Semes: Goku, Yamcha, Krillin, Tien, Piccolo

Title: Jack-of-all-Trades (JOAT) - Stag Night

WC: 3,716

Fetish: Nantaimori, Wakamezake, and Bukkake

AN: It's party time, specifically Bachelor party time. Whoohoo. I actually created a semi-orgy lemon. Eeeek!

I also want to point out that every character I use is human in this fic, even if they were an alien in DBZ. Just imagine these characters in a more human form. For example, Zarbon does not have blue skin. See, not to hard to change things up a bit. I mention this because I don't go into too much detail about how everyone looks except the main players.

In the outskirts of West City there was a large building. It was a vast estate, acres of land with a mansion in the center. It was the home of the Wish Trade Organization (WTO). It was a business that catered to the desires and wants of people, by hiring out employees to fulfill the duties set forth by the wish seeker. The organization was divided up by the wishes the employees granted. All kinds of wishes were granted from helping a business get started to tracking down a long lost relative.

But the most wishes granted by the WTO were those of relationships and pleasure.

A whole wing of the mansion was dedicated to the people who ran this biggest money maker of the organization. Lavish rooms were bestowed on the men and women who worked there, to entertain clientele and to be their home. This section of the WTO was managed by a man named Frieza, the son of the founder of the WTO, King Cold. The rest of the organization was managed by Frieza's brother Cooler. Frieza, while a strict and serious man, cared for his employees and always made sure the wishes they granted were those they could handle. While the organization boasted being able to grant any wish, Frieza and Cooler did have the power to turn down requests based on the wish maker's background and not the wish itself.

But that was a happening that did not occur often.

On the fourth floor of the mansion, in the south wing, was where the best wish granters lived. The men and women who lived on this floor were nicknamed Frieza's Army, for their constant customer satisfaction. They were the cream of the crop. In one bedroom, whose balcony faced the lavish garden behind the mansion, three figures were gathered together, talking quietly amongst themselves.

They all sat on the bed, exchanging tales of their most recent wished granted. One, who sat next to another as they both had their hair brushed and played with, was named Radditz. He was a beautiful man with long, flowing black hair. He was the 'tall, dark and handsome' type who catered exclusively to women. He was their humble knight arriving to sweep them off their feet.

The other two were both gorgeous men who catered only to other men, though one as a seme and the other as an uke. The seme sat contentedly next to Radditz, his long emerald dyed hair was currently being brushed and braided by his companion. His name was Zarbon and he granted the most wishes in Frieza's Army. The young man braiding his hair was named Vegeta. His shoulder length black hair was tied back at the base of his neck. He had a youthful charm when looking at him, but anyone here would tell you he was not one to be messed with. Vegeta granted the second most wishes there.

It was a peaceful day for the three men. But they knew sooner or later, Frieza would come with a wish for one of them to grant.

And not a moment later did a knock sound on the door, causing all three men to turn towards it as it opened to reveal their boss. Frieza came in holding a manila envelope, his trademark smirk painting his thin lips as he looked at them all. Each man held his breath in anticipation, wondering who was going to get the next wish. Frieza did not keep them waiting long as he walked over to the bed, handing the envelope to Vegeta.

"Have fun, Vegeta," Frieza said; stroking a pale hand down the side of Vegeta's bronzed face. "Bachelor parties, I hear, are quite fun."

With that said the man left, closing the door behind him. Immediately after it clicked shut Radditz and Zarbon spun around, clapping their hands in excitement as Vegeta pulled out the pages contained in the envelope. Vegeta grinned at his friends before reading over the wish.

He was surprised to find that the wish was made by a woman, a bride-to-be actually. She apparently had heard of what could happen at a Bachelor Party so she wanted to plan it so her future husband wouldn't be inclined to stray. She stated that if he slept with a man in his drunkenness then it wasn't cheating to her, as sleeping with a man was different than a woman. Vegeta quirked an eyebrow at that logic, but he wasn't meant to argue with his patron, no matter how silly they were being.

There would be five men at the party which included her future husband. Vegeta always assumed Bachelor Parties were a larger affair but it seemed this woman was keeping everything in check, including the guest list. This sounded like a very high strung woman. Vegeta was very glad she wouldn't be there, he had a feeling he wouldn't like her much.

"So what's it say, what's it say," Radditz asked in excitement, bounding up and down on his spot on the bed.

"Calm down Radditz, he'll tell us when he's read all of it," Zarbon replied, shoving at Radditz's shoulder to get him to stop bouncing.

"Don't be mean Zarbon. You're just as eager as I am to hear what's going on. It's not often we get wishes for a Bachelor Party."

Vegeta watched his friends happily, he was glad to have them around. "I've been requested to be the host and entertainment," Vegeta said, looking back down at the paper. "And I've been hired by the bride."

"The bride," his friends exclaimed together.

"Yes. She seems to be someone who needs to be in control of every situation. There's only going to be five men there. And apparently I'm just supposed to be there to have a meal with them and then leave."

"That sounds so boring," Radditz said, his shoulder slumping.

"No kidding. I can't believe Frieza even accepted this request," Zarbon said, flopping down on his side next to Vegeta.

"It's because of the price tag and who's requesting the wish," Vegeta replied, showing the paper to his friends.

"Wow," Radditz said simply. "That's a lot of zeros."

"And it's from Bulma Briefs. She's the heiress to Capsule Corporation right? No wonder Frieza had to accept it. She's one powerful bitch. Who's she marrying anyway," Zarbon asked, looking over the wish request in Vegeta's hands.

"I don't know, it doesn't say," Vegeta replied, putting the papers back in the envelope when his friends were done reading.

"Well since it's tonight we need to help you get ready," Radditz said, springing up from the bed, Zarbon following suit.

"Yeah. We have a reputation to uphold as members of Freiza's Army. Even if all you're doing is eating with five other guys, we're going to make sure you're the prettiest one there," Zarbon said, grabbing a hold of Vegeta's wrist and tugging him up from where he sat.

Vegeta laughed as he was primed and prepped by his friends, the three of them spending the afternoon getting cleaned up, picking out his outfit and fixing his hair and putting on some light makeup. By the time Vegeta had to leave he was looking his finest and he turned to his friends to give them a winning smile as he left the mansion, going to the limo Frieza had which escorted his employees wherever their job took them.

"Have fun," Radditz called, waving after Vegeta.

"Bring back lots of good stories to tell us," Zarbon followed, winking at him as he got in the limo.

Vegeta rang the door bell to the main building of Capsule Corporation, smoothing down his tight see through lace long sleeve shirt over an even tighter tank-top. He wore equally tight short shorts that framed his bubble butt beautifully while showing off his muscled but trim thighs. He completed the look with a pair of designer black ankle boots, the slight heels not adding much to his already short height.

A maid answered the door, escorting him in and through the establishment. Vegeta continued to run through the instructions of the wish in his head, trying to find someway to spice up the evening. Because otherwise this would be a waste of his talents and would be the most dreadful night he spent with a client.

Vegeta was taken to a dining room, where five men and one woman sat waiting for him. His eyes widened at the sight of the woman, for it was Bulma Briefs. She wasn't supposed to be here, was she?

She was the first to stand up when he entered the room, the men around her staying seated with their heads down. 'What a miserable looking group,' Vegeta thought sadly. This didn't seem like a Bachelor Party at all.

"Thank you for coming," Bulma said haughtily, flipping her hair a bit as she reached out to shake his hand. Vegeta reluctantly returned the gesture. Just as he had thought, he didn't like her.

"Your wish is my command," Vegeta said, the line they were always supposed to use when greeting a patron. "Thank you for requesting my services."

"Yes well, I thought it was necessary. The Wish Trade Organization is an upstanding company so I felt I could trust them to not have this get together end up as some drunken college party. My fiancé and I will soon be married so I don't want any distractions."

Vegeta tried not to raise an eyebrow. Basically this woman was trying to make sure her future husband isn't tempted away from her by the lure of something a little more…exciting. Vegeta put on a smile nonetheless and nodded like he agreed with her. He glanced over her shoulder at the table, looking at the dishes laid out, an idea hatching in his mind at the sight.

Vegeta knew exactly what to do to spice the night up.

He turned back to Bulma, smile still in place as he gently steered her from the room. "Thank you once again. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to get this get together rolling. And a Bachelor Party just isn't a Bachelor Party if the bride-to-be is present," he explained, trying not to rush her out of the room though he desperately wanted to.

She huffed but none the less went. When she was out the door she turned like she wanted to say something else but Vegeta quickly shut the door like he didn't notice. He did not need her interfering any more with his work.

With the overbearing woman gone Vegeta turned, letting his smile go from stale and practiced, to seductive. "Well boys," he said approaching the table and finally catching the eyes of the other men. "How about we get this party started now that she's out of the picture."

He got smiles from all of them and Vegeta circled the table, wanted to get acquainted with them all. "Now which of you is about to be hitched," he asked.

A man with long black hair and a scar on his face raised his hand. "That would be me. I'm Yamcha," he said, his eyes raking up and down Vegeta's body.

Vegeta smirked at the blatant interest in that gaze. He felt a little sorry for him, as he was about to be married to that 'woman.' But it wasn't his place to interfere. All he was supposed to do was make this a night to remember for the man about to lose his bachelor status.

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Vegeta said, letting his voice drop as he leaned into Yamcha's ear. He spoke softly, but still loud enough for everyone to hear. "You're the only one allowed to penetrate me if you so desire tonight."

Vegeta pulled away, watching the man's eyes darken at his tone, glancing to the side to see every other man looking at him in longing. "That doesn't mean I'll leave you boys out," Vegeta said playfully, hands on his hips as he looked at them. "And the rest of your names please?"

"My name's Krillin," a short bald man introduced, his face still holding some of his baby fat that Vegeta found adorable.

"I'm Goku," a taller man who sat next to Krillin said. He was very muscular and his hair was spiky and in disarray. Vegeta liked him right away.

"I'm Tien," another man introduced. He actually looked a bit like a monk, but the way his dark eyes seemed to rape Vegeta's body repealed that thought from his mind.

"And I'm Piccolo," said the final man of the group. He was very tall and well build, his black skin a stark contrast to the other pale skin covering his friends. Vegeta liked this one too.

"It's wonderful to meet all of you. Now I believe we are to have dinner together correct?"

Vegeta got nods from everyone at his question. He smirked and looked down at the sushi spread out on the table. Out of the corner of his eyes he spotted some sake sitting at the end of the long table. Vegeta let a hand trail down to his groin, lidded eyes gazing at each man in turn before finally landing on the groom to be. "Let's get started shall we."

Vegeta started to strip, letting his clothes fall to the floor one by one, letting his flawless bronzed skin slowly be revealed to the wide eyes staring at him.

"What are you doing?" Yamcha asked breathlessly beside him.

Vegeta smirked, turning around to pull his shorts down, bending over to show off his ass to the hungry eyes at the table. He slipped off his boots while he was bent over and then he straightened up, baring his nude body for the five men under his care for the night. "Haven't you heard of nantaimori," Vegeta said huskily, reaching down to pluck a piece of nigirizushi with salmon from the table and eating it in one bite.

Krilling and Tien let out audible gasps at Vegeta's statement while the other three just let their mouths hang open. "Why don't you boys pick out what you want to eat," Vegeta said as he crawled onto the table, careful not to kneel on any of the food.

In a flash the five men had filled their plates with various foods, mostly sushi with the leftovers being shoved to the end of the table. Vegeta smirked and laid down on the table, getting himself comfortable. A hand slipped under his head and Vegeta looked up to watch Krillin slide his folded jacket under his head. "Well aren't you sweet," he murmured, getting a shy smile in response from the small man.

Vegeta clamped his legs together, laying his arms out palm up and stretching out his chest. "Go ahead boys," he said, chuckling at the feel of cold food being placed all over his body. "Do whatever you like with me."

Wasabi was spread over his nipples and belly button, sushi was pressed along his skin from his collar bones to his toes, and finally sake was poured into the juncture of his thighs, filling up to cover his penis. When the ministrations stopped Vegeta opened his eyes, looking up at the five hungry faces above him. He let out a little sigh, feeling a few pieces of sushi slide along his skin at the action.

"Dig in," he whispered.

The men didn't need any more encouragement than that. Chopsticks poked at his skin, making Vegeta chuckle lightly as the men indulged in their meal. He watched them all, grinning as their gazes became increasingly lustful as the fronts of their trousers bulged more and more with each passing moment. Piccolo was the first to sample the sake between Vegeta's thighs, causing him to shudder ever so slightly as the black man's tongue lapped at his cock.

Vegeta heard the sound of a zipper and watched as Goku pulled out his impressive erection, eyes begging for Vegeta to do something. The man reached for his arm, no doubt wanting some stimulation but Vegeta kept his arm still. Goku looked at him bewildered and Vegeta just chuckled, looking down at his arm still covered with a few pieces of their meal. "You'll need to free my hand first," he said.

Goku grinned brightly, tossing aside his chopsticks to lean down and eat the sushi straight off of Vegeta's arm. He heard the sound of more pant zippers and the clatter of more chopsticks after what he said and Vegeta couldn't help but laugh out loud at the men's eagerness. Krillin's and Tien's mouths descended on his other arm, clearing it of it's lingering food while Yamcha sampled his chest, spending most of his time lapping at Vegeta's hardening nipples.

Vegeta let out a soft moan when his cock was engulfed in Piccolo's mouth, the man abandoning slurping up the sake to slurp up Vegeta's hardening penis. The arm Goku was eating from was soon clear and Vegeta reached out his hand, grabbing at the man's erection. Goku gave a little growl at the feel, his hips jerking as Vegeta immediately set to work stroking his dick. His other arm was free next and Vegeta turned his head so he could see what he was doing. He used that hand to grab Krillin's and Tien's erections together, stroking the hard, hot skin roughly, pulling grunts of pleasure from the two men.

Vegeta cried out as his legs were suddenly spread, the last of the sake spilling down his groin to coat the crevice of his ass. He lifted his head to find Yamcha climbing onto the table, his own cock out and bobbing in the heated air of the room. He caught the groom-to-be's eyes and smirked, lifting his thighs when Piccolo released his hardened cock from his mouthto give Yamcha more room. At his movement the other men moved too, finding the best place for them to get the most pleasure from their host.

Goku and Piccolo kneeled on the table next to his head. While some of their weight was on drawn up chairs Vegeta worried about so much weight on one table. But when the wood didn't even groan under the added weight he relaxed. Krillin and Tien were on either side of him too. He reached out, grabbing each man's erection and stroking the hot flesh firmly. Goku and Piccolo let their dicks bob over Vegeta's mouth; their own hands fisting their erections since Vegeta's were already occupied. He opened his mouth, licking at their pricks, taking turns pulling the mushroomed head of their penises into his mouth, suckling to try and draw out their passions.

And finally he was quickly prepared and entered by Yamcha. Vegeta gasped out at the feeling, his hot breath pulling grunts from Piccolo and Goku, and his squeezing hands pulling moans from Krillin and Tien. Vegeta grunted as Yamcha began to trust his erection into his hungry body, the engorged head touching him in all the right places to take Vegeta closer and closer to that place he was trying to take them. Pure bliss.

Vegeta hungrily lapped at Piccolo's and Goku's erections as they pressed against his cheeks, seeking his attention. Krillin's and Tien's dicks were throbbing in his hands, growing harder and hotter the closer their orgasms came. He changed tactics on the two men, reaching for their balls and the skin behind them. His fingers pressed against Krillin's perineum while he juggled Tien's balls in his other hand. He licked at Piccolo's and Goku's balls too, sucking them into his mouth before letting them out with a pop.

Yamcha was eagerly shoving his cock into Vegeta's body, hips snapping back and forth, causing his body to shake in pleasure. The groom-to-be seemed so eager, like it was his last chance to have pleasure. And for all Vegeta knew, maybe it was. Bulma didn't seem like the most passionate creature. The man was grunting with each thrust of his cock into Vegeta's body. In response he squeezed his channel, trying to push the man over the edge.

The six of them moved together for endless minutes, giving and taking pleasure before each found their end in turn. Krillin and Tien were first, spilling their seed over Vegeta's hands and chest. Piccolo and Goku were next, their essence spraying over Vegeta's face and neck, the hot substance burning his skin. Yamcha pulled out his cock, his own semen shooting out to mix with the other men's on Vegeta's body.

Vegeta was last, a soft cry spilling from his cum covered lips as his own cock jerked, his seed topping off the mix coating his flushed body. He panted, releasing the softening cocks in his hands while giving one last lick to Goku's and Piccolo's pricks. His hips were softly lowered to the table top as Yamcha released him.

The men moved away from him, slumping into their chairs around the table as they panted after their pleasure. Vegeta stretched on the table, running his hands over the cum on his body, spreading it over his skin. he licked his lips, sampling some of the bitter substance. He arched his back, stretching his arms over his head as his body tingled in the aftermath of his orgasm. That was fantastic.

Vegeta slowly lifted himself up, sitting on the table and looking the five men over, lapping at some of the cum on his fingertips as he did so. He cleared his throat, smirking as they all looked up at him. Their eyes were still dark, and he watched proudly as all of their cocks hardened in their laps.

"Looks like you boys are up for round two," he said.

Vegeta rolled over onto his knees, kneeling on the table and grabbing the bottle of sake. He took a sip as he got on all fours, presenting his beautiful body for the men around him. Vegeta took another sip of the sake as they moved, circling him like a pack a wolves coming in for the kill, licking their lips and fingering their weapons. Vegeta chuckled and spread his legs, eager for some more bliss.

Bachelor parties were so much fun.

This was shorter than I anticipated but I'm pretty content. Having more than one seme still scares me a bit so I think I held back on the sex because of that.

And yes I made Piccolo black. I've always pictured him as a black man if he was going to be human. Don't know why, I just do.

All in all this is an introduction piece to the inspiration Julesie gave me, making Vegeta a kind of Jack-of-all-trades guy catering to a variety of fetishes. There will definitely be more of this in the future. I'm seeing follow up sessions with Yamcha, and Goku and Piccolo. Yummy.