She kept her eyes on Sasuke and a hand on Hisoka's shoulder.

"Hisoka sweetie, could you please wait for us inside? Arashi-san's in the kitchen."

Obediently, Hisoka obliged, running into the house and shutting the door behind him, oblivious of the tension between both Sasuke and Sakura.

Sasuke let out a scathing, humorless laugh. "Are you serious?" He threw up his hands in the air angrily and turned around, pacing. Taking her silence as a cue to continue, he turned back to face her and yelled, "Damnit Sakura, I've been blaming myself about what happened to you for five years! Is this some kind of joke!? HISOKA!? Fucking name him SECRET! Is this funny to you!?"

"Shut UP Sasuke, you have no idea what I went through!" Sakura hissed back equally angry

"The village fucking thinks you died a hero! The truth is you betrayed the village! You betrayed your friends, your comrades, EVERYONE!" Sasuke snarled.

Sakura scoffed, "I wouldn't talk about betraying the village if I were you Sasuke"

"Don't you DARE compare what you did to what I did! I didn't LIE to everyone, PRETENDING TO BE DEAD!"

Sakura's eyes began to water, the guilt of her actions affecting her emotions. but holding it in, she managed to scream "Shit, do you think it was EASY-"

"From where I'm standing it looks like you've had it pretty damn good! Running away is cowardice! I don't think there's a name for running away, betraying your village, lying AND keeping a child from his parent!" Sasuke's eyes went red, and he clenched his fists to contain his rage.

"THAT'S RIGHT! From where you're standing! You never thought about what it was like in my shoes!"

"What, you didn't think I had the RIGHT to KNOW about my CHILD! Were you just going to wait until I ran into some kid with the SHARINGAN!? You're selfis-"

"DON'T call me SELFISH. You have no right! What was I going to do!? You're a bastard Sasuke! After you slept with me, you didn't even look me in the eye! I'm glad I could be of service you prick! How the hell was I going to tell you I was pregnant! I was seventeen, I was scared and the father of the baby only wanted the sex! Oh my god, it was HARD okay! I couldn't tell my parents especially after what you did to the village all those years ago, I couldn't tell you and I definitely could NOT tell Naruto or Kakashi!" The tears Sakura fought so hard to hold back were now streaming down your cheeks, she added quietly, "You told me once that you owed me everything, that I brought you back from all the darkness and guilt. You have a funny way of showing it, I'll give you that. Get the hell out of here Sasuke. You're not welcome." With that she turned around and reached for the door handle, but Sasuke grabbed her hand, jerking her body back to face him.

He looked into her eyes, now glittering with tears and pulled her into a rough embrace. "I'm sorry" he whispered into her ear, similarly to all those years ago when he had whispered "thank you" before knocking her unconscious and leaving their beloved village. Somehow, this time she knew he wouldn't repeat that. Sakura wrapped her arms around him and began sobbing. Sasuke rested his chin on her head and rubbed her back.

"I felt horrible after that night. I felt like I was taking advantage of the sympathy card – like you were obliged to be with me because you made a promise to me and because of my situation. God, I savored every moment Sakura, every time I looked at you I wanted you, but I felt guilty, I didn't want to feel like I was using you or taking advantage of you." He explained while still rubbing her back. The build up of all the emotions she had held back for the past five years were catching up to her.

"I didn't know what else to do" she whispered.

"It's okay, shhh," Sasuke comforted. She had made valid arguments. In a small town like Konaha, gossip traveled fast, especially when a particular previous-traitor-slash-last-Uchiha-slash-Orochimaru-apprentice-slash-killer-of-S-Class-Missingnin-Itachi-slash-Kyuubi's-best-friend and the hokage's most successful apprentice were involved. People spoke of Sakura even when there wasn't any gossip. She was friendly, dedicated to the hospital, invaluable in missions, medic or otherwise. In the years of Sasuke's absense, Sakura had become quite a topic of discussion in herself.

He could only imagine what she went through when she learnt of the pregnancy, the fear of dishonoring her family, raising a child on her own, how the child would be treated considering how she believed that he wouldn't be there, the general loss of respect for her, the gossip and the list could go on.

The door burst open and a man with Hisoka behind him emerged. The man was probably about twenty-five years of age, he had blue hair and the startings of a beard – just enough to see but not quite bush. He was quite broad around the shoulders but overall lean in shape.

"What the hell is going on here!?" the man demanded. His anger rising when he saw Sakura's tear stained cheeks. Removing herself from Sasuke's hold she grabbed both the man's hands, though he kept glowering at Sasuke.

"Arashi, it's ok, we had a few unresolved issues. Let's just go inside for dinner." Sakura suggested adding a smile. The said man looked down at her and nodded softly. She could see the protectiveness of her in his eyes, and led him inside.

"Kaa-san did he make you cry?" Hisoka demanded, glaring at Sasuke.

"No he didn't we were just remembering some things that happened back home" Sakura told him, smiling and patting her son's head, "I'm okay sweetie."

The interior of the cottage was predominately made of wood. The ceilings were higher than average and a staircase was located near the entrance. The floors were polished, and on the walls hung photos, and pictures. On the far left was a timber cabinet with glass doors. On it sat an antique clock with the old picture of Team Seven (taken when they were twelve) on the left and a more recent picture of Team Seven on the right, Sai and Yamato included.

Arashi walked beside Sakura, but still felt uncertain about the situation that they were now in. Queitly, he whispered to her, "Can we talk?" It was a fair request, and she squeezed his hand as affirmation to his plea.

Sasuke saw that the kitchen consisted of a small cooking area and wooden counters with marble finishes. Next to that was the dining area, which had a small table that could fit four. Sakura set another place at the table then excused herself and Arashi, "You two go ahead and start, Arashi and I will be back in a minute." Sasuke and Hisoka took their seats at the table and stared hungrily at the assortment of food that had been prepared. It seemed over the years, Sakura had honed her cooking skills by living by herself and her son.

Arashi and Sakura made their way to the lounge room where Arashi spoke first "What the hell is going on?" he repeated his first question. He was more concerned than angry.

"I don't know! Hisoka just came home with him" Sakura replied honestly. Taking a seat and joining Arashi.

"Is that man Hisoka's father?" Arashi asked, earning a shocked expression from Sakura, "Don't look so surprised. Their faces are identical, and their hair. Hisoka is his exact clone with the exception of your eyes!" he exclaimed.

Reflecting for a moment, Sakura found herself agreeing with his comment. "Yes, Sasuke is Hisoka's father." Sakura admitted

"What is he doing here!? I don't understand?" Arashi looked truly confused. Sakura just hugged him.

"Arashi, I need to sort some things out, is it okay if you go home? We'll reschedule for another night okay?" Sakura asked. Arashi looked down at her, uncertain, and Sakura added, "Just trust me, please?" and with that Arashi relented and agreed. He walked back into the dining area with Sakura and excused himself from Sasuke and Hisoka before making his leave.

In their absence, it appeared that Sasuke and Hisoka had bonded, they were talking to each other energetically and Sakura was genuinely happy to watch them interact with each other. Hisoka was begging his father to train him, and Sasuke was promising he would.

Sakura joined the two and ate with them. Initially, she felt awkward about the arrangement, but after a few minutes it felt natural, like they were a real family and meant to be. Sakura quickly shook away those thoughts, knowing it was only a fantasy of the past.

After dinner, Sakura bathed Hisoka and prepared him for bed. He insisted that Sasuke tell him a bed time story and Sakura found herself surprised at Sasuke's playfulness as he told Hisoka an animated story. Toward the end, she watched with amused eyes at the gentleness of Sasuke's soothing voice, lulling her child into a deep sleep. She also saw the care in his eyes when he leaned over and kissed his son's forehead.

After Hisoka fell asleep, Sakura and Sasuke were enveloped in an awkward silence downstairs. After some time, Sakura spoke up, "Sasuke, you can't stay. You know that right?" Sasuke what taken aback, clearly not expecting that.


"Well you can stay for a while and get to know Hisoka, but not permanently. I'm happy with Arashi now, and we've moved on with our lives" Sakura clarified, "Of course I wouldn't keep you from your son, but things have changed, I just wanted to make that clear."

"You mean you've moved on" Sasuke snapped resentfully. Had she not felt what he felt at dinner? For the first time in years he felt like he had a family again, like he had a second chance. Sakura appeared tired, like she was already emotionally drained.

In response, she merely said, "Please, Sasuke, I can't take another fight. Can we please leave it at that? I'll get you a blanket and some pillows. You can sleep on the couch."

He agreed reluctantly, but understandingly. Both he and Sakura both retired for the night soon after.

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