Midnight Reflections on a condor

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Midnight Reflections on a condor

Chapter 1

It was a warm summers evening the sun was slowly setting and the sky was now full of sparkling stars and the crescent moon. Three skimmers and a heloscotter landed in the bay of the condor.

"Wow what a mission, I was pretty assum today I must say" Finn said with a huge grin on his face.

"well last time I saw it you spent most of your time screaming and falling of your skimmer ,luckily you had good old junko here to catch you before you fell straight into the wastelands " Aerrow said with an smirk on his face.

Finn just rolled his eyes and jumped off his skimmer he was about to say something when he herd his stomach growling "piper hurry up, could you be any slower, cant you see were hungry , get the dinner on will ya".

FINN!!, im not your mother you no, you can cook for yourself. Anyway stork said he'll cook for us today.

"STORK!! COOK!! No way im not eating any of that merb cabbage stuff"

"Im with Finn on the one, even I wont eat merb cabagge" Junko raised his hand and looked over at piper and Finn.

Aerrow looked over at piper and could she that she was not amused "Guys come on give piper a break, she almost always cooks for us and besides stork volunteered to make dinner" Aerrow finished while looking over to Piper giving her a warm hearted smile Piper couldn't help but blush and looked down so no body would notice.

Knowing that Junko and Finn had no chance in getting Piper to change her mind they both lowered their heads and walk down the bridge and through the doors towards the kitchen.

"Thanks for that Aerrow"

"No problem, I no how much you do for the guys and me its only fair for you to get a little break"

Piper only stared and smiled as Aerrow stepped of his skimmer and made his way to the door on the bridge with Radarr close behind him of course.

"you coming"

Snapping out of her daydream Piper said " o err yes ,I mean, not just this yet I think im going to go to my room and freshen up abit"

"Ok, ill see you in a bit then" with that Aerrow walked out the door and towards the kitchen to join the others on their feast of merb cabbage. Radarr jumped onto piper and gave her a hug and a small wave before joining Aerrow and the others; Piper laughed and blew him a kiss.

Piper walked down the hallway and into her lab after taking a shower and changing into something more comfortable she decided to make a short stop before she went to the kitchen. Grabbing her diary, from her desk draw, she made her way to the roof of the condor.

To be continued ….

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