Army of Just
Copyrights to C.S. Lewis. This story is movie based.

The troops and I had set up camp in the Western Forest, it was late in the evening and we had a fire going. We were planning our attack. The White Witch would never suspect a thing. Her come back would be ended in seconds by the Army of Just. I looked up and stared into all the creature's eyes. We are missing a certain dwarf, Shvibzik.

"Where is Shvibzik?" I asked Sonny who was beside me.

"Look out duties, Sire."

"Somebody should give him a break." I said standing up, I was stopped by Sonny.

"Your Majesty, that wouldn't be safe!"

"Sonny, I'll be fine."

"I cannot let you do that! It's way too dark for you to wander around."

"I will not be wandering out, I will simply be on look out duty. That is final." I commanded Sonny, he moved aside to let me pass.

I headed towards the front of the camp where Shvibzik was. I finally reached the destination and looked around for the tiny dwarf. I saw no dwarf. Maybe he was around the bush, or maybe he fell asleep somewhere. It is quite late.

"Shvibzik?" I called out. I got no reply.

I called out to him again, this time I did get an answer, "Over here."

I turned around to see the dwarf with two other very large creatures. I squinted at the two creatures, I didn't need to ask who they were, I could tell they were part of the White Witch's army. The two creatures came towards me and each grabbed one of my arms. I tried to fight them off but they were too strong for me to handle on my own. I called out to my troops hoping for their support. I regretted that decision.

At the same moment my troops rushed over so did the rest of the White Witch's army. We were betrayed by Shvibzik.

The whole army and I were tied up and sitting in the freezing cold dungeon that belongs to Jadis. We all sat in silence, I sat in guilt. I can't believe I was stupid enough to believe that a small group of Outlaws would be able to take down Jadis. My thoughts were interrupted by Raystone.

"What is your plan, boy?"

"I don't have a plan," I told them honestly, "But I promise you that we'll get out of here."

OMG OMG OMG! It has been so long since I updated this story, I apologize greatly! This chapter is short because I have no ideas for this story. Okay this was my first story ever and I can see I improved so much I hated the way I wrote this chapter too. I hope you're not too mad about this overall story and... well chapter. Because the whole quality of this story is pure crap if you ask me. But anyway enjoy! I PROMISE YOU ALL THAT I WILL STICK TO ONE-SHOTS OR PLAN OUT THESE STORIES SOOOOO WELL.