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Ring of Death

Many words could have been applied to nineteen-year-old Davis Motomiya, whether they had been compliments or complaints. One word that was always associated with the young goggle-head though, was persistent.

The young man bared his teeth viciously, trudging through the muddy terrain with determination so strong that it seemed like nobody would get in his way or stop him from achieving his goal this time. He bit down on his lip, shooting a glare towards a shadow that had appeared on the floor. It was evidently muscular and broad across the chest; he could tell just by looking at that dark area on the floor, and judging by previous experience with the things that owned the shadows, he would need to exercise extreme care.

Thankfully he was not alone in his mission; Veemon stood beside him, his own eyes narrowed and his own teeth clenched.

"What do we do now, Davis?"

Davis loosened his jaw slightly, and found himself looking at the floor in what appeared to be deep confusion, "I don't know! We can't just slam dunk it in there, remember last time?"

Veemon nodded in agreement, "So… we'll have to hide?"

Davis shrugged in response, "It'll be easier doin' it from behind a hiding place I guess."

With a final nod towards his partner, the two slid up behind a wall, shooting glances out at their enemy, who had clearly noticed their position and had begun to charge towards them, attacks blazing across the scene. Davis once again gritted his teeth, and with a mild smirk, he nodded towards Veemon, "Let's do it, buddy!"

The two pulled themselves out of their hiding place briefly, aimed their weapons and…


"Wha?" Davis gawked, "The stupid thing froze again!"

"Um… Davis…" Veemon began, a nervous expression beginning to cloud his face.

Davis turned to him with an inevitable look of frustration upon his facial features, his brown eyes narrowed to slits, "What is it, Veemon?"

The blue Digimon found himself pointing towards the controller that had been placed on the floor by the boy, which had begun vibrating oddly, "Maybe a ghost has possessed it?"

A familiar look of horror crossed the boy's face, "Oh no… not again!"

He charged towards the lightly coloured console settled in the corner and fiercely pressed his thumb against the off-switch, shutting the video-game system off. Veemon's face had likewise adopted a look of fear, and he had proceeded to bite his fingers nervously, "Davis… is it?"

With a nervous sigh, the boy pressed the button again, glancing at it, biting his lip so hard it might have possibly bled. His hands were clenched in his lap, sweating profusely. Davis grabbed his jeans fiercely, digging his nails into his skin, "Come on… please don't do this again…"

Three red bars surrounded the button, flashing hard and fast. The television screen had turned blue, remaining dull and lifeless.


Okay, firstly, I cannot write humour to save my life, but it was fun trying to make an attempt. Secondly, I do have an Xbox 360, and I think it's a great console, but the whole 'Red Ring of Death' thing is very off-putting and probably annoying for those who have had it (my 360's about 18 months old and hasn't broken down yet, but to be fair, I don't play it excessively) so I wanted to write a little bit of a random one-shot, and Davis came to mind, since he'd probably react like this if it happened to him, or at least in my mind he would. I had Gears of War in mind as the game he was playing. I know Halo 3 and Grand Theft Auto IV are the big things on it now but it's not that big of a deal. The 'click' thing is there because I wanted to make what had happened evident. I wanted to write something funny, I tried, it probably wasn't that good, but I had fun writing it.