Darker Than Black: Hei's feeling

Darker Than Black: Sentimental Black Reaper

Chapter one: Syndicate's Decision

An elderly man sat in a brightly lit secluded room at the end of a ten-foot rectangular desk, listening to his four colleagues disputing the chaos at Hell's Gate five months ago. The order to kill Huang and that cat, Mao, had been successful, but BK201 and the Doll had escaped.

He interlaced his fingers and laid his chin on them, as a short middle-aged man sitting to his left stood and pounded on the desk.

"We've lost a lot of Contractors because of our little fight with Evening Primrose," he blabbered. "And recent situations with BK201 stringing up Contractors for the Foreign Affairs to arrest has put us in a tight pinch!"

He had little patients and constant panic attacks, causing a majority of the Syndicate to think about having one of their Contractors kill him. Unfortunately, there were no replacements.

"Sit down, Ken," demanded a muscular average-sized Scottish man across from Ken. He had bang length fluttery red hair parted to the right.

Ken scornfully returned to his seat.

"He hasn't strung up all of our Contractors, or have you forgotten he had killed MG678 a few months back," continued the Scottish man. "And you are right; it does seem to be we are in a bit of a pinch, but I do believe MI-6 and other organizations also received a major blow too. And if you recall, we are the ones to blame since we wanted to extinguish Contractors from our world.

"Yes, BK201 is a concern we need to think about. Whenever we thought we had him, he was always one step ahead of us, and sooner or later he will come and kill every single one here. The only thing we were able to do was prevent his puppet from spying on us. We need to find BK201 so we can kill him."

"I agree, Brian," spoke up a bald elderly man, sitting at the front. "But where is he? For all we know he could have decided he had enough and snuck into China or Alaska."

"I would take a guess that BK201 is still here in Japan," said the elderly man. "He wouldn't run off like a coward and hide."

"You can't be too sure, Mito. He may be a Contractor, but they aren't stupid enough to hang around a fight if they know they are unable to win."

"So how do we find BK201 and the Doll?" Brian asked.

The room went quiet. Only the humming sound of the air vents could be heard, as everybody pondered on a suggestion.

"I know how," said a tall slender dark-eyed man sitting next to Brian. He had bowl style black hair and buckteeth, under a crooked nose and blue slanted eyes. "Section-Chief of the Foreign Affairs, Kirihara Misaki."

Everybody turned to face him skeptically.

"Kirihara Misaki, the one who investigates matters concerning Contractors?" questioned Brian.

"Hai. I had sent in one of our men into the Police Department, as Yoshimitsu Horai's Lawyer, and I got some interesting news."

"Like what?" asked Ken sarcastically?

"Just as BK201 was going to kill him, Misaki begged him not to."

"Not so surprising," Ken shrugged. "Misaki wanted to arrest Horai for his so-called crimes, and it wouldn't have done any good if he's dead. Maybe BK201 thought the same?"

"As did Horai until Misaki called out to him, saying the name he used as cover. Li, I think he said. BK201 responded with Li is dead. It seemed to Horai that they knew each other."

"Then why hasn't Misaki turned him in?" questioned Mito.

"The way I understood it they had had some kind of a relationship."

"A relationship? Contractors don't act on feelings to have a relationship, Hiro."

"Don't forget Shihoko Kishida was a Contractor, and she had had a relationship with Huang, or have you all forgotten."

"If that's so, Hiro, how are we going to get her to help us find BK201 if she loves him and he loves her?" mocked Ken.

Everyone stared at Hiro as they waited for an answer.

"Well, we could capture Kirihara Misaki and then BK201 will come to rescue her."

"BAKA!" Ken deafeningly shouted. "Kidnap Kirihara Misaki and have the whole Foreign Affairs looking for her and coming after our heads?"

"That's enough, Ken," moaned Mito while closing his eyes from a headache caused by Ken. He then opened and narrowed them at Hiro. "Are you sure BK201 will try to rescue her?"

"Hai," Hiro bowed.

Mito glanced around the table to see his colleges waiting for him to speak.

"I think it's a great idea," he finally said.

Ken looked on shocked, as the rest of the Syndicate stared at him speechless.

"You're insane!" barked Ken. "You and Hiro!"

"Shut up, Ken!" shouted Brian. He then looked back and forth at Hiro and Mito. "Are you two sure? If we do this, we could be in a serious pinch if things go wrong. Also, after we do kill BK201, Kirihara Misaki cannot leave our facility alive, and I don't think that that old man will be pleased."

"It doesn't matter if he will be pleased or not, it's his loss that he didn't do anything about it, Brian." stated Mito. "And quite frankly I don't care. The question is: can any of you accept it?"

"I can," said the bald old man.

"As well as I," said Hiro.

Everybody around the table also agreed, causing Ken to snort and curse.

"If everyone beside Ken agrees, then I also agree," assured Brian with a devilish smile.


Hei walked up to an apartment complex's office with Yin in Shinjuku and knocked on the door. A few seconds later a short squinty-eyed old man slid open the door and looked up at Hei. He placed on a pair of big rounded glasses, causing his eyes to widen behind them, and blinked.

"What is it?" croaked the old man.

"Eh, well, I was wondering if I could rent out one of your vacancies, ojisan?" asked Hei politely.

"Eh, do you have your past credit history with you?" Hei nodded. "Well, come on in then."

Hei and Yin entered the small room and kneeled behind a small desk. The old man pulled out an application form and set it down in front of Hei. Hei handed over a fake past credit report and began signing the name, Xing Kuang on the application, as the old man squint his eyes and fiddled with his glasses to read the report's cramped writing.

"It says here you were single," said the old man. He looked at Hei and then at Yin. "I will need your wife's signature as well."

"Eh, sorry for the confusion, but she is my sister," smiled Hei, as he scratched the back of his head from the embarrassment.

"Oh, sorry, youngster."

"It's quite all right, ojisan.

Hei continued filling out the application and then handed it back, as the old man returned Hei's credit report. The old man then slowly stood from the table, walked behind a counter to pick up something, and then handed Hei two keys.

"Room 201, which is on the second floor," said the old man.

"Hai, arigatou, ojisan," thanked Hei, as he took the keys and exited the office with Yin.

They ascended up to the second floor, and walked down to the second far end door. Hei inserted the key, opened the door, and allowed Yin in first. Hei followed, taking off his shoes as Yin did, and noticed the room was exactly like his last place. He walked over to the sink, plugged the drain, turned on the faucet, and filled it up half way. He then grabbed a pan to pour water in, and then turned off the faucet.

Hei walked over to Yin, who was sitting on the windowsill to feel the afternoon air whip at her face, and set the pan down by her bare feet. She settled her right foot in it, causing a blue like ghost to pop its head out of the sink.

"Do you think we'll be safe here, Hei?" she asked.

Hei had Yin watched the Syndicate for information on missions, enabling Hei to intervene and help Kirihara Misaki arrest Contractors, but they had caught onto their scheme. A few times the Syndicate had located where he and Yin lived, which created a ruckus, and forced them to run.

"I don't know," replied Hei.


Kirihara Misaki sat in her office late at night looking out the window at the false stars. Although Dr. Schrader and Horai had been placed under arrest for their failed attempt at killing all Contractors, it had not stopped construction on Hell's Gate.

Misaki had tried to see the reconstruction terminated, quoting what Eric Nishijima and Horai had confided in her, but she was unsuccessful. Apprehending Contractors was a burden on her department, especially with the continuous assassin attempts. Since the public had found out of their existence, many humans had foolishly approached Contractors, thinking they could take them on, and were killed.

Her thoughts dwelled on Li, not wanting to believe he was BK201. Li seemed like a great guy who wouldn't hurt a fly, and yet BK201 was a type of person who would kill someone if he or she got in his way. They were two different people living inside each other.

Her being with Li before Hell's Gate's fiasco was wonderful and wished it had never ended. She wished she could return to that moment, but Misaki wondered if Li had enjoyed her company since Contractors are deceivers.

Misaki leaned forward while placing her elbows on her desk and lacing her fingers behind her head, as she fought with her emotions.

A noise behind her caught her attention, causing Misaki to stand and pull out her gun.

"Is anybody there?" she called out. "Hello?"

Misaki slowly scanned the office, once in a while checking behind her, but nobody was present. She continued eyeing the area while roaming around desks and holding out her gun.

"I know someone's here," Misaki informed. "Why don't you come out and show yourself."

She waited for the person to show his or herself, but there was no reply, agitating Misaki.

Footsteps suddenly sounded behind her, making Misaki whip around and point her gun at Saitou. He threw up his hands and started waving them in defense.

"Oi, Chief, it's me!" shouted Saitou.

"Saitou?" questioned Misaki surprised, as she placed her gun in her purse. "Wha… what are still doing here?"

"I forgot something." Saitou lowered his hands.

"Why didn't you call out when I asked?"

"Eh, sorry, I had food in my mouth. What are you still doing here?"

"Finishing up some reports."

"Oh, well, I'll grab what I need and be out of your way."

Saitou walked over to his desk, picked up some things, and approached the elevator. He hit the down button to open the elevator door.

"Saitou!" spoke up Misaki. Saitou looked back at her. "Sorry about pointing my gun at you."

"It's all right, Chief," smiled Saitou.

He turned on his heels and entered the elevator. Within seconds the door closed. Misaki returned to her desk and sat thinking about Li, not even giving her work a glance.

Darker Than Black

The following morning Hei walked the confined streets of Shinjuku, as he looked for the fast food restaurant that was hiring, and found it moments later. He entered the cramped store, cluttered with occupied tables and chairs, and walked up to the counter where a young woman stood smiling.

"Welcome, sir. Can I help you," she greeted.

"Hello, I'm here to apply for a job," said Hei.

"Is that so?" questioned the young woman.


The young woman guided Hei to the back of the room and had him sit behind a desk. She then walked over to a drawer, pulled out some papers, and then laid them before him. She bowed and left Hei to fill out the application.

As he wrote down his false name, new address, and other stuff, the aroma of the food played with his sense of smell, which caused an uncomfortable feeling to arose in his stomach and let out a loud growl.

"What was that?" asked a customer.

"I—I don't know?" responded the young woman.

Hei blushed as his stomach uncontrollably growled again.

"It came from your back room!" the customer squealed. "You don't have a monster or something back there, do you?"

"No, I think it's the pipes. They are kind of old."

Hei's stomach growled even louder.

"That's no pipe. You have something back there and it sounds like its hungry. I'm out of here!"

"Me too!" shouted another customer and then a few others.

Hei heard footsteps rampaging in the dinning area and out the door. Within seconds everything was quiet. Hei stood and stepped into the front still blushing and noticing the young woman frowning.

"I'm sorry," Hei apologized, as he handed back the application.

Hei walked towards the front door, looking down at the floor, as his stomach growled again.

"Oi, here," spoke up the young woman.

He turned around to see the young woman throwing him a burger and caught it. Hei looked down at it and then at the young woman.

"Consider it on the house even though it was already paid for," she replied.

"Arigatou," replied Hei, and exited the store.

He continued down the streets eating his burger, knowing he wouldn't be hearing from them, and entered other stores that were hiring to fill out other applications.


Misaki's footsteps echoed in the Municipal Police's brightly lit parking garage, as she walked towards her car late at night. She recalled the story Li had told his Landlord after Hell's Gate, stating a convenient lie in order to disappear.

She continued to search for him, but her determination led to dead ends.

"The man named Li is dead." Li's words repeated in her head.

Misaki knew that wasn't true since she could here it in his voice.

The corner of her right eye caught a glimpse of a shadowed figure running by. She pulled out her gun while examining the garage to see who it was, but there was no one. She continued searching around vehicles and glancing behind her every few seconds.

A tall man with messy red hair suddenly skidded a few meters away, which caused Misaki to point her gun at the person and shout, "Don't move!"

The red-haired man didn't listen and ran at her, forcing Misaki to shoot. He held up his hand and unexplainably a void-like black hole appeared, swallowing the bullet.

Misaki looked on shocked, as she said to herself, "Keiyakusha!"

She quickly regained her composure, leaping to her right as the tall man threw the black hole-like void at her feet while letting off another round. He barely swallowed her second shot.

Misaki started to run, but she was unable to move from being held in an ankle deep void. She aimed her gun at the man, but another void appeared around her wrists.

"What do you want?" Misaki asked.

"I want nothing," said the man.

A van drove up and skidded to a halt behind him. Its side door slid open with men in black-like co-op uniforms filing out to seize Misaki. The Contractor released his hold on her so the co-op men could cuff her hands and force her into the van.

"Who are you people?" she demanded. "What do you want with me?"

"Silence!" shouted one of the men. He then turned to face the Contractor. "Good work, ML921."

"As long as you remember who caught her," replied the Contractor.

He turned away from the van, pulling out a knife, and slashed Misaki's tires as the co-op man slammed the side door shut.


Misaki was jostled along a brightly lit corridor and forced into a white room. The cuffs around her wrists were removed, and then the co-op men locked the door. She walked over to a one-way mirror and pounded on it.

"Come out!" she shouted. "I know someone is behind this mirror!"

Misaki continued yelling and banging on the mirror with no reply. Ten minutes later the door unlocked and opened. An elderly man walked in with two guards standing by his side with a SOF Combat Assault Rifle, also known as FN SCAR, which was the latest model.

"Who are you?" asked Misaki.

"Who we are doesn't concern you," said the elderly man.

"We? Wait a minute; you work for a group that hires Contractors." The elderly man just smiled at her comment. "Why have you kidnapped me?"

"We kidnapped you so BK201 could come and rescue you, Officer Kirihara Misaki."

"BK201? Wh—why would he bother to rescue me?" Misaki stuttered to say.

"I think you already know that answer, Detective."

"What do you want with him?"

A devilish smile appeared on the man's face. "We want him dead."


Hei and Yin sat down at a somewhat crowded restaurant for lunch, as guest and employees watched Hei devourer his twenty-ninth serving of ramen noodles astounded. Yin sat quietly after finishing her own food. A young waitress, who was shaking her head, walked over to pick up his empty bowls, and nearly dropped them when he asked for another.

"You're going to get fat when you hit your thirties," informed the waitress.

Hei smiled awkwardly at her. She shrugged it off and walked behind the counter to drop off the stack of bowls in the sink. She returned with his thirtieth serving and set it before him so he could continue his meal. A television mounted on the back wall broadcasted a gimpy weatherman reporting a hot week, and a cool rainy weekend.

"In other news," spoke up a newscaster. "The Tokyo Police department has announced that one of their own had been kidnapped last night. We are told that the person's name is Section-Chief of the Foreign Affairs Section four, Kirihara Masaki."

Hei dropped his chopsticks in his bowl, as he stared up at the television with a few strands of noodles still hanging from his mouth.

"An officer by the name of Yusuke Saito stated that her car is still in the parking garage." The newscaster continued with. "He thinks that the kidnapper had stabbed all her tires to prevent Chief Kirihara Misaki from escaping, and then attacked her."

Hei narrowed his eyes at the television, and then continued eating. Once he was done, he paid the bill and left with Yin to walk through the crowded streets of Shinjuku.

"Hei, you are concerned for that woman?" asked Yin.

"Hai," replied Hei.

"Do you know who might have kidnapped her?"

"The Syndicate is behind it. The slashed tires weren't done to keep Misaki from running; it had to be a Contractor's obeisance."

"How can you be sure it's the Syndicate? It could be MI-6 or Pandora."

"From what Mao had told me six months ago."

"You want to save her, don't you, Hei?" Yin asked.

"Hai," Hei nodded. "You think you can find where they're holding her?"

Yin nodded and walked over to the curb. She removed her shoe, settled her foot in a puddle, and looked for Misaki across Tokyo.

"I found her," she said a few minutes later. "They're holding her in Nakano."

"All right," Hei responded.

"Hei, I'm coming with you."

Hei turned to look at Yin shocked and said, "It's not safe."

"Hei, you won't be able to save her alone. I'm coming with you."

Hei stared at her flabbergasted, but nodded in reply.

He guided Yin towards their apartment in silence. They entered their room moments later with Yin kneeling to place her hand in a water filled pan, causing her spectre to appear in the sink. Hei walked over to one of the closets and slid it open to reveal his mask and black coat. He picked up his mask and held it before his face to stare at the haunting feature.


Japanese translations:

Neko: Cat

Nihon: Japan

Baka: Idiot

Ojisan: Old man

Hai: Yes

Arigatou: Thanks

Iie: No

Keiyakusha: Contractor, but I think everyone knew that