Boys are Like Trees they Take 50 Years to Grow Up
Chapter four

Sasuke looked at his mobile phone. It's already seven in the evening. He shrugged and got up from the bench and started walking for the nearest bus stop. He saw Neji and Naruto in a bookshop not too far. Naruto waved at him and he just nodded.

"What are you doing here?" Sasuke asked. Neji looked up to Sasuke from the magazine his scanning from page to page. "What happened to Shikamaru?"

"We decided to leave 'em alone. This is a darn hard time for Shikamaru," Naruto answered taking the manga back to the shelf. "Shikamaru didn't say a word while we're still there and Temari locked herself in the manager's office and haven't come out. Well at least that's what we know. It's been an hour since we left," Naruto gaze at his digital wrist watch and sighed. "I should be going now," he shrugged and brushed himself to Sasuke who nodded.

"What about you?" he asked looking at Neji. He shrugged and flips another page.

"I'm waiting for Hinata to call. It's already dark; I bet she's too scared to come home alone. Naruto was waiting for her with me but he just gone away like that, what a jerk," he answered and not bothering to look up to Sasuke. "I bet she's hanging out with the Ino girl."

"C'mon, dude. The girl was depressed as hell, she needs her friends," Sasuke answered and took a manga from the bookshelf. Neji choke a bit from his soft laughter. "What?" he asked.

"The fuck with you saying such mushy and girly things," he answered putting the magazine back. "Feels like you're watching those girl talks in the afternoons."

"What? I was only—"

"Whatever." Neji turned and waved his hand. "I guess I'll grab some dinner. Wanna come?" Sasuke shook his head. He puts back the manga and went out the bookshop.

Neji was right, it's already dark. Maybe it'll be a good idea if he pass by the Happy Berry shop and check out if Sakura's doing fine. Sasuke remembered what happened earlier in lunch time. He felt his cheek gone hot. Fuck. He shook his head and looked up from the sidewalk. There he is, the Happy Berry. Should he come in and see if she's doing okay? He turned red. There's nothing wrong if he take a look at her and ask her if everything's alright. Ok, ok, Sasuke, get ready. He inhaled and exhaled exaggerate in front of the shop's glass door. He held his hand in the air, ready to push the glass door when someone pushed it from the other side. Sasuke's head bumped in the glass door that knocked him out to the cement ground.

"Ja! See you tomorrow!" someone exclaimed before stepping a foot out from the store. "Eh? Sasuke?" Sakura asked bending down to see if he's still breathing. His eyes swirl, he saw blue birds flying in circles before his eyes and felt Sakura's head on his chest. He sat up. "Good! You're still alive!" she exclaimed clapping her hands together.

"C'mon, I'll give you the best blow job you'll ever have!"

Sasuke turned red and got up to his feet.

"Oi, Sasupe, are you really okay?" Sakura asked and got up to her feet. She dusted her skirt while she fixes her that bag hangs in her shoulder. "Your face is red." She pressed her forehead against his while brushing his bangs off. Sasuke knows she's standing in her toes. Sasuke swallowed hard and he swears to God she heard him do that. He felt beads of sweat started to form his forehead. "Damn, dude, I think you've caught a cold or something. But at the middle of summer season?" she murmured and went back to her heel. "C'mon, let's go home." Sakura threw her bag at Sasuke who was frozen for the moment.

"What?" he whispered and looks down to his arms that carries her bag. "Why do I have to carry this?" he asked turning his back and followed Sakura who's already walking.

"What 'why'?" she asked and turning her head over her shoulder. "You owe me big for saving your sorry ass from those hungry bitches," she answered and kept on walking. She felt Sasuke running and slowed down when he reached her. "If I haven't come you'll be their lunch."

"Tse," Sasuke walk next to her while Sakura's bag is on his shoulder. If you didn't come I should have got laid today, he thought. Then he looks down at the bag and saw some sleeves and a heel of a shoe. "What's with this stuff?" he asked then picking the shoe up. On the other end of the shoe a lacey blue panty was hanging from it. "Eh?"

"Hey!" she yelled and taking the panty away from his sight.

"Why are you carrying such things with you to work?" he asked and puts back the shoe inside.

"Hikaru-san, the owner of Happy Berry gave it to me," she answered pulling her bag away from Sasuke. "She said I must look the best, even under garments, head to toe and bla bla bla," she tugged the panty inside her bag and tossed it back to Sasuke. "I want some tea. Let's go to the convenient store first, Sasupe," she whined and pulled his arm.

"Geeze, alright fine," he answered and started to follow Sakura. Some middle aged desperate man gaze at Sakura and smiled like dirty bastards as they are now. Sasuke only eyed them, not doing anything till they make something perverted at her. They went out the store, heads turned over their shoulder, still gazing at Sakura. He grunted. "Oi, I'm just going out for a smoke. I'll wait there," he said and walked out before she could say anything against it.

The three dirty bastards are there, outside, smiling and grinning dirtily and still looking at Sakura from the glass walls; almost drooling, they soon might have a heart attack. Sasuke lights a cigarette and went to the phone booth not too far. He dialed their home number and it rang twice before someone answered it.

"Uchiha resident," a woman's voice is heard. Sasuke bet it was Ayuki in her serious moments while reading thick romance pocket books or the drama series in the television.

"Hey it's me. If I didn't come home for about fifteen minutes pick me up in the police station. Bye," he hurriedly hung up before Ayuki asks something or stops him from fucking his life. He sighed and threw his half burned cigarette in the nearest outdoor trash can. He heard the automatic class doors open and saw Sakura searching for him.

"Hello, pretty. Wanna drink with your uncles?" bastard number one asked while the other two in his back smiling wickedly as ever. Sakura walked away slowly and covering for defense as well.

"N-no," she answered while they walked nearer to her.

"C'mon, just a drink or do you wanna eat as well? We can also go karaoke if you want to," bastard number two said.

"Sorry, b-but my mom is waiting for me," Sakura answered and gulping.

"It will be fun, we promise," and bastard number three butted in and grabbing Sakura's arm when she was ready to run. "C'mon now, don't be so snobby."

"Let me go! You dirty fuckers!" she exclaimed pulling her arm.

"Oh, ain't that cute? She called us dirty fuckers," bastard number one said and they all laughed. "Uncles will take care of you and the bill."

"Let go!" she yelled. "Help!"


"Ah! Suwa-san!" bastard number two called bastard number three who's now flying in the air. One down, two to go.

"Sasuke!" Sakura exclaimed. Sasuke tossed her bag to her and she caught it before she glides in the cement ground. She saw Sasuke, beating up the old horny perverts like an out of control maniac.

Bastard number one was pushed in the ground and kicked his back. Bastard number two was ready to run until he grabbed his suit's collar and threw him back, kicking his private property. He pants and wipes the beads of sweat in his forehead.

"Behind you!" Sakura shouted. Sasuke turned and saw bastard number two on his feet and picked a pocket knife from his secret pocket. He stabbed Sasuke, luckily, Sasuke was alert thanks to Sakura's warning. He dodges quickly as he can and defenses himself with his arm.

"Ah!" he yelped in pain as the gush of blood ticks from the open wound. Bastard number two snickered while playing with his pocket knife with little stain of blood. "Sakura! Run!"

"What? I cannot do that!" she demanded. He gave her a look and a nod. "The fucking hell with you!? Don't act like you're a hero!"

"I am not! Just get out from trouble!" he answered. "If I act like a hero I would finish this old people with a snap. But I'm just playing the good guy part here."

"And leave you behind? Are you out of your mind?" she shot back. "You, asshole, is not a hero or a good guy! So give it up!"

"Yes! Just go!" Sasuke exclaimed angrily. "Call me crazy, asshole, hero or not, good or bad just get out of here!"



"Will you two shut up!? God! It feels like I'm watching the way my wife and I fight when we're going out," bastard number one exclaimed and rubbed his temples the two teen blushed in unison. The sound of the police siren was heard and the three was alerted from the sound they heard. "Fuck. Let's get out of here."

"No you will not!" Sakura kicked the guy in his stomach that made him weak and falls in his knees. "Holy shit, Hikaru-san was right about this baby," Sakura said eyeing on her high heels.

"Okay! Nobody moves!" one of the cop said.

"It's the three of them, officers!" one of the convenient store staff ran out from the store and pointed at the three old men.

"Sasuke!" Sakura runs to Sasuke's side. "Are you okay?"

"Duh, yeah," he answered and suddenly felt the pain in his right arm where he got stabbed.

"Fuck you for lying," she murmured.


Sasuke and Sakura sat in the bench outside from the doctor's office. Sasuke's right arm was neatly covered with bandage. One chubby police scribbles what Sakura's saying about the creepy asshole that got beaten up by Sasuke.

"Well, do you kids want a ride home? It will be safe for you and your girlfriend" the police asked tugging his pen behind his ears. Sasuke stands up and shook his head.

"We'll be fine," he answered and walked away. "And she's not my girl," he murmured under his breath. Sakura followed Sasuke and turned back to the police and gave a quick bow.

"Sasupeeee," Sakura run a bit and walked faster to keep up with him. "Why'd you refuse the teddy bear police man?" she asked and bloating her cheeks.

"Because Itachi will kill us if he knows we got into a trouble. And he will exactly tell every detail to my parents," he answered and followed by a sigh.

"Oh I know that you did," a woman's voice butted in. Sasuke and Sakura looked where the voice came from. It's a woman with short black silky hair and she's wearing a office suit with black leathered shoes. They saw Ayuki at her back who's smiling worriedly and Itachi who's checking out a nurse. "I'm the one who picked up the phone when you called!" she stormed towards Sasuke and stopped.

"Mom," he cracked.

"You stupid boy!" she exclaimed and hugged Sasuke. "Don't ever do that again, please." Sakura can tell that she's worried so she steps up and bowed.

"Mikoto-san, I'm sorry but I am the one to blame," she admitted. Mikoto looked at her with confused eyes. "Sasuke was walking home with me; if I didn't come up with the idea of buying tea then we shouldn't encounter such horrible thing that hurt your son."

"Oh. And who might this pretty young lady be?" she asked clapping her hands together and turning his head to Sasuke.

"This is Sasuke's soon-to-be girlfriend, mom!" Ayuki exclaimed and pushing Sakura towards Mikoto. The mother of two was surely shocked with happiness, while Sasuke and Sakura were shocked, period.

"Ki-chan!?" Sasuke exclaimed.

"Is that true?" Mikoto asked happily to Sakura. "You'll be my soon-too-be daughter-in-law?"

"A-ano, Mikoto-san," she said shyly and didn't know what to say. Mikoto hugged her suddenly; it was a tight hug, so damn tight she couldn't breath.

"Finally! One of my children will be in a serious relationship!" Mikoto chirped. "Do you know how much I longed and dreamed about meeting a girl or a boy who's they truly desire?" she asked. Sakura shook her head with an obvious fake interest look while she watches Mikoto. "Everyday, I waited for their call and tell me something like, 'Mom, I met the person who will be with me for the rest of my life.'" She said with dramatic voice. "But no, no one called to say that, especially those two," she eyed on the two older child.

"What?" Itachi and Ayuki asked in unison.

"You're a miracle worker, you changed my son!" she praised Sakura.

"Mom, that's Saku!" Sasuke exclaimed, obviously annoyed. "You know? My best friend when I was young?" he added, Mikoto still doesn't remember. "The kid who always cries?" he added and sighed.

"Hey!" Sakura motioned.

"Oh my God," Mikoto said covering her mouth. "You're in love with a cross-dresser?" she asked and zoomed closer to Sasuke. "Son, you're gay!?" she asked resting both of her hands in his shoulders.

"What?" both Sasuke and Sakura ask and dropping their jaws.

"You mentioned the kid who always cries? He's the one who you always play with, right? The boy with pink hair that lives with his father and brothers next door?"

"You thought Saku's a boy?" Sasuke asked. They heard Ayuki and Itachi hold their laughter. "You idiots! You see? Even mom thought she was boy!" he exclaimed and pointed at Sakura who's in the dark corner. "Eh? Saku?" he asked walking near her. "Hey, you okay?"

"The world is so cruel," she said with gloomy scary voice and face. "How could you people thought I was a boy?!" she cried like a kid.

"Oh my, so you're a girl?" Mikoto asked. Sakura only nodded while wiping her tears. "Forgive me, but you always dressed like a boy and acts like one when I visited them."

"Yeah, you only saw her twice or something. Mom has a reason to think Sakura's a boy," Itachi pointed out that made Sasuke more annoyed.

"Dear, look at you. You've grown to a wonderful young lady. You're so pretty," she said and hugged her. Sasuke swear she saw Sakura blushed when she hugged his mother back.


Sakura opened her beer and drank it. While Sasuke's laying in his back at his bed. The radio was on, Sakura sing along the rock music that was being play.

"You have an awesome mom, Sasupe," she said and lies next to Sasuke on his large bed. "I wonder if my mom was that awesome," she murmured. Sasuke tilted his head and looked at her. She's staring at the blank ceiling while smiling; he bet that she's thinking about her mom.

"She's annoying, she acts like a kid and sometimes thinks like a kid," he answered grabbing his own can of beer and opened it. "Heh, she sounds like Ayuki," he murmured and smirked. He remembered back when they were silly kids and the time he thought Sakura's a boy, she used to stare at the kids who's been pampered by their mothers on the playground while they both played and sweats like hell. Nobody cared about them. No one, not even if they came home dirty.

Sasuke sighed. He also remembered when Sakura was tripped and got sprained her ankle, she was crying a lot. Sasuke carried her home, but no one in their house knows anything about first aid. Little Sasuke grunted and shouted "You guys are useless!" and carried Sakura back to their home where Ayuki treated her sprain.

Maybe. Just maybe, right now, Sakura's imagining what life would be if her mom's still alive.

"I bet your mom's amazing," Sasuke said. Sakura turned her head at him. He's also staring at the blank ceiling with her.

"Yeah," she answered and smiled. "Oh and Sasuke," Sasuke looked at her in the end of his eyes. "Thank you very much for all the things you did today," she said.

"What things?"

"About Ino, walking me home, kicking those old perverts ass and," she grinned and joined him back to the staring at the blank ceiling thing. "Making me feel like my mom is awesome."

He smiled and returned his gaze up. That's all he could answer, a smile.


Sasuke slowly opened his eyes. He heard the rumbling sound in the roof. He saw the empty space next to him. Sakura's gone. Maybe she went to her room when he passed out or maybe they slept in the same bed. Same bed? He turned red.

"Stupid raging hormones," he whispered and swings his legs to the floor. He heard the wind blows slapping his windows. It's already raining. The sign that declares summer's almost over. Sasuke groaned and got up from his bed and went out. He heard Ayuki's humming and the sound of the flipping pages of the newspaper by Itachi. But today, Mikoto is there, chatting with Ayuki.

"So you're in love?" Mikoto said excitedly. The young lady only nodded with light giggle. "That's great!" she clapped her hands together and hugged Ayuki. "Two down and one to go," she smirked and looked at the eldest son; Itachi.

"Don't start," Itachi murmured with taking his eyes off from the newspaper.

"But Itachiiiiii," Mikoto squeals. "Don't you wanna learn and experience of being loved?"


"Tse. You're like your damn father," she said and sipped her coffee.

"Whatever," he answered and sipped his coffee as well.

"Hey," Sasuke greeted everyone and took a seat. Ayuki puts a plate full of yummy crispy bacon and scrambled eggs. Then she puts an empty glass and pours it in his glass. "Thanks."

"Sakura looks so darling when she left this morning," Mikoto mentioned sipping some tea. Sasuke's head shot up and was obviously wanted more details. "She was wearing this cute yellow lacey skirt and white shirt that has a yellow bow on it. Too bad you guys didn't saw her."

"I did," Ayuki cooed and poked her head from the kitchen's door. "I'm the one who fixed her make up," she said and gave another giggle before returning to the kitchen.

"Me too," Itachi said and turned the page of his newspaper. "She was running around and kept on stopping in the full body size mirror in the living room."

"Was she cute?" he asked and they all swear they saw him blush and hiding it in his hair when he started playing with his breakfast.

"Oh yes, she really is."

Sasuke moaned in his thought. So he's the only one who didn't have the chance to see her. Then the Uchiha's are startled from the rain getting harder.

"I guess Sakura's get up will be ruined before she gets in the store because of the rain," Itachi shrugged and stands up.

"She didn't bring an umbrella with her?" Sasuke asked titling his head up to his brother who shook his head and headed out to the living room. "And you all said she looked cute?" he added.

"Yeah. Why?" his mother asked with a smirk.

"She should have remembered what happened last night! And she'll get freaking sick!" before they could say anything he ran out and heard him slam the front door.

"Love?" Ayuki asked and sat next to her mother.



"Stupid, stupid, stupid," Sasuke cried in his mind, repeating the same word over and over again. He was referring to Sakura. How could she go out looking so cute without anyone with her and without any umbrella. Sasuke tugged his hoodie to his head and ran to the bus stop. He wants to smack Sakura's wide forehead if he saw her, yeah, that would be nice.

"Woh, Sasupe?"

Sasuke turned his head and saw Sakura, in the waiting shed, sitting alone, half wet.

"Saku," he runs towards her. "You're soaking wet," he muttered and saw her wrapping her arms around her. "You'll need this," he said and took his coat off. He placed it around Sakura's shoulder, covering her body.

"What are you doing here?" he asked and brushed her soaked hair.

"I was waiting for the dumb rain to stop and return to your house to change," she answered.

"C'mon, let's go back… home," he said and opened the umbrella for Sakura.


Sasuke yawned and shoved his hands in his uniform pant's pockets; he swooshed his legs up to his table. The image of a hot, sexy, sloppy student in his first day of classes. The class room's back door slides open and Neji came in with Naruto who was singing so loud.

"Hey," Neji greeted pulling his sit out. "Same class."

"I know," Sasuke answered.

"Oh! It's Shikamaru!" Naruto said pointing to Shikamaru who's entering in the front door of the room. "Here, here!" he waved. Shikamaru only sighed and entered the room with Temari following him. Naruto's huge mouth zipped close when they saw her with him.

"I'll see you later," Temari said quietly and bowed before she left. Shikamaru nodded blankly that made her look more upset. Shikamaru sat in front of Sasuke, he took his glance back to the window.

"So, what happened?" Neji asked placing his hands at Shikamaru's desk. Naruto sat to his desk and rested his head in his hand.

Shikamaru turned his head over his shoulder and looked at Sasuke. "Do you remember the girl I told you about that moved to Tokyo?" he asked. Sasuke nodded and sat properly. "That's Ino."

"So, she was your first girlfriend and all," Naruto said.

"She's much like Temari," Sasuke said. He slips his hands behind his head. "I've noticed," he muttered and rested his head on his hands.

"Yeah, she is," Shikamaru said with a smirk.

"So, what's up with her? She yelled at you like you were supposed to marry her," Neji asked. Shikamaru shrugged.

"Yeah, I am supposed to marry her," he answered closing his lazy eyes.

"What!" Naruto exclaimed and jumped down from his desk and walked towards Shikamaru.

"I know that's stupid, but I was a kid, I didn't know how much girls take things so seriously," he groaned and rubbed his face. "I mean, I asked her if she wants to and she said yes she even demanded for an engagement ring."

"So you bought her a diamond ring or something?" Neji asked raising an eyebrow.

"Duh, where would I get such money? I was in 5th grade back then," he said and hides his face in his palms. "I did give her a stupid rubber ring," he added and Neji and Naruto laughed.

"Then what? She jumps in joy?" Neji asked and wipes his 'tears of joy'. Shikamaru sighed and nodded that made them laugh harder.

"Okay, shut up you little brats," Kakashi said and walking toward the teacher's table in front. "So, I'll be your homeroom teacher as well in History and bla bla bla, etc.," he introduced and saw Sasuke's group. "Oh great, your in my class again," he rolled his eyes.

"Ne, Kakashi, be sure to lend me the latest porno you got!" Naruto exclaimed and gave a grin to his teacher.

"Call me sensei, Naruto," he said and sat on the table. "So, I'll introduce you with bunch of students. Uhm, people outside come inside," he announced.

Sasuke raised his eyes and saw familiar faces. The Ino girl and Hinata, oh, Sakura's friends. And speaking of her, she entered the room as well. Sasuke cracked a small smile when he saw her in her ultra short uniform skirt. In that case, many male students will be all over her, that's for sure. Sasuke felt a tilt of joy inside; at least he'll able to protect her, right? He heard groans both in front of him where Shikamaru's sitting and behind him where Neji was sitting.

"I didn't know Hinata-chan will be joining us," Naruto said poking Neji in his arm.

"Yeah, now you know," Neji answered and rubbed his forehead.

"So, this is Yamanaka Ino, she's from Tokyo," Kakashi announced. "Hyuuga, Hinata, a relative of our great Neji over there," Kakashi pointed to Neji who glared at him. "Okay, and Haruno, Sakura. Be nice to them."

"It's nice to meet you all," the three bowed.

Sakura walked fast when Kakashi said they could sit wherever they want to. She saw the vacant chair next to Sasuke. She smiled and pulled the chair and looked at him.

"Yaho," she chirped.

"Aren't you supposed to be in 1st year or something?" Sasuke asked and tried so hard not to smile so wide.

"I am, but I got an awesome grade in the entrance exam so they said I could skip 1st year," she clapped her hands together and laughed a bit. "Ain't that cool? We're classmates now!" she said and whack's Sasuke back.

"Here," Ino said and slammed something in Shikamaru's desk. "I won't be needing that dumb thing," she added and walked away. Shikamaru turned his head, following her walk away and sits next to Sakura who patted her back. He turned back his head to the 'dumb thing' she was talking about. It was the rubber pink ring he gave her. She kept it? Well, that was stupid. He grabs it and threw it back to her.

"Hey!" Sakura exclaimed. Kakashi looked at Shikamaru as well.

"Nara," he called.

"If you don't need that then throw it away, don't expect me to throw it for you," he said and turned his head back to the black board. He heard a chair being pushed, it was Ino. He didn't have to turn to see who, he's sure of it. And he really expects that something will be flying from nowhere and he's the target. He's ready for that flying thingy. But he felt something small bumps in his head.

"I am throwing it, Nara. You are so not worth it," Ino said and went back to sit.

Sasuke moaned to the early drama marathon he's watching. He saw Shikamaru stands up and opens the window and threw the rubber ring.

"Hey," Sasuke said while Shikamaru returns to his sit. "Are you sure about what you are doing?"

"Damn fuck I am."

Sasuke only shrugged and looked at Sakura who's still patting at Ino. Ino only managed to force a smile; she's obviously pulling her tears back. She's hurt. Sasuke snapped. Why is he thinking about such things? He shook his head. Neji's right. Does watching girl talks in the afternoon with Ayuki and Sakura effects him? Does hanging out with his best friend, which is Sakura, who is a girl, made him that way?

"Fuck," he murmured. It would be nice to not get too much in touch with her.

-to be continue


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