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Prologue: Hello, I Am Alice

Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom were good friends while attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry together. Not only had they'd been born a day apart, their life stories were quite similar to the other's – both of their parents were part of the original Order of the Phoenix. During the first war against Lord Voldemort, Harry's parents were killed; Neville's were tortured into insanity, spending the next twenty years at St. Mungo's Hospital, until his mother finally died of natural causes two days before I was born. Neville's father followed six months afterwards, his death also caused naturally.

Neville Longbottom is my father. I, Alice Pomona Longbottom, am the first child of he and Hannah Abbott. My grandmother, also an Alice, was my namesake. My middle name came from the Hogwarts Herbology teacher that had taught Dad so much, Pomona Sprout.

One week before my own birth was the birth of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley's first son, James Sirius Potter, named after Harry's father and godfather, who had been killed by his own cousin in the second war against Lord Voldemort. Harry and Dad, still close friends, often set up play dates between James and I, these play dates starting when we were barely four months old.

Because of James, I grew to be a tomboy of some sort. For a birthday or holiday, I refused to wear the dress robes Mum fought to clothe me in, but happily slipped into overalls and bright red trainers. I was bored playing with the enchanted dollhouse (in which the dolls that came along with the house were charmed to walk around and make occasional gestures) that my great-aunt had gotten me for my seventh birthday. Instead, I was perfectly content making mud pies in the alleyway behind my house with James.

Both my family and James's lived in Godric's Hollow, the place where Lord Voldemort himself murdered James and Lily Potter, James Sirius's grandparents. The Potters lived in a cottage right across the road from the memorial site for Lily and James Sr. We, the Longbottoms, lived two houses down from them. But, when James and I were seven, my mum was offered a job as the Leaky Cauldron landlady in London. We would live in a flat above the pub, basically running the entire building.

Mum accepted the job, only I cried and pleaded with her not to. I didn't wish to leave Godric's Hollow, where I had spent my childhood with James, his siblings, and mine. But Mum and Dad did not give into my pity act. Twelve days after my eighth birthday, we – my parents, my siblings, Frank and Eleanor, and I – moved out of our cozy cottage to a cramped, rather putrid apartment over a grimy and dank pub. Although I didn't dare catch myself admitting I liked residing in London, I soon got used to the new surroundings and didn't hate it quite as much as before.

Since I was nine years of age, my father had been the Herbology professor at Hogwarts, succeeding the woman who I had gotten my middle name from, Pomona Sprout. Dad spent the school year living at Hogwarts, although we exchanged long, hearty letters as frequently as we could. My father returned home for Christmas and Easter holidays, also coming for summer break. He and I had a so-so relationship as I grew older – close, but not too close. Our move to London barely affected him.

The Potters transported themselves to London for New Year's Day every year, if they could. I enjoyed these visits, seeing them as an opportunity to reconnect with James, but over the years, it only seemed as if we were drifting further and further apart. We no longer corresponded to each as often as we had the first few months we lived in London, and it felt uncomfortable speaking with him. I was sure our friendship had gone down the drain, until the summer of our eleventh birthdays came around…

James and I, being August babies, received our school acceptance letters in mid July. We had not informed each other of being offered a spot at Hogwarts, but we both assumed the other had gotten a letter, with James and I coming from magical families. About a week before climbing aboard the Hogwarts Express, my father and I stepped out the back door of the Leaky Cauldron together and into Diagon Alley. I had purchased my wand the week before – Diagon Alley being our backyard – but we were going into the village to join the Potters in buying school supplies.

We were hurried to Madam Malkin's for robe fittings, and then were taken to Eeylops Owl Emporium and Flourish & Blotts. We stopped at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor for sundaes after about two hours of shopping. While Dad and James's parents chatted with each other, James and I conversed rather tentatively. Soon, we were rousing about the Hogwarts Houses, the teachers, etc. Our friendship had rekindled, and we were as close as we been as little children.

We rode on the Hogwarts Express together when traveling to Hogwarts for the first time.

Within our first week of school, we met a new friend, Matthew Wood, the son of Katie Bell and Oliver Wood, former Gryffindor students who knew our own parents. After slight uneasiness, we three somehow became inseparable, the best of friends even before Halloween rolled around.

Our first year zoomed by speedily and without many troubles. There were the ever-popular stares at James, just because of what his last name was, and the occasional glances at me, because of my last name – Longbottom was significant in both the Wars against Voldemort and around the school, Dad being one of the teachers. But despite the attention we received, we were eager to continue our Hogwarts educations next year.

Second year brought James's brother, Albus, to Hogwarts, as well as Colette Finnigan, daughter of some of my father's old schoolmates. I first met Colette in a Hogwarts Express compartment, when James, Matt, and I barged into the section she was sitting in by herself. To be polite, we had stayed there for the journey, making small chit-chit with Colette. None of the boys noticed, but I could see that Colette took a quick liking to James; just by the way she looked at him with an idolizing glance.

I also saw that she despised me, by looking deep into her eyes. Colette truly liked James – whether it was just for his family history or him, I was unsure of. I was the only girl in school unrelated to James who he spent much time with – he had many female cousins at Hogwarts at the time, as well as a younger sister in the later years. I knew Colette would do anything to be in my position.

But, yet, I never said a word. Because of this, my fifth school year and Colette's fourth were spent wordlessly competing against each other for James – she wanted him in a romantic way, I just in a brotherly way. We were defeated out at the end of the year, James having found a girlfriend in a roommate of mine. Colette never acted the same way again, while I tried to adapt to not being the one James spent free time with nowadays.

The rest of my Hogwarts life was mostly filled with the friendship James and I shared slowly fading once more. When he started going out with this girl, things grew awkward between us. As if my family's move to London was reoccurring, we spoke fewer and fewer times with each other. By my seventh year graduation, I had officially not spoken to James more than once since mid sixth year.

But yet once I left Hogwarts, it seemed as if my life was coming to a tragic and unexpected collapse. I loved someone one perhaps just for the sake of knowing I had a person to call my own. I was employed at a job that I clandestinely loathed but needed to keep in order to pay a flat rent. I purposely lost contact with my family and friends, curling myself up into a ball and slinking back into a hidden cave.

Although, when I entered the Wizardry adult world, I learned more than I had ever learned at Hogwarts, these new studies consisting of learning about myself, the ones I loved in life, and so much more…

Hello. My name is Alice Pomona Longbottom, and this is my story.

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