Chapter 1


Atmosia was in danger, again. The fog of war covered the terra. You couldn't see anything, but blood, smoke and weapons. But the friendship and the love always save us. The Storm Hawks are an example of friendship; standing together and fighting for their freedom. But one person was easier to see than the others: a beautiful, dark-skinned young woman, Piper. Her bright, orange eyes shined with emotion and joy: they won.

Dark Ace's blood began to boil when he saw the Talons falling at her feet. She was young, but strong and her smile was enthralling. He groaned. He sees this girl every day and he doesn't realize how beautiful she is. He looked around: he was alone, the all Talons lied on the ground, moaning in pain. Before he could control his thoughts, he turned his skimmer and he got back to Cyclonia, letting the Storm Hawks in confusion.

"Why is he leaving?" Aerrow said, looking at his navigator. She ran a hand through her midnight-blue hair.

"I don't know." she said.

"Never mind! We won!" Finn said, smiling. Aerrow rubbed his forehead, looking very confused.

"Let's go." he said, flying towards the Condor.


The Cyclonian warrior landed on his home terra. He parked his Switchblade in the hangar and he tiptoed towards his room. He was as confused as Aerrow. He didn't know what has happened to him, he couldn't control his mind. He closed his crimson eyes for a second when he finally arrived in front of his room. Opening the door, he treaded to his bed and he sat down on it, rubbing his forehead.

'I think I begin to go mad, acting without rationality.'

He stood up and he slammed his fist against the wall, making his whole arm hurt. Suddenly, he remembered: 'Piper!' His body trembled with excitement; his mind went crazy, spinning out of control. He walked almost blindly towards his bathroom and groped for the tap. He took his clothes off, letting the hot water to flow down on his body. His ruby eyes sparkled when the blue-head navigator appeared in his mind again. He couldn't believe that he survived without her all this time. Sighed deeply, he leaned against the wall. "Piper will be mine."


The young navigator closed the door. She has heard a lot of stupid explanations about Dark Ace's behavior and she had a terrible headache. She sat down on a chair and looked for an aspirin. "I think Aerrow is right. It's something wrong...There you are!" She found the pastille and swallowed it with some water. "I better get some sleep." She took off her armor and lied down on the bed. Covering her with the blanket, she could hear Aerrow and Finn passing in front of her door, still arguing. The dark-skinned girl closed her amber eyes, grinning. "Boys."



The Cyclonian warrior groaned and jumped from his bed. The nightmare was fresh in his mind: a girl, a boy, and then a fire. It started pleasant and finished awful. He blinked and looked around. The room was dark, but he could see the clock: 11:30. He frowned. He wasn't tired and he couldn't sleep. He stood up and left the room, walking on the corridor. He still saw that girl from his dream: dark-skinned, blue hair, orange eyes. Such a beautiful girl. Suddenly, he found himself in the hangar, but he still couldn't control his mind. He took off with his skimmer, with only one thought in his mind: Piper.


Everyone slept on the Condor, so they couldn't hear the skimmer landing in the hangar. A bronze skimmer, with red and sharp wings. The visitor treaded carefully on the halls, looking for traps. "That stupid Merb can do anything to kill the intruders." he thought. He was cagy, but...BANG...a huge frying pan fell from a shelf in front of him.

It didn't hit him, but it made a terrible noise. "Shit!" he cursed silently and began to run, hiding behind a closet. He pricked up his ears. Silence. "Good!"

After half an hour of groping on the Condor, he finally found what he was looking for. A door which had some words painted on it: "Piper's lab".

He silently opened the door. The girl slept. He didn't want to wake her, but his mind screams and his desire to taste her was too strong. He put his hand on her warm cheek. The girl started.

"What..." but she couldn't continue. Dark Ace grabbed her and pinned her into the wall. The terror from her tangerine eyes made him want her more than ever. She wanted to scream but he stopped her, pressing his lips against her soft ones. The taste of her mouth was amazing. He ran his hands on her slender body, wanting nothing more but rip those clothes.

Scared, Piper tried to escape, but he was really strong. She could do only one thing: punch him hardly into the stomach. He quickly retraced himself from her, making a big mistake. She screamed loudly, waking up the whole Condor. He left the room, running on the halls. He heard the others' voices: "It came from Piper's room". Seeing a shadow, he stopped. It was the sharpshooter, with a crossbow in his hand. Dark Ace held his breath when the blonde passed close to him.

"I don't find anything, Aerrow." he yelled. "I think Piper had a nightmare."

The Cyclonian warrior groaned annoyed when Aerrow came next to Finn.

"Are you sure?" the red-haired asked.

"Yes." the other replied. "I looked everywhere."

"Okay. Let's go!"

The intruder watched them leaving. "Thank goodness!" When he entered the hangar, he felt himself free. He took off, leaving the Condor in the darkness.


The sun rose above the Condor. The whole squadron was in the main deck.

"It doesn't make sense, Piper." Aerrow said. "Dark Ace, here!"

"I don't lie!" Piper snapped. "He was here, and he..."

"But I looked everywhere." Finn said, slamming his crossbow against the table. "I didn't find him."

Aerrow scowled. In fact, he didn't want to believe this. He loved Piper, and the image of Dark Ace kissing Piper drives him mad. He looked straight into her orange eyes.

"Okay, he was here, but he escaped. How?" he said, glaring at Finn. The sniper rolled his ocean eyes.

"I was alone and..." "Junko was searching too." Aerrow completed.

"Fine, I was with Junko, but I search in the left wing and he search in the right wing. I didn't find anything, he didn't find anything, so..."

"Did you look in the hangar?" Aerrow asked. Finn looked at Junko, Junko at Finn.

"Nope!" they said. Aerrow slapped his forehead.

"Ummm...I don't want to interrupt your conversation, but we are under attack." Stork said, pointing at some skimmers. The alarm rang and the red emergency light flashed. Quickly, Finn took a binocular and looked at them.

"Cyclonians." he said. "and Dark Ace is with them."

Piper looked at Aerrow. He frowned. "Let's go! Piper, you should stay here." She nodded. The boys ran to the hangar. Piper sighed. "Be careful, Aerrow!" she whispered.


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