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Chapter One

Two young men in two different parts of the world are dealing with the same emotional problems and what each does will shape the rest of their lives. These two young men are living in the same fear of what will happen to them if they don't do the best and then in a split second they both realize that if what their fathers want from them isn't what they want and they decide to break away from their father's influence and this is want happens...

In New York:

Joseph Wheeler is the son of Frank Wheeler who is a hard working single father whom everyone thinks is the best man in the world, but what they don't know is that he is a miserable son-of-a-bitch who if his son doesn't measure up to his expectations gets the living hell beat out of him. It gets so bad that one day Joseph is beaten so badly that he can barely get out of bed and get dressed for school.

He finally gets cleaned up and walks to school where he is met by some of his so called friends who only hang out with him because his father has money and that means that they get free food and when he's out of town free booze. Joseph walks into school and as he gently sits down he has to stop screaming out in pain when the one really true friend he has, Tristan Taylor notices his pain and he gets him out of there and to the bathroom where Joseph tells him what's been happening and Tristan tells him "If you don't get the hell away from here he'll kill you and no one will charge him because he's like what people say is the father of the year."

The next thing that happens is that Joseph and Tristan walks out of school and they sneak back into Joseph's house and he packs a bag and gets the money that he's saved which is a little over one million dollars and then he and Tristan leave and they go to the bank and he puts the money in an account and keeps out enough to get out of town. Tristan then drives Joseph to the airport and he gets a ticket to a little town in Japan and as Tristan sees him off Joseph leaves town in hopes of finding another life one that will be better then the one he just left.

In Domino, Japan:

Seto Kaiba, along with his younger brother Mokuba are the adoptive sons of a man by the name of Gozaburo. This man is a very brilliant man who is highly competitive and he has adopted Seto so that he could groom him to take over the business after he retires.

Gozaburo started making Seto study almost continually for hours and if he stopped or even complained he would yell at him and then it escalated into him getting physical with Seto. This went on for years and then one day when it seemed like Seto was at his breaking point, Gozaburo said "If you don't apply yourself then I guess I'll have to see what Mokuba is made of."

That was the breaking point and so in a fit of rage Seto struck back and then things got really out of hand and Gozaburo hit Seto with his fist and sent him into the wall and nearly killed him. Seto was rushed to the hospital and was unconscious for days and then when he came to he decided that it was over and he'd find a way to get him and Mokuba out of that hell hole.

When Seto was released from the hospital, Gozaburo's driver a man by the name of Roland came and picked Seto up and took him home. Roland pushed the wheel chair to the limo and as he helped Seto to stand he said "I'm sorry that I wasn't there to stop this, if you ever need my help just ask because that man has to be stopped before he kills either you or little Mokuba." Seto had tears running down his face and he said "Thank you."

When the limo pulled up outside the Manor, the door opened up and Mokuba ran down the steps and he was so happy to see his brother and before he could jump on Seto, Roland picked him up and he said "Your brother needs to rest and get this strength back so you'll have to be careful."

Mokuba smiled and he said "Okay, I'll be careful." They went inside and Seto was told that Gozaburo was out of the country on business and so he and his brother got to know each other better and when that bastard came back Seto promised himself that he'd never hit or yell at him or Mokie ever again even if it mean he kills him.

Joey arrived in Domino and as he walked off the plane he felt free for the first time in his life and he vowed never to ever feel that fear ever again. He flagged down an taxi and said "Take me to the nearest hotel please." As he walked into the lobby he found himself in a different world and as he signed the register he went to the room and as he sat down on the bed he knew that today was the first day of his life and he was going to just fine.

Gozaburo did come home and the first thing he did was start yelling and trying to bully Seto and well he just snapped and he said "No more, you'll never do that to me ever again."

Gozaburo just laughed and then he swung his fist at Seto but he missed and that was the straw that broke the camels back, Seto lost it and he went to the desk and took out the gun that was there and he pointed it and he shot Gozaburo in the chest three times.

Gozaburo fell to the floor and Roland burst into the room and he took the gun from Seto and he got him out of the room and then he called in a few favors and he had Gozaburo's body disposed of and no one ever knew what happened. Gozaburo Kaiba died when his plane crashed into the ocean.

Joseph then called a friend that Tristan knew and when the phone was answered a man's voice said "Game Shop, may I help you?"

Joseph said "My name is Joey and I'm a friend of Tristan and well I've just moved here and he said that I should look up his friend Yugi if I needed some help, well I need to find a job and I wondered if he might know where I can find one?"

Solomon Motou then smiled when the caller mentioned Tristan and he said "Why don't you come to the Game Shop and you can talk to Yugi." He gave Joey the address and then the line went dead. Joey sat there and he prayed that nothing would ruin his chance for happiness. Joey called for a taxi and when it came he gave the driver the address for the Game Shop.

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