Chapter one

15 years ago…

Tamaki blushed as he thought about his date with Haruhi this afternoon. The two had been going out a couple of months now. He was so happy that words couldn't express how much he loved her. As the last bell rang, he smiled to himself as he rushed out of his classroom to meet Haruhi at her class. But, as he walked out of the class, he had found Haruhi already waiting for him outside. Tamaki smiled at her, but, stopped when he saw the apprehensive look on her face.

"Haruhi, what's wrong?" He asked her with concern.

"Senpai, we need to talk."" She looked up at Tamaki with her large brown eyes filled with worry. She grabbed Tamaki's wrist and dragged him outside. When they reached a secluded garden, Haruhi suddenly stopped. She turned around and once again faced him.

Her eyes concentrated on his and a faint pink colored her cheeks.

"I'm pregnant." She stared up at Tamaki, looking for some sort of reaction.

"How?" Tamaki replied in shock.

"What do you mean how?!"

Tamaki thought back to that night a few weeks ago. That night that fulfilled all of his desires. That night that was his most precious memory resulted in this.

"Oh my god…" Tamaki was at a loss for words and didn't know what else to say. "So, I guess we should get married…"

At that, Haruhi looked up in surprise. She was shocked.

"Married!!" Haruhi exclaimed.

"Of course. A child should have a family."

"Not one that's been forced together!!" Haruhi didn't want to get married when she was 15 and she didn't want Tamaki to either. If they did, they would have to quite school and Tamaki would have to start working right away. She couldn't do that to him. That would just cause more problems in his family. "Senpai, you have to go to school and college and you still have to show your grandmother how great you are! I'm not going to let you sacrifice that!!"

"Then what are you going to do?! How are you going to be able to handle this alone?? You don't even have the money to take care of yourself properly!!" Tears began to fill Haruhi's eyes and she turned around and ran. Haruhi knew that Tamaki wouldn't let her do this alone. So, she had to leave. She had to disappear for his sake…

The next day….

Haruhi hadn't come to school that day. Tamaki, who was still in shock from yesterday, couldn't help but worry about her. He still hadn't told his family yet. He didn't know how. Everything that had happened was distracting him from his customers.

"Everyone, I have an important announcement to make." Kyouya senpai said to everyone in the club room. "Fujioka Haruhi has transferred to another school. We do not know the reason for this or even to where she has left."

Surprised voices began to fill the room, but, Tamaki was too shocked to say anything. The girl he loved, who was pregnant with his child, had disappeared.

15 years later…

"Wake up, Mom!!" Haruhi woke up in shock from the loud voice of her daughter in her ear. "We've landed!"

"I'm up…" Haruhi was still feeling groggy and tired. She had stayed up last night to work on her latest case. She looked at her daughter who was 15 years old and memories from years ago had come back to her. She looks more like her dad every day. Haruhi thought to herself as she looked at her daughter's large purple eyes and long blonde hair which seemed beautiful with her fair, white skin. After leaving Japan 15 years ago, Haruhi had moved to California along with her father. She was able to finish her schooling in a public school and got a scholarship to study in Stanford University's Law School. By then, her daughter, Kimiko, was already 7 years old. Later, Haruhi found a job in a law firm and helped her father pay for their family. Things became tighter when Ranka-san died. Kimiko was only 10. Even though their financial position got worse, Kimi (Haruhi's nickname for Kimiko) and Haruhi had led happy lives together. They were more like close sisters than like mother and daughter.

"Ugh…I can't believe we're actually moving." Haruhi looked outside the window of the plane.

"Relax…We'll have fun here!! Besides, it's your fault we're moving! If your boss didn't hate you he wouldn't have transferred you to Japan!" Kimiko looked at her mom impatiently.

"That bastard did hate me, didn't he?" Haruhi stood up and grabbed her bags. The two girls walked out onto the aisle and made their way out of the plane.

"I can't believe we're in Japan!!" Kimiko exclaimed. "This is my country!! I've always wanted to see it!! Do you think we can buy a kotatsu for our house??" As Kimiko walked around excitedly in the airport, Haruhi looked around painfully and relived what had happened in this country those many years ago. Haruhi wasn't in love with Tamaki anymore, but, he was still important to her. The pain that she felt when leaving him had never let go her. She looked at Kimi who was still excited and thought, She really is just like her dad. Non one else becomes this excited when they're in another country.

"Mom!! Let's go!!" Kimiko grabbed Haruhi's wrist and pulled her outside the doors of the airport. She was once again home.

"I'll get a taxi. You wait here." Haruhi told her daughter and walked out into the street. She held out her hand and motioned a taxi to stop when she saw one. After the car pulled up at the side of the street, she reached out to open the door when another man seemed to be opening the other door of the car.

"Excuse me, I believe I was here first." Haruhi told the stranger in annoyance. The man was wearing a hat which made it impossible to see his face.

"Oh! I'm sorry, I-"The stranger took of his hat and Haruhi was shocked to find that the man who stole her cab was Suoh Tamaki.

"Mom? What's wrong?" Kimiko asked Haruhi and walked towards the two. Tamaki, who heard the word 'Mom', shot his head at Kimiko's direction and saw, for the first time, his daughter.


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