Vulnerable Edmund
All copyrights to C.S. Lewis. This story is movie based.

I need to be alone, I need to practice. I had a flashback of the battle against the White Witch just this morning. I was determined to beat her once and for all. My head knew she was gone, but my heart needed to defeat her myself. "Ed, where are you going?" I heard Lucy ask, interrupting my thoughts. I turned around and looked into Lucy's eyes, "Just for a walk, Luc. I will be back before you know it." I faced my back to her and headed into the forest. I hope my lie covers my story, if anyone found out where or what I was doing they would be mad, especially Peter. My thoughts were interrupted, I heard foot steps. I slowly moved my hand near my sword, "Who's there?" I shouted. The foot steps got louder before I knew it someone jumped onto my back.

"Scared you didn't I?" the voice belonged to Lucy. I restored Lucy to her feet, "What are you doing here?" I demanded. Lucy took a small step. "I just wanted to see where you were going." She responded. "You shouldn't do that Lucy," "Getting into people's business, I mean." I added in. I started walking towards the castle. I better get her home I thought.

"Edmund! Lucy! We've been looking for you two everywhere!" I heard Susan say as we walked into the castle. "We?" I asked, Peter came walking in, "Next time you should tell us where you're going!" Peter said with a tone. Lucy smiled and replied "We were going for a short stroll, that's all." Peter looked at me and I quickly nodded. He wanted to see me, alone.

Susan and Lucy left, the room was silent. I looked down to my boots while Peter gazed off into the distance.

"What did I tell you about wandering off without tell anyone?" he demanded, finally.
"I'm sorry, Pete. I didn't think it would be a big deal." I managed to reply.
"And the worst part is you brought Lucy, making us even more worried." He replied getting angry.

I couldn't handle it, I simply walked away, "Edmund!" he shouted, I turned around. "Was I finished?" he glared into my eyes, giving me a disappointed look. "Dinner should be ready." I mumbled. I walked into the dinning hall and sat down in my chair. All through dinner I was silent every once and a while Peter would look up and glare at me.

It was early morning. I was finally going to go at the exact spot where I was stabbed, I was going to review all my steps and see where I went wrong. Once I got there I headed to the rocks. I stepped off the rock where I jumped off of to challenge the witch. I remember dodging her sword and me quickly turned around and breaking the wand. Than the very same flashback and pain as yesterday came to me. My chest ached from the memory. I fell to my knees holding my stomach where I was stabbed. I let out a small cry and a tear. I quickly wiped my tear away.

My eyes were all puffy by the time I headed back. I ruffled my hair and took a deep breath. I headed to the gates. I heard Susan's and Lucy's voice. "Edmund, are you okay? What happened? Where were you?" they asked. I felt weak. I never cried like this before. The witch has weakened me. Susan grabbed onto my arm and made me look at her. "Just, don't tell Peter." I said and headed to my room.