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Well, this Fanfic is devoid of my normal OC but, well...1 will show up later, but he is my favourite villian...even if he is my only villian...oh well

on with the show...


Titan's tower was devoid of titans...save for two. Robin, Starfire, and cyborg where currently taking care of Mumbo, who, for some reason, wanted to take over the International House of Pancakes...go figure. Beast Boy had stayed behind to help take care of Raven, who was fairly sick. Currently, he was downstairs, preparing Raven's Herbal Tea, while Raven was in her room. She was just thinking to herself, and suddenly, her thoughts wandered back to Beast Boy.

"Why do i keep going back to him?" SHe asked herself, "He was helping her out, but that was because she was sick, wasn't it?"

"you know that's not the reason." A voice said.

"You also know that you like him, why do you surpress the emotion?" a softer, more gentle voice asked.

"Knowledge, i think i know myself pretty well, and you, love, why would beast boy like me at all? I've made fun of him and have been extremely distant from him." She asked her emotions.

"Your...j-just...lying...to yourself." Timid added, "and it's b-b-because your a-a-afraid of it."

"But you need to push past those fears!" Her newest emotion, Courage ordered.

"courage is right, Dear Raven...besides, Beast Boy has become a total Hottie! you saw him in his towal last week, his hours at the gym have been paying off." Lust gushed.

"Shut up Lust, i don't need your thoughts getting to me."

You know, raven, even if he turns you down...we could always get revenge..." Anger added softly.

"Nor do i need your imput, Anger."

"Still, Raven, If you keep surpressing me, i will change...i will become regret...do you want that?" Love asked.

"No... i suppose i don't. But i do not believe this is the right time."

"It never is, Raven, but if you don't admit it too him, you will lose control. Do you remember when you denied your anger...or your fear?" Brave questioned

"Raven, We will let you do what you feel is right. But he will find out..wheter or not you tell him, he will find out." Wisdom said.

Raven suddenly is shaken out of her conversation By a knock on the door. Beast Boy pokes his head in, "I got your tea, Raven."

"Thanks Beast boy." Raven sighed, taking the tea from him.

"Your very welcome Raven, and might i add that you look ravashing today." Beast Boy complimented.

Raven nearly chocked on her tea, "Two things Beast Boy, I'm sick with a 100.8 degree fever, i got massively bad bed hair, and i havent seen sunlight in two days, i think your lying. And secondly, since when do you know the word ravishing, much less what it means?"

"I do think you look great Raven, you always do, and i've been reading the dictionary everytime i come across a word i don't know. I kinda got tired of being insulted and not knowing what it meant."

"well...i must say i'm impressed." Raven said, ignoring Happy's and love's reaction to the first comment.

"i hoped you would be..." Beast Boy said softly, looking into Raven's eyes.

Raven Sighs, 'Beast Boy, i got something i want to tell you."

"Let me guess...you think my ears are sexy?"

"Beast Boy, i'm being serious...i think i...i...i...Achooo!!" Raven sneezes.

Suddenly, a portal opens up, and it dashes around the room. It flips and spins, throwing things all over the room. it finally finds it's target, it sucks up Beast Boy and transports him outta the room.

"Beast Boy?" Raven says, dumbstruck. Did she do that...had to have been. But, where did he go...and why?

suddenly, Raven passed out...and she did not wake up till much later.

Beast Boy pops out into a rather large, dark room. Each section of the room had a podium with a large chair. Each one had a differetn look, as if they where designed for a specific purpose. in the center of the room, is a large, dark chair. it is made to turn, as if it was the leaders chair. Beast Boy looks around, when suddenly...mulitple voices ring out.

"Welcome Back Beast Boy."


Well now, the smarter of ya'll will realize where Beast Boy was sent to...the rest...well...you'll find out soon enough.

"The author is a failure, do not read his stuff...they ain't any good."

"MERCENARY CLOWN!! When the hell did you get outta your cage!!" SGT Faust yells.

"Last week..." Mercenary Clown laughs, "I've been a very busy, and nuaghty, boy."

"is that why i've been reading of grizzly murders this past week?"

"Why...yes...yes it is."

Fucking "A"..." I say...then i get an idea, "Hey MC, would you like some Heroin?"

"Your giving me drugs?" He looks suspicious..." Fuck it, gimme, gimme!"

less then 5 min. of the injection, MC becomes drowzy, "what kinda drug was that?"

"Elephant Tranq's..." I respond.

"You son of a..." Thud! he hits the ground, asleep.

well...i guess i gotta go...gotta put sleeping buety back in his cage...

till next time.

SGT Faust


(PFC Leming)