two for the price of one. Both of these were gifts to my lovely Julesie. The first, an AU highschool fic intorducing a new seme: Gohan! Yay! The second, a little bachelor party, orgy thingy. Julesie helped me come up with the AU for this one. It's really cool so expect to see more of it when I can't figure out a decent plot for a fetish I want to do. Oh that's another thing. Most of the lemons that come after today have some kind of fetish as its basis. I took a fetish that sounds interesting and built a story around it. Simple enough. Now every lemon I do that for with have the fetishes listed specifically. So now go enjoy readers. ByeBye.

Pick me up Lemons for Julesie and Red Kasei

Author: Dragonkat

Ratings: All chapters Mature (some more than others)

Summary: A collection of PWPs for Julesie, Red Kasei, and SaiyanBride my wonderful, perfect muses. For without them my DBZ fics (along with many of my other fics) would be lost. So this is for you my dears. All uke Vegeta, with a variety of semes. Hold on to your hats folk, it's gonna be a long ride.

Author's Notes: This began one day a while ago when Julesie told me she had had a terrible day. Which of course made me feel bad and what do I turn to when I'm sad. Well I turn to smut of course. But then Julesie said there was nothing new and good posted for her to read. So what did I do, I wrote her a lemon from scratch.

This is going to be an on going project, probably never completed because between the four of us we can come up with a lot of great ideas. There's no rhyme or reason to when these'll be posted, it all depends on what I can get done. Not every chapter will be for everyone. Like I mentioned in the summary it's all uke Vegeta. I'll title each chapter with which seme it is so you guys can pick and choose what you want to sample.

I have now re-orgainzed this to clump any series with each other and so each chapter has a title and the name of the seme involved. Also I'm starting to use this series as a way to tame plot bunnies I have for DBZ fics. Most will stay oneshots but some could be turned into more in the future.

Warnings: All uke Vegeta (that's what I and my muses prefer. You don't like it, then hit the BACK button now. Lots of smut, crossdressing, BDSM, mpreg...ah hell, suffice to say I'll probably have a little bit of everything as time goes on.

Also these are all unbetaed, sorry about any mistakes, but because these are so quick and simple I'm not going to take the time to make them perfect.

Disclaimer: ...alright, alright! I admit it! I do not own DBZ or its characters. I just hijacked them for my story. I'll give them back, I promise...but not after violating Vegeta as many ways as I can XD

Semes used so far: Goku, Brolli, Piccolo, Turles, Mirai Trunks, King Vegeta, Bardock, Radditz, Gohan, and Yamcha (and kinda Tien and Krillin)

So now go have fun lemon seeking reader. Scroll through the chapters and find the lemon to your liking, I have practically everything imaginable and more will be added.

I leave you with a box of tissues and a bowl of popcorn.


Previous Updates

UPDATE 5/21/2010: All the chapters except for "Courtly Gestures" have been revised, updated and redone. The KV/V lemon though will take a bit more heavy editing which I will do eventually.

Expect some new lemons to come out soon. One with Radditz, another a threesome and possibly a Vegeta/Vegeta one (wrap your head around that one o_O). In the future I'm hoping to tackle Gohan, a couple more sequels to other lemons, and a few more lemony oneshots to tame rabid plot bunnies in my mind.

UPDATE 9/17/2010: My first Threesome! A threesome was bound to happen in my lemons. My issue was having a setting and plot I liked and then writing the sex. Writing two people is hard enough…three, and well I start to lose track of folk. In hind sight I would have changed the pov from the semes to the uke…cause I'm not really happy with how this turned out. I fear the sex scene isn't that long and the plot is bigger than the sex, but I at least got through it. I probably won't do another threesome, at least not for a long while…but I am tempted to do an orgy kind of thing. Lots of semes and only one uke…what am I getting myself into XD

UPDATE 2/09/2011: One of four presents I wrote for my muses is now up. This one was a gift for Red Kasei. It is a sequel and final installment to the Bardock plot line. Expect the next three lemons in the coming month including a third Brolli western, a Gohan AU highschool lemon, and a semi-orgy bachelor party thingy. Lots to look forward to. Enjoy.

UPDATE March 7, 2011: The third (and possibly final) segment of the Brolli - Wild Wild West series. This was a New Years gift for SaiyanBride (my lovely, ultra awesome beta and muse). Took me a while to get it up but better late than never right? Anywho I hope y'all enjoy it. Next time I'll probably post the two lemons I gave to Julesie as gifts for her B-day and New Years. Until then, happy lemon reading to you all.