Disclaimer : All characters and places belong to Naoko Takeuchi, ©1992-1995.

A/N: Just a quick drabble about Sailor Stars's redeemed antagonist, Sailor Galaxia. Concrit is welcomed and appreciated.


"Kenosis, (n); the doctrine that Christ relinquished His divine attributes so as to experience human suffering."

Universe, Universe, where do you go? Universe, Universe, where do you come from?

Have you ever seen so many stars in your life? Without walls or ceilings or boundaries there is nothing to hold them back. Look at how vast the Universe is! Isn't it something?

There are many planets, many moons, and many systems to go before you sleep. There are fathers, mothers, and children waiting to be awoken from their heavy slumber. They wait for the hour when they open their eyes and see that evil lurks no more. Though evil cannot truly be vanquished, they know that is gone, far far away to the Center of Creation where Chaos lies.

And therein, up in the sky, is their angel and savior.

You know it is not a punishment the Moon Princess bestowed upon you, but rather she paved you a path of redemption. For you who carried the burden of the Universe and all that infringed on love and justice, the risk to expel your Star Seed was tantamount.

The pain and anguish that which you sense is blinding, all-consuming. This was what you done. This was what Chaos wrought upon your hands. But it is not your fault. It was not sin but virtue that gave you the chance to carry out your last act of free will. For even good intentions can bear a terrible price.

But let not tears weigh you down. Let not doubt or fear trouble you. You have a journey to partake, and it has only just begun.