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Ziva pulled away after an incredibly passionate kiss, leaving Tony completely dumbfounded.

"I guess that means that you do feel the sa-"

He was cut off by an exasperated sounding Ziva.

"I can't do this Tony. I had you out of my head. I had you pushed right out of it. I was ready to move on, and then - then you had to come here and tell me everything that I have been wanting to hear from you for so many years."

Why is she upset?

"But Ziva- now you can stay. Now, you don't have to go back to Isreal, right?" Tony observed her naively.

Ziva laughed, "Did you really think that I would drop my entire life here because of a man? I am not that kind of woman Tony. You were not the reason why I have to go back to Isreal- you helped me make the decision to return, but you were not the main factor."

"Oh…ha. Well, can I take "deluded idiots" for 200, Alex?" Tony fidgeted nervously.

"What?" Ziva asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Pop culture reference. Jeopardy. Never mind. Well, Ziva…I feel really, really stupid right now."

Ziva sighed, "Not as stupid as I feel Tony."

Her comment was met by silence. After a moment, Tony spoke.

"So, can I ask.. Why are you going back to Israel?"

"Father's orders. He is angry with NCIS for terminating my position and will not reinstate it. It has injured his ego, my father is very huge-headed."

Tony chuckled, "Big- headed, Ziva. And sounds like it. But, we'll find a way to fix this right? Find a way for you to stay?"

He looked at her, his eyes rounded, pleading. He wanted comfort, the knowledge that this great thing that he had just discovered wasn't going to leave him. He had never been the one to ask someone to save him, but he felt like that's what he was doing now. After all, the power was in her hands and for once in his life, he was completely vulnerable, but it was a good kind of vulnerability. A real, raw kind of vulnerability.

Please don't turn your back on this. Please don't stop the chance for this to become something that we both know it could be.

"We'll find a way to fix this," Ziva replied calmly.

Because it is time for me to break the cycle. I deserve happiness for once.

Tony smiled, but he couldn't hep feeling a little bit of concern in reaction to something he had heard in her intonation. A slight hint of doubt.


"Ani ohev oto, Em. Ani ohev oto."

Tony sat in silent frustration. She had been passionately repeating the same thing over and over again on the phone to some unknown individual for the past ten minutes. Or so it seemed. She had not told him who she was calling, or what good it would do.

So mysterious. Typical Ziva.

He scrawled the words down in the notebook he always carried around with him. He was eager to find out what they meant. He'd google them later.

Ziva hung up with a grin on her face.

"I will get a call later today, finding out if my father has changed his mind or not. That was my mother I was talking to- although my father is very powerful, she is the one with the authority in the household."

He nodded, smiling, "What was that ani ohev stuff about?"

Tony watched as her face flushed slightly.


"Learn Hebrew, and you will find out," Ziva replied with a wink.

Tony chuckled, "Ohhhh, I see how it's going to be. Fine. Two can tango at this game, baby. Gradico le donne misteriose." He murmured.

"E donne che conoscono l'italiano?" Ziva replied coyly.

Tony frowned, "Dammit David! You're too good. I forgot that you spoke my mother tongue."

Ziva smirked at him.

I love it when she smirks like that. But I bet I know how I can wipe that smirk right off her face…

"So, Miss David, where were we?" Tony said, reaching out and wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling her towards him.

"No, no. Tony. Save that for later. Right now, we are going back to NCIS. You still have a job, remember?" Removing his arms from around her waist, she pushed him towards the door.

Oh man. You always were a tease Ziva.

"Later eh?" He replied, glancing over his shoulder, "Just as long as we're not talking 5 years later- I can deal with that."


"Where the hell have you two been??" A familiar voice thundered as Tony and Ziva got off of the elevator.

"Nice to see you too boss," Tony replied with a grin.

This warranted him a forceful head slap.

"In case you forgot Dinozzo, you kind of get paid here to provide services here," Gibbs stated angrily, "McGee's been having to carry your slack ever since you disappeared a couple of hours ago. And you Ziva. Well, I'm not even going to get started on you. Leaving for personal reasons? They better be pretty damn good ones."

Tony responded for her, "Oh, they are boss. Trust me."

"Did I ask you Dinozzo? Now, go over there and get McGee to brief you on this damn case. You better hope that you can work in turbo speed because you're going to need to to make up for the lost time."

Dinozzo nodded and hurried over to McGee, giving Ziva a quick backwards glance as he did so.

Gibbs turned to Ziva, "David. Office. Now." With that, he turned on his heel and strode back towards the elevator, Ziva in tow.

After putting the elevator in lock down, he turned to Ziva and stared at her for a moment.

"Are you going to tell me what the hell is going on?" he demanded quietly.

"I- it was not my choice Gibbs," Ziva answered, making eye contact with him.

"Well then who's was it?"

"My father was offended when Director Vance terminated the liaison position with NCIS. When Vance tried to re-establish it, my father became even more offended and insisted that I return immediately."

"So, it wasn't your decision?" Gibbs asked pryingly.

"No! I would never leave here by my own will," Ziva answered in a passionate tone.

"Oh, ok. I thought it might have had something to do with Tony, that's all." Gibbs looked at her with a gentle smile.

Ziva blushed furiously, "What, how did you-?"

Gibbs tried to hide a grin, "I'm not stupid Ziva."

Ziva couldn't believe what she was hearing, "But rule number twe-"

"Some of them are more like guidelines," Gibbs replied watching Ziva's reaction with amusement. After a moment, his grin was replaced by a serious expression once more, "You'll let me know about your father? If he doesn't change his mind, we'll change it for him. We're not losing you Ziva."

Ziva smiled her gratitude, "Thank you Gibbs. Thank you more then you could ever know."

Her phone began buzzing suddenly, "This could be him now actually. Can I take this?"

Gibbs nodded curtly, "We're done here." He pressed the open button on the elevator, allowing Ziva to exit.

Tony watched as Ziva and Gibbs exited the elevator, Ziva with her phone pressed up against her ear.

"Probie! Did you find that translation yet?" he asked, hurrying over to see what McGee's translation software had pulled up.

"Yeah Tony. Ani ohev oto means… "I love him". McGee stood up, and began walking back towards the footage that he'd been examining.

Tony grinned widely.

So, it's true..

"Thanks buddy. Let's all go out for drinks tonight. On me!" He crossed over to his partner and enveloped him in a big hug. He pulled away a second later to see a stunned looking McGee staring back at him.

"Tony…did you just hug me?" he asked unbelievingly.

"Yeahh… it was a little Brokeback Mountain of me, I know. But I couldn't resist."

McGee chuckled and shook his head. He watched as Ziva approached Tony from where she had been standing in the corner, babbling in Hebrew. She looked at him differently.

Hmm. Maybe that's why they were missing for two hours. They finally figured it out and had a nooner to make up for all the lost time…

"Tony, can I talk to you for a minute?" Ziva asked quietly.

"Ok!" Tony replied enthusiastically. The joy that McGee's translation had provided him with was soon erased. Ziva seemed upset, and serious, very serious.

If she was talking to daddy on the phone.. Then it wasn't good news.

Tony felt himself beginning to sweat and breathed in slowly, trying to control his anxiety, as she led him over to the elevator. With each moment of her explanation, his heart sunk lower and lower… by the tone of Ziva's voice, he could tell, this was not going to be a happy ending.

"That was my mother on the phone. She talked to my father for half an hour straight, which is a large amount of time considering that he is the deputy director of Mossad and does not have a lot of time to spare. She tried to convince him in every way possible, but it was pointless. It seems that he already knew what he was going to tell her, after a few minutes of talking to her…"

No. The pigheaded ass. I can't believe this!!

Tony reached out and squeezed her hand, "You don't have to finish Ziva, I understand.."

Ziva frowned and continued, "He already knew what he was going to tell her after a few minutes of talking to her.. He decided that…. He is going to give NCIS another chance. I am staying."

"Well, that bastard! I can't believe that he would disregard his only daughter's feelings like tha- wait. WHAT?"

"I am staying Tony," Ziva replied, smiling brightly.

Fooled once more by the crazy Israeli!

"Ziva! You- I can't believe that you-" Tony turned, and, grabbing her hand, pulled her into the elevator. Once inside, with the doors closed, he pushed her gently against the wall and kissed her with the passion of 3 tormented years. She smiled against his lips. This moment, right here, made all of the pain of her past somehow more bearable.

They were interrupted by a loud, "Ahem."

Both turned around to see McGee staring at them through the open door of the elevator, mouth agape.

"Suck it up and take the stairs, Mcperv," Tony told him with a grin, before pressing the closed button once more, and resuming to kiss Ziva.



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