You Know Your Addicted To MLOONAA When…

This is dedicated to the amazing, talented Ashel-13 for writing this amazing fanfiction for us!

Fanfic: /s/4060407/1/MakingLoveOutOfNothingAtAll

You Know Your Addicted To MLOONAA When…

Your water bills have gone up 75 from the amount of cold showers you've been having.

2. You plan on naming your first-born child Ashel- regardless of gender.

3. Your favourite band is Air Supply

You have 'I Touch Myself' on your ipod and listen to it at least once a day.

Whenever you go to the theme park you check all the photo booths you find just in case Edward is in there.

You fantasize about Edward being your slave boy.

When asked your favourite Twilight character you reply 'Brett'.

You have bought/plan on buying a gauze bikini.

You ship Brett/Keith.

You dream about becoming one of the Review Crew.

Vampire costumes just got that much sexier.

You've made a mental note never to touch Edward's piano.

You know the reason the professor kept them on the island in 'Gilligan's Island' was for booty.

Your favourite film is risky business.

You have a new urge to go to Las Vegas.

You can barely remember what's canon.

You cried when Jasper proposed.

You take a day off of work to read MLOONAA. When asked what was wrong the next days you tell them that you had a 24 hour case of Cullenitis. You're all better now.

Go Fish is your favourite card game.

You want to change your name so your initials are D.T.E.

You wish Edward were in a permanently intoxicated state.

You never pass up a game of pool.

You've actually fallen off your computer chair from laughing.

You love disclaimers.