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Hello everybody and welcome to the first chapter of my Harry Potter story. I hope that everyone enjoys it as much as my Naruto story so please let me know how you feel about it.

Harry Potter stories were the first stories that I read on and I have read tons of them. From the moment I started reading Harry Potter fanfiction I was hooked and couldn't stop reading. Just like with Naruto fanfiction I have read some amazing stories and some less amazing but every story was worth the time to check out. Now however I decided to write my own story to contribute to the community so I hope I did a good job on it.

I would like to say that every idea in this story is my own but that would be lying. Like I said I have read to many stories and there are bound to be idea's and things that already have been done. Therefore I would like to say that any resemblance to another story is purely coincidence. If someone thinks that I stole their idea's than please PM me and I will give you credit for it if your claim is true. I wouldn't want to anger my fellow writers who inspired me so much.

Okay, enough talking let's get to the chapter. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: The letter from the future

Nine year old Harry Potter was mad, no scratch that he was furious. It was his birthday today and like every year for so far as he could remember none of his relatives made any notion of remembering his birthday. Briefly he wondered why he considered them relatives because they sure didn't treat him like one. They made him do the cleaning, cooking and he always had to do lots of chores while Dudley never had to do anything around the house.

The thought of Dudley doing chores make Harry smile a little. There was no way that Dudley would do chores, he would throw a tantrum, yell, scream and if that didn't work he would use the fake tears he was able to use so easily. Aunt Petunia was unable to resist her little Dudley when he cried and Dudley knew it all too well so when things didn't go his way he wailed and wailed until his parents indulged him. Two weeks ago it had been Dudley's birthday and he got a mountain of presents but Dudley wasn't happy with it because he didn't get the Playstation he so badly wanted. When he asked his dad why he didn't get one Vernon replied that he already got 20 presents so the Playstation would be too expensive to buy as well. Hearing that Dudley turned on the tears and started crying while yelling that he didn't get the present he really wanted. After 10 minutes of playing pure brilliant comedy both his parent promised that they would go out and buy the Playstation and up to 5 games he wanted. After that Dudley calmed down and asked for breakfast.

Harry however never got any presents from his aunt and uncle, they didn't even wish him a good birthday. They just ignored him and give him the chores he had to do that day. So we find young Harry inside his cupboard (which was his room by the way) thinking about how unfair life was. He really didn't like being with his relatives but since he was an orphan he didn't have any choice in the matter. He would have to wait until he was of age before he could leave this house and life behind him. Besides his uncle had already warned him that the day he turned eighteen was the day he moved out of the house, Harry was fine with that the sooner the better he thought.

Harry laid on his cot just looking at the ceiling of his so called bedroom when something landed straight on his face. Surprised Harry jumped up and banged his head against the shelf just above him. Cursing and rubbing his head he looked at what had fallen on his head. It seemed to be a very thick envelope made out of really weird material. He picked it up and examined it from close by. When he turned the envelope over he saw a strange looking picture and the words 'Put some blood on me' with an arrow pointing towards the picture. Strangely Harry felt that he needed to do just that, he couldn't explain it but he sort of knew that this was a very important letter. He knew somehow that this letter would change his entire life, hopefully it would change it for the better but he would soon find out. Cutting his finger on a sharp metal point that he found on the underside of his bed he quickly wiped some blood on the picture. As soon as he did that the letter seemed to glow a brilliant white and caused him to drop the letter to put his hand in front of his eyes. When the light was gone he almost yelled but managed not to since that would alert his relatives. In front of him stood a young man dressed in funny clothes and he looked at Harry with concern and love.

"Hello Harry, Happy Birthday. If I'm right then you are now nine years old." The man said. Harry nodded since he couldn't talk since he was so shocked at what had happened.

"I imagine that you have a lot of questions but unfortunately I can't answer them. Not because I don't want to but because I can't hear you. This is just a hologram sealed into this letter but that's not important. Listen very well Harry, this is extremely important. My name is Harry Potter, that's right I'm you but from the future. Now I know this may sound unbelievable but it's true, Harry you are a very special person. You are a wizard Harry, trust me when I say that magic does exist but it's hidden from normal people like our relatives." Here the man snorted at the word relatives.

Nine year old Harry couldn't believe what he just heard. His future self had send a letter to him. Not only that he also told him that he was a wizard and that magic existed. This had to be some kind of joke or something but deep inside he felt that it was true.

"I know it seems unbelievable but it's true. Now I need you to promise me that won't repeat to anyone whatever I tell you. This is important Harry, promise me." The man said seriously. Young Harry just nodded showing he promised not to tell anyone.

"Good, first I will tell you something you always wanted to know. Your mom's name was Lily Potter, your dad's name was James Potter and they both loved you very much. Never doubt that Harry, one day you will understand why I know this but not yet." Harry from the future said. Nine year old Harry just stood there with tears running down his cheeks, he had always wondered who his parents were and if they loved him. Now he had the answer he had been looking for.

"The reason why I send this letter is that in the future you'll become a very strong wizard and you will have to fight a very strong Dark Lord. That's someone who uses his magic to do terrible things to people. The reason you will fight him is because it is your destiny to fight him and to defeat him as well. You won't be alone Harry, you will have wonderful friends who will help you fight every step of the way. Unfortunately while I managed to defeat the Dark Lord it cost me almost every friend I had, one by one they got killed by our enemies. But the most painful loss was the death of the only woman we ever loved, our wife. That's right Harry, you will have a wonderful wife who's smart, kind, beautiful and above all who loved us more than anyone in the whole world. You will meet her soon enough I promise." Future Harry said sadly.

To young Harry this seemed so amazing, he would become a strong wizard who will have to fight a very bad man. He would have many friends but they would be killed by this Dark Lord and even have a wonderful wife. Now that was something Harry only could dream about, he always wanted to have family and friends but most of all he wanted someone who he could love and who loved him above everybody else. Harry made a promise that he wouldn't let his friends and his future wife get hurt by this mad Dark Lord.

"If I know you as well I do, then you already decided to protect them from harm. Good, that's exactly why I send this letter. I can't tell you what is going to happen or who your wife and friends will be but what I can tell you is that you will have to study hard and train hard to become as strong as possible. In two years you will get a letter from a magical school where you will learn to do magic. This will be a wonderful place Harry, I want you to have fun and enjoy yourself. Make friends, pull pranks and stuff like that but also study hard and do your best in class. There will be times where things go bad and for that I'm sorry but sometimes you have to let things happen. Never forget that you have friends and that you're not alone. I have include a small box inside the letter all you have to do is put some blood on it and it will grow. Inside are some instructions and things you have to learn before your eleventh birthday. Stay strong Harry and have faith in yourself. Good luck." Future Harry said before disappearing.

Harry just stood there watching the empty space where his future self used to be. It all seemed so unbelievable but yet at the same time he knew that everything that just happened was the absolute truth. No matter how farfetched and weird it may be. He started to grin already thinking about how he would learn about magic, maybe he could use magic to get a little payback at his relatives. But then he remembered how his future self explained that a Dark Lord was a person who used his magic on people to do bad things. At once the thoughts of getting even with his relatives by using magic disappeared from his mind. No way would he do something like that, he didn't want to become a Dark Lord after all. He then went to pick up the letter and looked for the box. He found a really small box the size of a matchbox and quickly put some blood on it after he cut his finger again. The box started growing until it became the size of a big shoebox.

'Wow magic is great! I can't wait to learn how to do that.' Harry said in his mind. He opened the box and saw a letter with 'Read me first' written on it. He took the letter and sat on his bed so he could read it.

Hello Harry,

Bet you opened the box straight away? We always were curious weren't we?

Alright enough with the chatting and let's get to business shall we? Inside the box you will find several things and the instructions how to use them as well. These things will help you to become strong so please use them.

First item is a large amount of money, you will have to invest this money into several companies which are listed below. All you have to do is go to the bank and tell someone that you want to invest some money, they will take care of the rest. Off course, they would wonder how a nine year old got so much money so that's why I supplied you with a very useful little gadget. Inside you'll find a necklace that if you put it on will make them believe you're a thirty year old man. I included the necessary papers for you. The necklace will also insure that people don't ask too many questions or be suspicious about you. Please do not use the necklace too often or for other purposes. We don't want you getting to much attention after all. After you invest the money (don't worry, I made sure they're very good companies who will give you lots of money) you can later on use it to help you in the fight with the Dark Lord. You may wonder where money will help you but trust me when I say that money opens doors and possibility's that you will need. You can also have some money to spend as you please. Buy something you want just don't let our relatives see it.

When you did that, start reading some books on martial arts and fighting, they will help you get stronger. You don't have to become the best of the best just study them. I liked them very much when I started learning them. I would advice books on Aikido and Taekwondo since I learned those as well. The next thing you'll find are instructions to learn something called Occlumency. This will help you protect your mind because some people are able to read get inside your head and look at your secrets and memories. With these instructions you'll be able to master Occlumency before you get your letter to Hogwarts.

I know that you wanted to learn some magic already but that's impossible. Since you live amongst Muggles (people that can't use magic) its forbidden to do magic. Every witch or wizard that's underage (younger than 17) is forbidden to do magic as well except at Hogwarts. No worries about learning magic Harry when you get your letter from Hogwarts someone will pick you up and take you to a wizard town where you can buy all the stuff you'll need. When you get there look for books on battle magic, spells and curses they will come in handy later on. The last thing you'll will find is a book called 'Hogwarts, a history'. This is a book about the school and if you read it you'll have an idea how it looks like, read it Harry you'll like it I promise.

Well, the only thing left is to wish you good luck. I'm confident that you will make a very big difference and that the future will be much better thanks to you. Remember that you're not alone and protect those you love.

Ps. This letter will self-destruct after you have read it.

After reading the last line the letter just went up in flames causing Harry to let out a small yell from shock. 'Stupid future me, could have warned me.' Harry thought. He then looked inside the box and saw several packets of money neatly tied together. With trembling hands he grabbed a packet of money and saw that each packet was worth 5000 pounds. After shaking his head he started counting how many packets there were so he would get the total amount of money. He counted 10 packets in total making it to a total of 50 000 pounds. Harry couldn't believe what he was seeing, that was more money than that most people make in several years of working. On each packet he saw a name of the company he had to invest it in, some company had 2 or 3 packets while some had only one. He figured that he would go to the bank in the morning. He still decided to keep 1000 pound hidden in his cupboard in case he needed something like books and stuff.

He also found the necklace his future self had talked about, it seemed pretty ordinary to him but if it worked that was fine for him. After that he looked through the notes on the Occlumency but seeing as it was already late he would have to start on it tomorrow. He quickly hid the box under his bed knowing that none of his relatives ever came in here so it would be safe. After that he took of his glasses and went to sleep. The evening had been very tiring and he was getting very sleepy. Not two minutes after he went to bed Harry was asleep dreaming of witches and wizards.

The next morning Harry woke up from the noise his aunt made by banging on his cupboard door yelling at him to get up and start making breakfast. Harry groaned but got up anyway. After getting dressed he made his way over to the kitchen and started preparing breakfast for his relatives. Off course for many people this so called breakfast would be enough food for several days but to Dudley and Vernon this was just breakfast. 'no wonder they're so fat.' Harry thought looking over at Dudley. He was disgusted when he saw him eating like a pig who had been starved for days. After eating a piece of toast and clearing the table Harry was forced to do some chores which he did reluctantly. While he was doing that he was trying to find a way to get to the bank. Suddenly his aunt yelled at him to come inside, sighing he got up and went inside.

"Boy, here's a list of the things we need from the supermarket. While we go visit some friends you will do the shopping. No fooling around, do you hear me." Petunia screamed in his ear.

"Yes Aunt Petunia." Harry just answered. He was used to her screeching like a banshee anyway. But inside he couldn't be happier because no he had a way to get to the bank without his relatives knowing. He would wait until they left and then he would do the shopping after he came back from the bank. It was perfect he thought. He went back outside to finish his chores and waited for them to leave.

One hour later Harry was walking towards the bank feeling very nervous. He had the necklace on and he was worried that it wouldn't work or something. But when the employee said 'good afternoon sir' he guessed that the necklace worked just fine. He nodded a good afternoon as well and started talking about how he would like to invest a large amount of money into several companies. The girl who was attending him called for her superior since she wasn't authorized to handle investments. After hearing what Harry wanted to do the man asked Harry to step into his office so they could discuss business. Harry nodded and thanked the girl for her help and went inside the office.

"Welcome Sir, my name is Sebastian Hackwell and I'm responsible for investments here at our bank." Sebastian said introducing himself.

"Thank you Mr. Hackwell. My name is James Evans but please call me James." Harry said. He had to give the name that was written on his papers otherwise it could lead to more trouble than he needed.

"Very well James please call me Sebastian. Tell me, how I can help you?" Sebastian said eager to help a new client.

Harry proceeded to show Sebastian the name of the companies in which he wanted to invest and even when he was told that some companies were a bad investment Harry just shrugged and told that he saw this as a challenge and a hobby hoping he would get lucky. Harry off course knew that said companies would pay off nicely in about a year or two. Sebastian nodded and made the investments, after all who was he to tell what to do with his clients money. About two hours later Harry walked out the bank satisfied that he had succeeded this part of the plan as he started to call his instructions.

After visiting the bank Harry made his way over to the supermarket to do the shopping he had to do for his aunt. On his way home however his passed a large bookstore and figured he might as well get the books on martial arts now so he could start practicing in secret. He quickly went inside and asked the man at the counter where he could find the books he wanted. The man showed him a shelf filled with books on martial arts, fighting, self defense, weapons and much more. Harry just took books on Aikido and Taekwondo just like his future self had suggested and after looking at some pages in the books he instantly liked what he saw. He could hardly wait to start practicing, if he got good enough then maybe he could teach his cousin a lesson next time he got bullied. Although the punishment he would receive from his aunt and uncle made that idea less attractive. When he got home he saw that his relatives weren't home yet so he quickly put away the groceries and stored his books and his other things inside his cupboard. He had realized that once he was in his cupboard reading would be very difficult with only a small light so he had bought a flashlight that worked on batteries while in the supermarket, he wisely paid for it with his own money.

Later that night Harry was reading the instructions for learning Occlumency. Luckily for him his future self had written them in understandable words since he still was a nine year old, a smart one yes but still a nine year old. The instructions told him that he would first have to learn to meditate and relax before starting on building his defenses. He read what meditating just was and started to try it right away, surprisingly it didn't seem that hard and he found that he enjoyed it very much. The instructions said that he would have to meditate every morning and evening for about half an hour for the next two months so that he would learn how to do it instinctively. After that he would begin the next step of Occlumency. Harry sighed knowing that the next two years would be filled with studying Occlumency and martial arts as well as learning everything he deemed interesting in the muggle world. But he promised himself that he would do everything in his power to protect his future friends and more importantly his future wife.

Well, how was it? Like I said some idea's might already been done but I hope that I can provide you with a story that is worth your time. Please let me know how I did on this first chapter.

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