Sky: Hello everyone, and welcome to Truth or Dare: Twilight!

Edward: This should be interesting…it seems that you have many plans for this…

Sky: Ssh!

Bella: I wonder if I'm going to be dared to trip?

Edward: -smiles innocently- Silly Bella, you usually do that on command

Bella: -glares- Very funny

Edward: -kisses her-

Alice: -glomps Bella- WILL THERE BE SHOPPING?!

Edward: -rolls eyes-

Jasper: -mutters- I hope not

Alice: -whines- Jazzy!

Jasper: Sorry, sorry!

Emmett: Oooh fun! I can't wait!

Rosalie: Hm…I guess I could try.

Emmett: Yeah!

Sky: Please send in your dares/ questions! Please try to remember to keep them rated T or lower, thank you

Emmett: Review or I shall suck your blood!

Rosalie: -smacks him- Shut up idiot

Sky: See ya!