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Chapter Twelve

When they all got back to the Manor, it was almost like some scene in a movie where everyone piled out of the vehicles and they all ran inside and there was total chaos.

When the door opened and they all got inside, Roland said "Everything is outside in the back, so why don't all of you except for Solomon go out there and see if you can get things together while the adults go to the kitchen and see about getting the food together."

Seto, Jacob and the others went out to the back yard and there just like Roland said was everything including all the tools that they'd need to put the tables, tents and chairs together. Bakura smiled and then he said "Well lets get this show on the road."

Bakura walked over to where the chairs were and then he looked at Ryou and he said "Can you, Malik and Yugi put these together?"

Ryou looked at Yugi and Malik and they nodded that they could, and Ryou said "Yes we can." So then Bakura gave them the screw drives and said "Follow the instructions and you'll do just fine."

Yami and Marik looked at the tents and they nodded to each other and then they started unrolling the tents and then Yami said "Seto could you and Jacob come here and help us get the tarps attached to the poles and then we need to stand the center pole up first and then we can get the other poles to stand up and get them fastened together."

Bakura then went over and he helped Yami and Marik get the center pole up and when they got in the hole that they dug and when it was standing on its own, then Seto and Jacob helped get the tarps attached to the other poles and then all of them started standing up then poles and attaching them to the center pole and when they were done the huge tent was up and secure.

Ryou, Yugi and Malik got all the chairs assembled and they smiled brightly as they stood back and admired how good they were.

Then Bakura said "Alright, lets all get started on assembling the tables and maybe we can get them done before the old people inside can get the food ready." Everyone started laughing as they worked on getting the tables assembled.

By the time everything was ready, Greta came outside and she smiled as she saw what wonderful jobs that they did and she clapped her hands and said "Who wants some of my lemonade?"

Everyone shout "We do!"

So she went inside and when she came out she had two big pitchers and enough glasses for everyone and as she passed out the glasses she went around and poured everyone a glass of ice cold lemonade and as they drank them she said "You all did a great job and this party is going to be the best one we've ever had here."

Roland and Solomon had been watching as Seto, Jacob and the other started working to get things built and Solomon said "This really is going to be a day of celebration because not only is Jacob free from the grasp of his father, but all of them have come together to support one another and it makes me so very proud of them."

Roland looked at his old friend and he said "Me to old friend me too."

Greta came back inside and she said "Well lets get this food outside and you two can get the steaks, hamburgers and hot dogs cooking. We have a lot of very hungry kids who have worked their butts off so that we can have this special celebration."

And that's exactly what it was, a celebration of life and friendship and it would be a day that no one would ever forget.


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