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CHAPTER 1—Ono-dono:

Yamamoto leaned on his staff, staring at the other taichous and their second-in-commands through his heavy eyebrows. He nodded to himself. They were all present for once. This was good for he had important news to relay to them. Hopefully, there would be no interruptions. He sighed. "Thanks to Kuchiki-taichou and Abarai-fukutaichou, the traitor Kuchiki Rukia has been apprehended. Her crime is treason. She has given her shinigami powers to a mere human."

There was a slight murmur among the gathered shinigami. Yamamoto waited before holding his hand up. They quieted down. He continued.

"The execution will be in—!"

There was a ruckus outside. Complaints of guards from his squad penetrated through the door. He had told them stand outside incase anyone tried to enter. Yamamoto decided to ignore the noise, hoping that they could deal with it.

"The execution will be in-!"

The door slammed open in the middle of his statement.

"Who dare interrupts this meeting?"

A woman stood in the door way, out of breath. Apparently, she had been running the whole way here. She started to make her way in, her arms swinging at her sides. "Third seat of Squad Ten, Ono Midori. I need a word with my taichou."

Toushirou stared at the blonde female. Out of all the times. "Do you think this is an appropriate time, Ono?"

The girl quirked an eyebrow. "Was that an honest question, Hitsugaya?"

"It's Hitsugaya-taicho!"

Yamamoto interrupted. "Leave now before you are punish for your insubordination."

"But—!" Midori's brown eyes made contact with the old man. Suddenly she was under extreme amounts of spiritual pressure. Is this guy for real? She thought, finding that she was incapable of movement. Just by mere eye contact? Am I the only one that feels it? Suddenly, a hand came and rested on her shoulder. Midori looked up and saw Kyouraku Shunsui of Squad Eight.

Kyouraku grinned. "I'll escort Ono-dono out of here."

Soi Fong folded her arms. "Surely the girl has legs. She could walk her own self out."

Kyouraku waved the fact aside. "No need to worry. Nanao can fill me in later on what I miss." Kyouraku's grip became firm as he led Midori out the door. "Come on." He eyed the unconscious guards on the floor on their way out. I hope they get up before Old Man Yamamoto sees them, he thought as he closed the door.

"One of these days you're going to get into serious trouble," Kyouraku said, grasping the brim of his hat and bringing it lower. "And I won't be able to get you out of it."

Midori sighed. "I know, Kyouraku. But once I'm a captain—!"

Kyouraku chuckled at her foolish aspiration. "How's that going to happen? There are only three ways to become a captain. You can take a series of tests and as everyone knows, you hate any type of test and prefer doing things spontaneously. So that leads to your second option: to kill a captain with over 200 witnesses. I'll admit that you are stronger than most of the lieutenants but no way in hell can you defeat a captain. So that leaves only one choice: six captains' nominations and four agreeing. And as far as I'm concern," he added with a smirk, "they all practically can't stand your arrogance."

Midori twitched at the reminder. Did he have to say everything flat out? He could have been easier on the news, not squashing her only goal in this place. It was the only thing that drove her in the Gotei 13; to become a captain and rub it in the others' faces.

Midori stretched her arms above her head and shrugged off the numbing fact. "You could be wrong though. You can't be sure how everything will turn out."

Kyouraku patted the blonde on the head and walked his separate way. "I can be sure that you and your captain's conversation won't be well."

Midori huffed at the idea. I forgot about that.

"As your taichou, you should give me respect!" Hitsugaya stated, reprimanding his third seat. The meeting was over and he had returned to his office to do paperwork. However, not before he had a good word with his third seat. Midori was sitting across from him, pushing back on her chair. Toushirou continued, ignoring that she had almost fallen backward.

"And not only me, but every superior officer in the Gotei 13! You're the walking disgrace of Squad Ten! Are you even listening?"

Midori looked up at the white-haired shorty. "Hai." Her voice so full of disinterest, she turned away and her brown eyes returned to the floor. Her fingers went to her hair and twirled the ends of a section that she had dyed green. She had done it when she had been put on Squad Seven. That had been a long time ago. It was only last year when they had forced her to work under Hitsugaya. How miserable that transfer had been.

Midori looked up, seeing the look on her taichou's face. "Are you done already?"

Toushirou smacked his forehead. "Why did I end up with you on my squad? You use to be on Squad Seven with Komamura. You followed his orders."

She stopped rocking the chair. "Only because he wasn't some kid."


The door opened and Matsumoto Rangiku entered the room. "Hello, Taichou. Hm?" Her blue eyes settled on the blonde woman in front of her. "I swear, every time I come to this office, you're always in here for something Midori-chan."

Taking that as her cue, the blonde stood and walked passed Rangiku. "I'm stepping out for a while."

Hitsugaya stood. "I'm not done talking to you, Ono! Ono!"

Midori slammed the door and sprinted down the hallway. The moment she was outside, she flashstepped. She didn't know where she was going but she wanted to get away and clear her head, hopefully seeing the long term consequences of her actions somewhere down the line.

She looked around and realized that she was on the roof of Squad Eleven headquarters. She hadn't been here for a while. She never had a reason to after she left the squad and got sent to Kyouraku's. That, too, was so long ago. She smiled at the memory. Kyouraku was the only the captain that tried to understand her and that was why she probably gave him the most respect out of all the taichous. He was also one of the few majority who tried to accomplish the feat. With that thought, her mind went to Hisagi. He was the first, although it wasn't right away. She never was on good terms with people right away.


"You can't talk to her like that!"

Midori found herself yelling. Not too long ago, a sixth-year student bumped into her friend, Aya. He had yelled at her as if she had walked into him. Sure, Aya looked frail and weak and her vision wasn't that great and was the typical person to get picked on but no one should talk to anyone like that and Aya was not the exception to that rule.

The guy folded his arms, clearly not backing down from the fifth-year. "I don't know who you are, blondie, but mind your damn business! Brats like you should respect your elders."

Midori took a step forward and glared into his dark eyes. "In my opinion, we're equals until the day I kick your ass around."

Aya saw the guy's friends moving in. Eagerly, she tugged on Midori's sleeve. "Midori-chan, you don't have to do this. And . . . maybe . . . he's right. I mean, they are older and we should be more respectful."

The guy smirked, his thick eyebrows rising out of mockery. "That's right," he told Aya before turning toward Midori. "You should listen to your friend here. She knows what she's talking about."

Midori pulled out her sword.

The sixth-year placed his hands on the hilt of his own. "Are you seriously going to fight me?"

Midori could feel a crowd gathering. She couldn't call it quits now. Not with everyone watching so intently. And she did not want to look like a coward in front of everyone, especially after talking all that smack. So she smirked to hide whatever apprehensions she was having. Before she could make a remark, someone interrupted.

"What's going on?" Midori thought it was an instructor but then she saw it was another sixth-year making his way through the crowd. However, judging by the murmurs amongst the crowd and the way it dispersed just to let him through, he had to be very important. Midori's brown eyes landed on the tattoo on his cheek. '69', she thought with a grin. I wonder what that means.

The guy she had been arguing with gave his attention to the new arrival. "Hisagi, I got this under control. I'm just teaching this fifth-year about giving respect to her superiors. It just taking a while to get through her thick skull."

Midori sighed when Hisagi eyed her unsheathed sword. Figuring that glare was a good enough hint, she slowly put it away. Then she started to walk away, no longer wanting to be bothered with the upperclassmen. "I'll make this easier on myself and just go."

Hisagi narrowed his eyes. "It's against the rules to unsheathe your weapon in the hallways, especially against another student."

Midori stopped. "I don't think it's up to you to tell me the rules here." Before she could fire another comment, Aya grabbed her sleeve and removed the woman from the situation.

"Midori-chan, let's go before you cause a scene," Aya whispered.

"You can't keep doing this," Aya said softly. The two were outside under one of the sakura trees. It was almost bare now because of the approaching winter. Aya rubbed her arms, feeling a bit chilly. Her dark eyes didn't leave Midori. "One of these days you'll get in trouble and you know I can't help you now as it is."

Midori, whose gaze had been on the overhead tree branches, looked at Aya. "I don't think such a day can happen."

"But supposing you had really gotten into a fight with Hisagi Shuuhei?"

"Who's that?"

"The one with that tattoo."

Midori giggled. "I remember now. With a tattoo like that, I bet he's great in bed."

Aya flushed red. "He's must be a great fighter," she said, with hopes to get her friend's mind out of the gutter. "He's already a seated officer of the Gotei 13. Well, after he graduates this year."

Midori thought for a while before speaking. "Don't worry; he's too by-the-book for me. But that '69' is telling me something else."

Aya groaned. "Why must you be so perverted?"

Midori smirked. It wasn't entirely her fault. She just knew that '69' had other meanings as well, besides being a number between '68' and '70'. And on top of that, the guy who decided to don such a tattoo was good-looking. However, she had to draw the lines and set the boundaries for herself. Hisagi was just another guy she didn't want to bother with. Despite all the love she could offer him, if she ever wanted to, in the end, he would be too good for her.


Midori was surprised that she had fallen asleep. She sat up and sighed. I have to apologize to Hitsugaya when I get back, she thought randomly as if that dream had made her realized her multiple errors during the course of the day. Her brown eyes looked up at the sky and assumed, based on where the sun was, that it must be around three or four o'clock. A tiny voice reached her ears and she looked down from the roof.

"See, Kenny! Someone is up there! They just moved!"

Before she could even avoid the foreseen confrontation, Zaraki Kenpachi was in front of her, the pink-haired girl on his shoulders.

Yachiru waved. "Hello, Ono-dono!"

Yep, the creator of her nickname had spoken.

Kenpachi grinned. "Coming here to Squad Eleven Headquarters unannounced, you must be running from something."

Midori brushed off the comment and stood. "Actually, I was wondering if you're up for a sparring match."

Kenpachi looked at her as if it was the most idiotic thing he had ever heard. Suddenly he grinned maniacally. "Did you forget your dealing with the taichou of Squad Eleven, Ono?"

Suddenly, Midori could feel his reiatsu pouring out of the man's massive body. What the hell, she thought as Yachiru hop off his shoulder and Zaraki unsheathed his zanpakutou.

"I hope you're not going to disappoint me, Midori!" The man roared as he raised his Zanpakutou. "I've been itching for a good fight all day!"

Midori fumbled to unsheathe her own zanpakutou. What did I get myself into?

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