Goodbye Mrs Parker

Chaper Two

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Danny watched from the car as the young girl tried to warm her icy fingers under her own armpits. She bounced lightly from her knees up, the high-heels that she wore where too high for her to move about with graceful ease. He had watched her as she moved slowly up the decaying sidewalk, she had learnt to walk slowly in her shoes, and the best way to hide not been able to walk in these shoes was to roll her hips, and turn what could have been a graceless stumble into an alluring wiggle. She removed her hands from under her arms and Danny watched as she attempted to tug down the bottom of her short lycra dress. He shook his head. She was a girl. A baby really. Someone's baby.

He thought about Lucy and what she would be doing right this very moment. He checked his watch, 12:19 am. She would be tucked up in bed, dreaming of sweet things like playing on the slide in the park; and sticking Jelly Tots into the tops of iced cupcakes that Lyndsay had baked. Her thumb would be firmly planted in her mouth; Ringo, her stuffed rabbit hugged tightly to her chest; and her soft golden curls, smelling of Johnson's baby shampoo, would be splayed out across her pillow.

He leant a little to the left as he reached into the back pocket of his jeans and fought to retrieve his wallet from his seated position in the car. He flipped it open and counted the notes. $150, all in small bills. He replaced the wallet and started the engine, the street was wide and relatively quiet. This was a part of town that most people avoided, especially at this time of night; the only movements were from the girls who wondered this part of town and the steady drip of men in cars. He slowly turned the car in the street and pulled up alongside the girl; flashing his headlights to ensure gaining her attention. She strutted forwarded, still tugging at the hem of her dress. He lowered the window on the passenger side of the door and the girl moved closer. She was new at this, Danny noted to himself, she was nervous.

She didn't speak, only stared.

"Hey Sweetheart, you looking for some company?" he asked. She nodded and forced a small smile. He smiled back and released the doorlock. She climbed in, awkwardly trying to keep her knees together in her outfit. Definitely new at this.

She pulled the door closed with a soft thud, her eyes flitting around the interior of the car.

"What's your name, honey?" he asked. She met his gaze.

"What d'ya wannit to be?" she responded. He raised his eyebrows at her. "Fee," she replied.

"Fee? As in Fiona?" he asked.

"Sure," she replied.

"Well Fee, as in Fiona, how much for the night?"

"The night?" She looked up in surprise.

"The night," he repeated firmly.

"100 bucks," she replied.

"Fine. Why don'tcha get your seatbelt on?"

Fee pulled the seatbelt across her thin body and pressed it in place with a sharp click, as Danny moved the car off down the street and away from the red-light district. Inside the car they were both silent as Danny manoeuvred the car through the streets of New York.

"Where are we going?" Fee finally asked.

"A hotel," Danny replied. He glanced over at her as she gazed out of the passenger window. Her head was turned slightly, and he took in her profile, studying her delicate features for the first time. Her soft brown curls framed her baby face, big watery pale blue eyes, long dark eyelashes, her button nose which eventually sloped down to meet her plump rosy pink lips. She was beautiful. Who was it that was missing this pretty young girl? She didn't seem rough, or trouble. She wasn't on drugs, Danny could recognise that, she didn't need to turn tricks to pay for a heroin habit.

She shivered, her body chilled from standing in the cold for too long a time in too little clothing. Danny leant over and bumped up the heating, blasting out toasty hot air on her feet to try and warm her. They arrived at the hotel 10 minutes later, and Danny pulled the car into a space in the hotel car park and turned off the engine. Fee looked up at him, but he avoided her gaze and let himself out of the car. She following, stepping onto the forecourt, she walk around to the front of the car where Danny was waiting, he placed a hand on her lower back and steered her towards the entrance to the hotel.

The foyer of the hotel was warm and plush, she suddenly felt very self-conscious, luckily it was quiet due to the late, or was it early, hour. Comfortable, overstuffed couches and armchairs were scattered around the reception, along with various tables upon which sat large vases of fresh flowers and the usual tourist leaflets, in varying languages, which told people of all the most popular tourist attractions in the city. They stopped in front of the elevator and the man pushed the button, it was then she realised that she didn't know his name. Oh well, she thought, he doesn't know mine either, not really.

They stepped into the elevator and the doors slid shut behind them, the compartment jerked beneath their feet as it moved up through the floors and then shuddered again as it stopped on the 4th. Danny's hand never left her back, he guided her out and into the hallway, along to the end and then turned right. Room 415. Fee didn't move, she just stood there, rooted to the spot, like an uninvited guest hovering on the fringes of a party. In the room Danny locked his wallet and keys in the safe, when he turned back he was surprised to see she had now removed her dress. She stood before him, apprehensively, wearing only her underwear and those high healed shoes. Ready to earn $100.

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