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Beast Boy eyes slowly adjust to the ill lit room. The room smelled putrid, and the only light was coming from a TV at the far end of the room. Beast Boy gulped, and cursed his animal sense of smell, and started walking towards the light. He could hear the sounds of something wolfing down food, and the occasional burp. He got to a massive armchair, and peered over. There she sat, the disgusting and ever sour tempered, Rude.

Rude looked up, "Beast Boy, get me some...mmmphhh (so good)...more food." she demanded between bites.

"What about the test?" Beast by inquired, taken aback slightly.

"I'll tell you the test, soon as you get me some more damn food" Rude responded bluntly, belching a bit at the end.

Beast Boy, pushed back by the smell emanating from Rude's mouth, complied, and fetched the food. He was not sure what challenge awaited him here, but he knew he wasn't going to like it.

After Raven teleported out of the room, the three remaining titans gave each other confused glances.

"Is friend Raven the...OK?" Starfire asked, looking concerned.

"I don't know, Star" Robin began, "But I intend to find out."

"Calm down Boy Wonder. If Raven left, it was probably for a good reason." Cyborg cut in, blocking Robins path, "Besides, she hasn't left the tower, she just went to her room. Probably needed to meditate."

"I shall go prepare her a traditional meal of my people. The soup of probably distraction of worries!" Starfire announced, flying towards the kitchen, "now I wonder where I can get a rubber hose for the soup."

Cyborg retched slightly in his mouth, "you distract Star, ill go check on Raven, and hopefully Beast Boy"

Cyborg went up the elevator, and walked over to Raven' room. He could hear someone pacing in her room, and decided to knock.

"I do no wished to be bothered." came the soft reply.

"you can either open up, or I am going to have to replace your door." Cyborg replied, leaning back to get some windup to hit the door.


Swoosh! The door opened and Raven beckoned for cyborg to enter. Cautiously, Cy noted the surroundings. Not much has changed since he was here last. The book shelve where still full, the room was still dark, and the atmosphere was grim. Raven continued to pace, wringing her hands together and mumbling to herself.

"What is going on Raven? Your not acting like yourself." Cyborg questioned.

Raven stopped her pacing, looked up at Cyborg, and her face contorted into a sad grimace. "I'm sorry Cyborg...but Beast Boy is going to be gone for a little while...I...I...I'm sooo sorryyyy" Raven finished, while bursting into tears.

"But...what happened? Whats wrong?" cyborg asked, as he knelt down and looked into Raven's eyes.

Raven suddenly stopped crying, looked directly into Cyborgs face and whispered, "do you wanna know why he is gone?"

As Cyborg got closer, Raven slowly opened her mouth and released an earth shattering belch, causing the metallic teen to stumble backwards.

Beast Boy pulled himself out from beneath a pile a trash, growling slightly as Rude waited for him to finish. She had challenged him to clean the building she was in, but Beast Boy was having a hard time keeping up with the amount of food that Rude went through. He decided to try something new. He thought of anything that could help...suddenly, he got an idea. He turned into a goat, and started eating the trash. Rude looked over at him and raised an eyebrow.

"what are ya doin over there?" she asked

He transformed back into himself and responded with, "I was hungry, figured that since goat's can eat anything (more or less) that I can take a snack. you should try it sometime, it's actually really tasty."

Rude looked confused, but shrugged and figured what the hell. She cast a spell on herself and became a goat. Beast Boy Smiled and transformed back into a goat and started munching on the trash. Rude noticed how fast Beast Boy was eating, and determined to eat as much as she could, started eating faster. The two goats where racing to see who could eat a mountain of trash first. After several hours beast boy transformed back into his normal self, stomach distended. Rude saw this, ate the last piece of garbage, and transformed back.

"Ha, I win BB." She cried triumphantly, "I Ate way more garbage, Loser!".

"Maybe," Beast Boy groaned, "But the room is now clean."

Rude stopped and slowly turned around. Sure enough the room was spotless, the two of them had eaten every bit of garbage. She sighed, realizing that she had been tricked, and vowed never to clean again. She walked over to Beast Boy, and Burped the medallion up. It was slimy and had a half eaten apple as it's symbol. Rude vanished and left behind a portal. Beast Boy stepped through.

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