Title The Protection Of Darkness
Author Devylish
Pairing DoVe Veronica/Lamb
Chapter 4 Epilogue
Words 824
Rating R maybe?
Spoilers None
AN Unbeta'd
AN2 Chapter one was a response to the Gogetem Bobcat LJ prompt to write a story with our characters Lost and in the dark. This chapter is just an extension of the theme. I think I said there would be 3 chapters… it's now officially a 3 chapter with a Missing scene and an Epilogue HAHA!!

"It's not like you really need to introduce me to him. I mean, he knows me, Mars." Her last name was a habit he didn't think he would ever grow out of. Just like she would, seemingly, never grow out of calling him Lamb. Mars fit her. To a T. Although, he did use 'Veronica' when he was laying down the law. You're taking the taser with you Veronica and that's final! He also called her 'Veronica' when she was being soft and vulnerable around him; during the times when she was willingly allowing him to protect her – to hold her close against the ravages of day and night.

"He knows you as Deputy Lamb – twit in training. And as Sheriff Lamb – certified pain in the ass. I want him to know you as Don Lamb, the guy who holds doors open for me, and who buys me stupid 'I've been thinking about you' gifts for no reason." She rubbed her thumb along the back of Lamb's hand. "And I want him to know you as the man who holds me in his arms every night."

"I think your dad would be fine without know that last part."

"Too bad! That's MY favorite part of the Don Lamb-deal." She paused, "You know, I never really thought you were such a chicken, babe."

"I'm not a chicken. I'm just wise. I know your dad is going to want to kick my ass for looking your direction, much less for pointing my cock in your direction.

Veronica laughed, "My dad and I are just going to have to agree to disagree on this point, cuz, I'm also rather fond of the 'dick' part of the Don Lamb-deal." She put his hand on his thigh; semi soothingly, semi seductively.

"So I'd noticed," he read the faint look in her eyes and captured her hand, preventing it from wandering north.

"No way, Mars. No way I'm going into your dad's with a hard on."

"You're no fun."

"That's NOT what you said last night."

"Last night you were fun!"

"I'll be fun again after dinner; when we get back home…. If your dad hasn't shot my dick off."

Home. His apartment had become a home for them. One month into… into whatever this thing between them was, she'd cleaned out and reorganized his closet. He'd slid open the door one night and found little t-shirts, skirts, jeans and heels residing in one half of his closet. He'd been blown away. Quietly, elatedly, and completely blown away.

They were both pretty quiet about the 'thing' between them.

Nothing was actually ever said by either of them regarding the fact that Veronica and he were living together, or were that they most definitely a couple.

That's part of the reason why her invitation to eat at her dad's was such a big event. Veronica and Don, out of the closet. Out of the dark and into the light. Right out there in full view of her dad the whole world. Were they ready?

As if reading his mind, Veronica squeezed his hand then said lightly, "We need to do this. We can do this. We're wearing our big girl and big boy pants today."

"Do we really have to do this?"

"Dad's spent two month's progressively loudly mumbling about how much he misses doing my laundry." She raised a brow. "It's his way of telling me he misses me. He's using the Mars' subtlety to hint that he wants to know 'why' I'm not sleeping in my own bed."

"Can't we just leave him a note? Then move to Oregon, or Nevada. Or someplace NOT within sighting distance of his guns?"

Life for Veronica and Lamb would never be easy. He would always try and protect her more than she wanted to be protected. And she would always leap without looking. He would always know her mind was quicker and more analytical than his. And she would always know he was stronger than her; physically stronger – a safety zone she never knew she needed. He would always know she was more fragile than she let on. While she would always know he was softer than he let on.

They would always know.

They'd probably always known.

That knowledge didn't make 'them' easier. It made them harder. BUT, the knowledge also made 'them' better. Stronger. More complete. Ignoring it hadn't worked. And it would never work again. So Mars and Lamb had finally given in. Given in to the need they had to have one another in their lives. Folding their arms around one another. Keeping one another safe and whole.

"Tell you what, Lamb," Veronica opened her car door. "I'll protect you if you protect me?"

As sunlight poured though the open door, haloing Veronica's face, Lamb took a deep breath. "Nice to know you need me, Mars." He opened his own car door and followed Veronica into the daylight.