Harry sat on the bed and started untying his tie. He looked at Ginny, who was in front of the mirror and was undressing.

'Ginny...' he said 'we shouldn't allow her to date'

Ginny didn't turn her head, as she could see him from the mirror, and calmly took off her earrings.

'What are you talking about?' she asked puzzled.


'Ah' Ginny said with a small smile.

'She shouldn't be dating that guy'

'Which guy?' Ginny asked with a smirk.

'You know. The one she brought today at the Burrow's Christmas Party' Harry said, a bit of frustration in his voice.

'Ah, Edgar, Susan's son. The one we have seen growing up' Ginny said grinning.

'Yes. Him. She is way too young to date'

'For Merlin's sake, Harry, she's fourteen' Ginny said finally turning her head and and looking at her husband.

'Yes. That's too young'

'When I was her age I was dating...'

'I perfectly know who you were dating when you were her age, thank you for reminding me of that' Harry said annoyed.

Ginny laughed.

'And, anyway, I was about her age when I was dating you'

'That's not true' Harry said with resentment 'You were fifteen'

'Oh, and that's much older than fourteen, isn't it?'

Harry snorted.

'She won't date him. I won't let her'

'Sure, Harry, sure' Ginny said condescendingly, as she put her nightgown on and curled up under the blankets.

'No, wait, what are you doing?' Harry asked.

'I want to sleep, Harry. I am tired' she muttered, her eyes already closed.

'But we haven't finished talking yet' he said.

'We'll finish tomorrow morning, then. Good night'

'No no no. We can't finish tomorrow morning' Harry stammered.

'Why not?' Ginny asked, turning her head and opening her eyes.

'Because we can't' Harry said, trying to avoid her penetrant glance 'We have... we must...'

'We can do it tomorrow morning' Ginny said, her voice soft.

Harry shook his head.

'Harry' Ginny said getting up and sitting close to him 'Tell me why you want to discuss this now'

'It's just... it's just that I don't want to go to bed with an argument still going on, that's it' Harry said without looking at her.

'Harry...' Ginny said, tears in her eyes 'We are not in war anymore'

'I know' Harry muttered, not looking at her and carefully unbottoning his shirt.

'We won't be killed tonight. No Death Eater is chasing us. We can go to bed with an argument still going on. Because we'll wake up together tomorrow morning. And the day after tomorrow. And the day after. And the day after. And the day after. Forever' she caressed his cheek 'Okay?'

Harry nodded.

'Sorry' he said.

'And anyway, that wasn't really an argument, Harry' she said smiling 'Cause I know you won't tell her anything, will you?


Ginny laughed and he couldn't help joining her

'I love you' he said, putting an arm on her shoulders.

'Of course you do' she laughed.

'Yes, of course I do' he said and he smiled.

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