Author's Note: OK, here's the smutty conclusion to Axel's blind date! Enjoy!

Warning: If anything ever deserved an M rating – this does. Translate it into American movie ratings, and it doesn't become R – it becomes NC-17. Yep.

How had they gotten here again? Axel wasn't sure what was going on – the whole world seemed to be a blur. Some kind of crazy, drunken whirlwind. Normally Axel would start to wonder about this…but right now there were a few too many things he was thinking about – namely, places where he and Roxas were touching each other.

When they parted from that first kiss, Axel had been dizzy and Roxas was leaning heavily on him. He had registered blue eyes smiling at him wholeheartedly, holding nothing back, seeming to pour happiness directly into him.

From there, the memories were patchy. There was blurred motion…and he was inside again, at the lobby desk. He said something, Roxas said something, some voice said something else, but the only thing he was really aware of was the smaller hand gripped tightly in his own, squeezing back, hard. Then Axel was handed a room key and Roxas was dragging him toward an elevator. They nearly broke into a run on the way there, as they frantically tried to hurry faster faster faster without attracting attention.

Doors opened and they stumbled in, panting. Axel didn't even notice the doors shut, because the blond was in his arms again, and the soft lips were back and moving faster faster as Roxas' body pressed Axel against the elevator wall and hands ran through his red hair, pulling insistently.

Then it was out again…a blurry hallway…where were they going? Roxas was dragging him again and Axel was stumbling and trying to follow and focusing as much as he could on keeping himself from displaying his excitement to the world – damn dress pants, so not helpful right now.

Another door, and Roxas in front of him, close, very close, and then Roxas had taken the key from him and was attempting to unlock the room, but Axel practically fell on him, pinning him against the door and kissing him hungrily again and again, running his fingers through the blond hair and clutching the soft strands. Roxas was gasping and panting – or was that both of them? – and trying to say something about "wait…the door" .

Then the door was open…they were stumbling inside, lips still locked together, shoes getting kicked off clumsily…and the door was shut behind them…and Roxas was clawing at Axel's tie, fumbling to pull it off and moaning as Axel's hands tried to touch his hips, chest, neck, back, stomach, hair, face, sides, everywhere at once. The open-mouthed moan elicited a similar sound from Axel, and their tongues clashed together immediately as they both dove further into the burning kiss.

Axel had abandoned self-control. The blond was driving him much too crazy. Their movements and actions were so completely mutual…Axel had never experienced anything like it. He was used to doing nearly all the work in bed – and here was Roxas, matching his pace, sometimes relenting and sometimes leading. When Axel pushed Roxas' suit jacket off, the shorter man took the opportunity to do the same to him. When Axel couldn't resist the curve of Roxas' throat anymore and bent to cover it with hot, wet kisses and passionate nips, Roxas kept his hands busy with the buttons on Axel's shirt…and the clasp of his belt. And when Axel felt those soft hands rub his bare chest wildly and he just had to grip the slender hips in response, Roxas returned his movement by arching away from the wall he had been pinned to and bucking his hips hard against Axel's already throbbing crotch.

They groaned loudly in unison, and Axel sought the hot, wet cavern of Roxas' mouth again. Roxas returned his every move, and as Axel began to struggle with Roxas' shirt buttons, the blond snatched the taller man's shirt off completely and clutched the slender, muscled waist. Axel was biting and sucking harder and faster now, as he finally managed to get rid of Roxas' shirt. He moved down the exposed chest, kissing at random before returning to attack a collarbone, while his fingers teased the nipples that had distracted him so much earlier. Roxas was whining and gasping with every other breath, and Axel felt hands in his hair, pulling hard, then around his neck, then fingers dug into his shoulders as his mouth closed over one of the pink nipples, drawing forth a cry of pleasure, then…those naughty wandering hands were stroking up and down the front of his dress pants. Stroking hard.

Axel could barely breathe, the heat and the taste of Roxas overwhelming him. He nearly fainted when he felt the blond's hands unzip his pants and reach beneath the waistline, silky fingers wrapping around his length. "Roxas…" he breathed huskily into the other's ear. His response was a hot lick up his neck and a nip at his earlobe…and a squeezing hand beginning to jerk up and down.

In contrast to the heated race up until now, time suddenly seemed to slow almost to a stop, as the tantalizing pace of Roxas' hands immobilized Axel with pleasure. All he could do was hold the smaller bare torso close and bury his face in the soft blond hair as he struggled to breathe.

Roxas gradually began to move faster, prompting Axel's hands to roam again, this time wandering down to squeeze and caress the perfect ass. Roxas moaned even more at the stimulation, and suddenly seemed to grow desperately hungry again. Dropping to his knees, he pushed Axel's slacks and boxers out of the way and ran his tongue over the tip of Axel's erection. Axel was so stunned and aroused that he nearly lost control and came right then. Instead he dug his hands into his own hair and pulled hard to help himself keep control. As Roxas began to lick his length, leaving sucking kisses from tip to base, Axel began moaning almost non-stop. He nearly screamed in pleasure when Roxas finally closed his mouth around him, moving his head and hands rapidly. Axel grabbed hold of blond locks this time, and Roxas groaned hard with Axel deep in his mouth.

Axel couldn't take it anymore. He felt like his stomach was full of lava and he struggled out a gasping moan. "Roxas…almost…gonna…" The blond merely took this as an invitation to swallow the redhead down to the hilt, forcing him to lose control and come hard inside Roxas' mouth.

Axel's head was spinning, his vision blurry again, but he saw Roxas pull himself back to his feet, licking his lips slowly and seductively, and pressing their bare chests together. Axel immediately felt the still-hard bulge in Roxas' pants pressed against his hip. He began to breathlessly apologize – he had never come first before – but Roxas cut him off with another passionate kiss, which soon moved down Axel's chest to his nipples. He gasped and looked down, amazed at Roxas. He had never guessed the blond would be so aggressive in bed.

Blue eyes filled with lust locked with his as that burning, magical tongue teased his nipple. The eyes did it to him. Axel couldn't stand up anymore. He managed to stumble to the bed, half-leaning on Roxas and half pushing him, watching the giggling blond throw himself backward onto the sheets, then feeling hands on his arm pulling him down on top of the smaller young man.

They kissed again, sloppily, gradually increasing the speed and passion and heat as Axel recovered from Roxas' fellatio. Soon, it was Axel's turn to be lustfully removing the other's pants. As he drew back to pull them off, Axel paused, a surprised expression momentarily trapping his laughter.

"Roxas…" He began, "Red with cartoon choo-choo trains all over? Seriously?"

Roxas giggled, hiding his face in his hands, blushing adorably. As Axel began to laugh, Roxas removed his hands and looked up, joining in gleefully. "What, I told you I like fun underwear didn't I?" He managed to gasp out between chuckles. Then, a sly expression creeping over his face, Roxas trailed his fingers down his chest and began to lightly rub them up and down the fabric covering his unmistakable erection. "Why?" He purred. "Don't you think they're…cute?"

Axel's eyelids were peeled back so far his eyeballs nearly fell out. With a ravenous growl the only response he could articulate, Axel pulled the "cute" underwear away and took hold of the even cuter, in his opinion, erection they had been concealing. He quickly ran a palm over the sensitive length before he couldn't resist taking the young man in his mouth. Axel could hear Roxas gasp in surprise, then whine loudly in pleasure. He moved fast, until he heard the moaning voice hitch as Roxas called his name, "A-Axel…"

He raised his eyes to the misty blue ones looking down at him. Roxas began to giggle again, and Axel, worried that he had done something wrong, asked, "What?"

"Nothing, it's OK Axel." Roxas giggled again, but saw Axel still looking worried. "It's just…I'm just so relieved is all."

"Relieved about what?" The redhead softly questioned.

"I…I was worried that when you saw me…like this…that you'd be shocked…you'd remember that I'm a guy…and you would be disgusted…by it…me…" Roxas trailed off softly.

Axel could have written a book right then about the opposite of disgusted. He could have spoken for hours about his actual feelings, all of them so far removed from disgusted that he'd be forced to make plentiful use of some emphatic metaphors, which would be very expressive and convincing. However, in that moment, with the beautiful, naked blond in his arms, smiling down at him with relief and happiness filling his perfect face, Axel could not find any words nearly sufficient.

Instead, he moved gently up to fill Roxas' mouth with the most loving kiss either of them had ever felt, causing them both to nearly melt with passion. He managed to pull back, however, and look directly into those entrancing blue eyes. In a soft and completely serious tone, he only said, "I'm not."

"I know," Roxas whispered back, tears glistening in his beaming eyes. Axel bent to kiss and lick the tears away. In that moment, he felt something irresistible clench in his chest, and he knew he had fallen in love. He wanted so much to tell Roxas right away – he could barely keep the words inside – but he knew better than to use that word for the first time while in bed with someone. Even as amazing as this was, rules were rules. He'd have to wait. It would be better for both of them.

Instead, he smiled adoringly into the face of his beloved and kissed him deeply again, before moving down that smooth soft chest and reapplying his mouth to Roxas' hard length. Having never done this before, he wasn't exactly sure he was doing it right. Still, if there was one thing Axel did know, it was what made him feel good – like Roxas' actions earlier. So Axel began sucking and using his tongue as he moved up and down Roxas' length. The moans and whines from the blond let him know when something worked. When Axel began to lick the very tip of Roxas repeatedly, the loud groan from the smaller man made both of them shiver. Now, Roxas was gasping out Axel's name, and trying to instruct him. "Ax-Axel stop…I'm gonna…almost…" Axel didn't even hesitate – he closed his mouth over Roxas and groaned hard, deep in his throat...and was ready to swallow everything as Roxas came into his mouth, muffling his scream by biting a pillow.

Axel crawled up to lie beside Roxas, both of their sweat-covered chests heaving. He was still hard, but he wanted to give Roxas a chance to recover. He stared at the radiant face in front of him – glazed eyes turned to the ceiling, reddened, abused-looking lips and neck, blond locks plastered to his forehead…in his whole life, Axel had never seen anything sexier. He reached over to gently brush strands of golden hair back from the perfect features. Roxas slowly recovered the ability to speak through his panting, "Not bad…for a first time…not bad at all." He grinned weakly at Axel.

Axel felt his face nearly split with a responding grin. "Thanks." Then, a thought struck him, making him chuckle. "Demyx is gonna gloat…he's gonna be so proud of 'converting' me after all." Roxas giggled in response and curled toward Axel, facing him. "But he doesn't have anything to brag about," Axel softly continued. "You're the one who made me change my mind."

Roxas beamed at him. "Glad it worked. I tried really hard…and you almost didn't get it. Had me worried."

Axel was confused again. "What does that mean?" He questioned, dropping his hands.

Roxas grabbed them with his own and held Axel's fingers up to his lips, kissing them softly. "Please, Axel…'It's so hot in here…let me take this jacket of and show a little skin.' Or the sad story of my past – poor lonely, girly me. Not to mention I practically had to kiss you first. But…it was worth acting girly to get your attention." Roxas flirtatiously ran a fingertip down the bridge of Axel's nose. Axel suddenly felt the beginning of panic and dread at the words he was hearing.

"So wait…you mean…you weren't just playing me all along…were you?" Roxas' face fell as Axel continued. "You wouldn't…do all that…just to get me into bed…would you?" The hurt and doubt were filling Axel's eyes.

Roxas cut in immediately. "No! No Axel, no no no! That's completely wrong!" He leaned closer to the redhead, comfortingly kissing his forehead, cheeks, lips. "Axel, please believe me. Demyx told me about this date. He told me…don't be offended OK?...he said you were straight, but he believed that…well, as he said, 'the right person could change that'. And he wasn't just trying to use me, and I wasn't just playing along. He said, knowing us both, he really thought we'd be great together, even if it didn't work out, he said we'd be great friends. So I decided to just go along and make friends with you, because Demyx is usually right about that."

Axel opened his mouth but Roxas held a finger over his lips. "Wait. The thing is…the moment I saw you…and even more so once we got talking at dinner…I wanted more than that. So I tried to get your attention…because you were just so irresistible to me. And…I know we just met but…if you can forgive me…and if you don't mind that I'm a guy…well, want to give it a try? Being lovers I mean?"

"Lovers…" Axel felt like his heart would explode with delight at the word. He reached for Roxas, pulling their bodies close together. "My…lover…" Axel whispered in awe, green eyes locked with glistening blue ones.

Roxas pounced on his lips, suddenly kissing him passionately. Axel responded, trying to erase even the slightest distance between them.

Roxas finally pulled back, smiling and whispering huskily, "I'll take that as a 'yes'?" Axel could only nod. "Good. Well then you better get ready, Axel, because I'm about to make you forget all about women for good." With these words and a wicked smirk, Roxas launched himself up, suddenly straddling Axel's waist.

Axel could only gulp, staring up at the beautiful body, completely exposed above him. Finally, a smile forming on his enraptured face, Axel managed to nod and choke out, "OK." Roxas smirked in response, running his hands up from Axel's stomach to his chest, then grabbing his upper arms. Roxas then slowly lowered his upper body toward Axel's, bending seductively, first pressing their stomachs together, then chests, shifting to create friction across their nipples. His face hovered an inch above Axel's, and the redhead was just longing to taste those lips again, but

Roxas only grinned wickedly and moved to the side, licking the shell of Axel's ear before sucking on his earlobe and breathing softly in his ear.

Axel's eyes slid shut as he enjoyed Roxas' skillfully seductive moves. His heart was pounding again – perhaps more than before. His nether regions – which had calmed a bit during their talk, when he was afraid that Roxas had only been using him – were quickly regaining their firm interest in the activity at hand.

Roxas was kissing along Axel's jaw line now, pausing to nip at his chin and once again deny him a taste of his lips, smirking and moving his attentions to Axel's neck. Axel couldn't think beyond the hot, wet kisses moving down the side of his throat, and the occasional hard sucks that forced moans from him again. He only noticed that Roxas had taken one of his hands when the blond guided that hand down towards his returning erection. Axel needed no prompting to wrap his fingers around Roxas' length and begin sliding his hand up and down. He felt the firmness in his hand swell and become even harder, heat flowing between their bodies as Roxas bit down on Axel's collar bone, groaning as Axel increased the pace.

When they were both fully erect again, Roxas finally granted one soft kiss before sliding his body back a short distance, down from Axel's waist to his hips…to his crotch, or just above it. Roxas stopped when he felt throbbing heat against his ass. Axel could feel the soft, smooth skin touching him, rubbing gently, and he automatically gasped and bucked his hips upward, rubbing harder against the curve of Roxas' rear end.

"Patience, Axel." Roxas reprimanded him with a smile. "You don't want to hurt me, do you?" Axel managed to wrench his eyes open at that, gazing again at the unbearably beautiful young man, and shaking his head – his voice wasn't working too well.

Roxas smiled, but the expression quickly melted into a lustful look as he took Axel's hand from his crotch and raised it to his lips. Axel was hypnotized – Roxas was licking Axel's fingers…slowly…while his blue eyes remained fixed on Axel with a sultry look. Then, just as slowly, he engulfed the fingers in his mouth and began sucking them, sliding his tongue around them, and lathering them with burning wetness inside his mouth. Axel thought he might faint.

Roxas finally drew Axel's fingers out again, allowing a trail of saliva to hang between fingers and mouth for a moment. Then, still holding Axel's gaze, he guided the wet hand around his body and down, lowering it until Axel's fingers brushed Roxas' ass…then Axel felt his fingers guided to Roxas' entrance. There, his hand was released, and Roxas leaned forward slightly, spreading his legs a little further, as Axel experimentally pressed lightly. The shiver that ran through Roxas and the accompanying mewl of want were all the encouragement Axel needed.

Eagerly, he pressed harder, pushing through the opening and quickly sliding his fingers in as far as they would go.

As Axel began to move his fingers inside the blond, Roxas began to gasp and cry out softly. His expression burned into Axel's mind – desire and pleasure filled his face and voice, and Axel noticed his lover was even drooling a bit. How adorable. He quickened the pace more, at the same time, using his other hand to resume pleasuring Roxas' front. He wanted to see just how erotic the young man could look.

Axel was soon stretching Roxas further with another finger, then another. The blond was thrusting back against his fingers, his cries getting louder. Finally, Roxas forced Axel to stop suddenly. Axel looked up to meet blue eyes burning with lust.

"Axel…Axel I want more. I want you. Now."

Axel couldn't do more than nod. Roxas slid again, repositioning himself over Axel. Axel could feel the tip of his erection touching Roxas' entrance…and then the young man lowered himself slowly onto Axel, crying out loudly in pain and ecstasy. Axel also cried out, unable to silence himself – it felt too amazing to be inside of Roxas.

Roxas paused when he had taken Axel in fully, panting and whimpering and letting himself get used to Axel's cock. When the pain had subsided, he began to slowly move himself up and down, thrusting against the heated length inside him.

Axel had seen stars when he entered Roxas. Now, his vision was threatening to go black…but he refused to let it. The slight of the sweating, almost-screaming blond riding him was something he couldn't tear his eyes away from. The feeling, the sensation of being inside him…was incredible. It was hot and wet and felt softer and silkier than satin, and Roxas was gripping him with the perfect amount of pressure. Axel responded by thrusting his hips up to meet Roxas' motions, while returning his hands to Roxas' own throbbing cock and matching their pace in front as well.

Roxas moved faster and faster and Axel was beginning to lose control. Finally, unable to bear it anymore, Axel suddenly forced himself up, pushing Roxas down onto the sheets and repositioning himself over the nearly-exhausted blond. Wild with desire, he thrust even harder into Roxas, encouraged by the other's cries for more. Roxas wrapped his legs around Axel's waist and rolled his hips forward to meet every thrust.

Both of them were hovering on the edge, losing control together. Roxas was screaming Axel's name each time the redhead drove into him, each time Axel nailed his sensitive spot. Axel was

burning up, feeling the return of the lava, aching for release. Finally, he felt it – he thrust once more, burying himself in Roxas completely and coming harder than he ever had. Roxas, feeling Axel's heat inside him, immediately lost control himself, coming long and hard onto his own stomach with a final scream of Axel's name.

Finishing together, both men relaxed. Axel collapsed onto Roxas, using his arms to keep from suffocating him with his full weight. They lay gasping together for a few minutes before Axel gingerly moved, slowly withdrawing from Roxas – and eliciting a few more whines from the other – and then laying down beside him, so close he was almost on top of him still.

For a few minutes, both of them just lay there silently, recovering their breath, letting their heart rates slow back to something close to normal. When Axel opened his eyes, he saw Roxas still breathing heavily, his face only inches away. Axel tenderly reached over to wipe a bit of saliva from the corner of that perfect mouth. The blue eyes opened in response, looking into his own with an expression so warm, so happy…Axel knew his own face probably looked the same. And he knew why he was wearing an expression of complete love, and seeing the same expression on the face before him told him everything he needed to know. Tomorrow…he would tell Roxas his feelings. And tomorrow…he knew Roxas would return them.

He wrapped his arms tenderly around the smaller man, cherishing the warmth of his…dear God…his lover, and smiling happily as he leaned in to kiss those moist lips sweetly. Roxas returned the soft gesture, raising his hands to gently hold Axel's face as he moved his lips slowly in response.

"That," Axel began, pulling back slightly, "was amazing." There just wasn't any better way to say it. Language wasn't enough.

"So," Roxas whispered, smiling, "think you can handle being my lover?"

My lover…Axel beamed at his companion. "Oh, I can definitely handle this…I can handle lots of this. What's more," he paused grinning mischievously at Roxas, "I can't wait to see what the rest of your underwear collection looks like."

The two of them laughed themselves to sleep, cradled in each other's arms.


The End.

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