"I…just…you know what? I can't take this anymore. I'm leaving." He stood to his feet and started down the corridor.

"Light. Light wait."

"I'm done being your toy L. I'm done. This conversation is over." Before he could turn the first corner, he felt Ryuzaki's hand on his shoulder. He stopped dead in his tracks and neither one uttered a word. L's hands clasped Light's waist gently. He stepped closer to Light and placed a small kiss on his neck. This shocked the hell out of Light. 'What the hell? That's…very intimate of him. That kiss on my neck was wrong on so many levels but I can't help but ponder my feelings about it. I know it was wrong but I…I may have enjoyed it. Alright. Get a grip Light. L's making his next move to see how much more he can get inside your head. Stay focused. Do not blow your cover.'

"I'm sorry if I make you feel like a toy because you're not." 'WHAT?! HE'S APOLOGIZING?! NOW WHAT DO I DO?' L planted another small kiss on the back of Light's neck sending chills down his spine. 'What is this? What's going on here?' "I do believe my actions have rendered you speechless so I'll explain."

"Oh…alright." He slid his hands up and down Light's sides causing him to shift nervously but he began speaking shortly after.

"I asked you earlier if you were in love with Misa and you reluctantly gave me the answer to something very personal. You of course had every right to ask me something personal in turn but I refused to answer. However, I told you that if I lived long enough I would tell you my story."

"I knew you'd still be alive because you're not going to die so I wish you'd quit saying that. You keep it up and you might actually bring that omen on yourself." /Oh Light, the omen's already come and gone. I'm just hoping I don't die right now./ L chuckled softly before bringing his lips to Light's ear.

"I had a friend that I fell in love with three years ago when I joined the task force. She was very beautiful, much like your Misa but...she committed suicide."

"Ryuzaki…I…I'm sorry," Light stammered. "If I had known…I shouldn't have asked."

"It's quite alright. Anyway to end my sad short story I vowed to never love again. You know, the whole cliché thing we see in movies. Well things worked out pretty well. The Kira investigation has had me so preoccupied that I haven't had time to dwell on such silly, human, emotional needs such as love."


"However…" 'However?'

"When you realize that you are about to come face to face with death it makes you think of a lot of things. Today I went to visit an old friend and then I took a walk to clear my head and gather necessary thoughts. I stood outside headquarters on the roof and then you joined me minutes later. I noticed some things about you today that I may have noticed before but because I was so determined to prove that you were Kira, I never spoke of these things." 'I really want to know what he noticed but I'm too afraid to ask. No. I have to know.'

"I kinda want to know what you noticed but then again maybe I don't."

"Light you know I've never been one to hold my tongue about anything and I really want to ask something of you but I don't know how to ask. I mean, technically I could just come right out and ask but I get the feeling it's going to come off as rude."

"And that's stopped you before?"

"Mhn…yes. You're quite right but even if I do ask I'm almost fifty percent sure you'll refuse and proceed to chastise me for asking such a thing. Then there's a fifty percent chance that you'll say yes but not without an explanation. The explanation alone will get me yelled at and knowing you like I do, you'll storm off and give me the silent treatment, which you know I hate. So…I figure that it's a risk either way. You know I'm always one for taking risks; the bigger the better. But I think I found option number three and in my opinion it's the biggest risk of them all but since I know that you're Kira…"


"And I know that I'm dead, it really won't matter one way or the other in the end."


"I'm going with option number three."

"Which is…?"

"I'll just attempt to take it and you can either stop me or let me be. The choice is yours Light but I have nothing to lose."

He didn't give Light a chance to respond. He clasped his waist tighter and pulled him back against him. His hands left his waist to tug at the bottom of his tank. It was still slightly damp from the rain, clinging tightly against him. He hooked his fingers underneath it and started inching it up slowly. Light's mind was running wild. 'Okay. Okay. What the hell? What the…Ok. I know what's happening but do I stop this? Is he for real or is this just another test? And if this is a test, what are these feelings that I'm having? I'm not supposed to have any kind of feelings for my rival!'

All the same Light felt himself giving in. L's hands slowly started lifting the tank over his head and he helped by voluntarily raising his arms. 'I'm such an idiot but...' L began sliding his nose all over Light's shoulders, across his collar bone and to his neck, taking in his sweet smell. /God Light, I guess if I had to choose a way to spend my last hours on earth, I'd probably pick you all over again. I wonder if I'll remember how nice you smell when I'm dead…/ His thoughts were shattered when Light turned around to face him. L found himself gaping at the nice, broad chest before him whose rosy nipples were begging to be licked. Light caught him off guard by placing his hands at the bottom of his shirt tugging at it lightly.

"I…suppose you ought to take this off," he said softly. L had to close his eyes and bite his lower lip to suppress a moan. /I just realized how sexy Light's voice is. Then again, maybe I've always known how sexy it is. After all, I did at one time look for reasons to call Light's cell so maybe I've always thought he was sexy. Too late to dwell on it now./

"Mhn…yes. I suppose I should." He reached down to pull it off but Light's hand covered his own.

"Allow me." He pulled L's still drenched gray, sweater shirt over his head to reveal pale, smooth skin underneath. Unlike Light, whose abs were just nicely toned, L's were more defined, his six pack clearly showing. 'I…I actually like what I see. Does that mean I'm…?' L took a step towards Light and bent his head to nip at his neck. Light's quick intake of breath made L realize just how turned on he actually was. He could feel his erection lightly pressing up against Light's thigh but he wasn't ready to give in to that just yet. He wanted to explore every inch of Light because truth be told, Light was truly a work of art. He nipped and suckled at Light's neck while raking his fingers through that soft, slick hair that he had come to love in just mere minutes.

'I…I guess I should…' Light wrapped his arms around L gliding his hands across his back and up to the back of his head where he too raked through Ryusaki's hair. A moan escaped L and Light froze. 'Did he just…? I'm sure he…moaned. I...I think I liked it.' Light's own erection was starting to tingle as well as it pushed hard against L's front. L's lips were now sucking Light's earlobe playfully making his hard on that much more troublesome.

"Light, is it safe to assume that you're going to let me continue?"

"I…I'm not one for throwing in the towel so I say…let's just see where this leads," he managed. 'I want to stop you. I want to stop me but…this feeling…I've never felt like this before in my life and I don't want it to end just yet. I have to know…I have to see where this goes.'

"I figured you'd say that," he grinned. He brought his lips to Light's and pressed firmly against them. Light was only too eager to grant him access, opening his mouth and letting L's tongue roam freely inside it. 'I want this. I think I really want this.' The kiss was rough at first, both mouths fighting for domination over the other but Light's head started to spin when L deepened the kiss and he gave up the fight for dominance, letting L take control. /God your lips…I could kiss them all day but I fear time is of the essence so I must move on./ He tore his lips away and stared hungrily at Light.

He grabbed both his hands urging him to follow him to the floor, which he did. They were both on their knees staring at one another until L placed a gentle hand on Light's chest. Light took the cue leaning back onto the cool hard floor. L wasted no time hovering over him to capture his lips in another powerful kiss. It didn't last long for his mouth was just aching to taste more of him. He ran his tongue over Light's collar bone and around his neck. Light could no longer hold back any sounds. He closed his eyes and let a low moan escape his lips. L's erection was now throbbing to no end but he couldn't give in just yet. /I hear you Light. I hear you and I love what I'm hearing but I have to explore more of you first./ His tongue left his collar bone trailing a path down his chest until he reached a nipple. He flicked his tongue over it lightly, teasing it to no end until it hardened. He covered it with his mouth, sucking and grazing it slowly, drawing more and more moans from Light.

"God, Ryuzaki…please…" 'Oh man. I just shouted out loud like an idiot but I couldn't help it. It feels so good…' L's other hand ghosted over his chest to find and play with the other nipple, taking it between two fingers and pinching it lightly. Light groaned a little louder this time causing L to smile. /Considering this is the first time I've made out with a guy, it's good to know I'm doing it right./ He looked up at Light, his lips still pressed firmly against a nipple and saw that he was blushing. /That is the cutest, sexiest thing I've ever laid eyes on./

"Light, has anyone ever told you that you're cute when you blush?" Light's face turned a deeper shade of red and he closed his eyes pretending to ignore his blue headed friend. L ran both his hands all over Light's front as if trying to learn every dent and curve on Light's body. He finally reached his waist again where he traced the waistline of his pants. Light's eyes shot open when L began undoing his button and zipper. 'Is he about to…why yes he is stupid. What did you think was going to happen eventually? Did you think this was another one of L's games? Maybe I did…'

L quickly tugged Light's pants off of him tossing them to the side. He clasped Light's erection in his hand and smirked when he saw the embarrassed look on his soon-to-be-lover's face. /I would take my time with this but I'd hate to kill over in the middle of something as important as this./ He wasted no time placing his mouth over Light's erection bringing instant pleasure to his rival. Light clenched his fists and bit his lower lip in a feeble attempt to suppress his moans. /No Light. I want you…no, I need to hear you moan for me./ He gave Light's balls a gentle squeeze as he sucked him harder, every now and then letting up to let his tongue lick around the tip of his erection. L achieved his goal. In no time, Light was moaning his name, twisting and turning on the floor out of sheer pleasure.

"God, Ryusaki…I'm…" He took Light back into his warm mouth and immediately began to taste him. He was now cumming inside his mouth, his body now shuddering on the floor. He lay there panting half expecting that he'd be able to return the favor but to his surprise L wasn't done yet. He was licking the cum off of his lips and playing with the sticky substance around Light's erection. 'Why is he…?' He soon felt one of L's fingers probing inside of him. He cried out loudly, his voice echoing along the empty corridor.

"Ryu…Ryuzaki…" He felt another finger enter and then another, probing and exploring the inside of him. 'I know I should probably be hating this but for some reason I'm not. This feeling of pain and pleasure is nothing like I've ever felt before…please don't…' "Don't stop Ryuzaki," he moaned. L looked up and saw that Light was completely turned on. His eyes were glazed with hunger and lust. /He's ready for me./ L removed his fingers eyeing Light hungrily. As if he could read his mind, Light sat up off the floor and clasped L's chin pulling him close to capture his lips in another kiss. He pulled away a second later staring up at his…friend?

"I think I know what comes next," he whispered. He turned and placed L's hands on his hips, but not before licking each finger playfully. L felt the heat rush through his body and he just couldn't take it anymore. He grabbed Light's hips and thrust hard inside of him. Light gasped at the sudden burst of pleasure and pain. L withdrew and then thrust inside of him again, hitting Light's sweet spot this time. He could feel Light's muscles tightening beautifully around him and he moaned with pleasure. He used a free hand to clasp Light's erection and began stroking him to the rhythm of each thrust. It wasn't long before Light's precum drenched his hand.

"Ryuzaki…please…" he begged. L stroked him faster twisting and tugging at his erection while slamming into him harder.

"Light…God Light…" Light's muscles tightened for the final time sending them both over the edge. Both released at the same time crying out into the empty corridor and panting heavily. L pulled out of Light and both collapsed onto the floor. L slid closer to Light pressing his body against the back of him. He threw an arm around him while Light relaxed against him. They were both silent for several minutes, each one trying to figure out what just happened.

/Okay. So I just made love to Light…who happens to be Kira…but I think I've wanted him for a while now…even though he's the God of Death. I wonder if I'll go to hell for this…/

'I just had sex with Ryuzaki…who happens to be my sworn enemy…and rival…and best friend. My best friend. I hate to admit it but he is my best friend. I should probably regret what just happened but I don't which is really bothering me now. He's…he's supposed to die soon and then Kira will be the winner of this game of wits but…why do I feel so guilty all of a sudden?' L brushed his lips against the back of Light's neck and chuckled.

"What's got you so tickled Ryuzaki? Is it because I was completely at your mercy for the last hour or so?"

"Mhn…no, but good guess. Actually I was just laughing at myself. Irony…what a thing it can be."


"Yeah. I just…Something's been plaguing my mind for the last week or so and I can now truly appreciate the irony behind other situations now that it's happened to me."

"Are you referring to us?"

"Yes. Two sworn enemies fighting to outwit the other and it's ironic that we're lying in each other's arms now. If Matsuda or some of the others saw this, they'd probably laugh since most of them love to joke about us being the perfect soul mates when you're not around."

"Yes I guess you're right."

"There's also something else."

"Are you going to tell me or leave me in suspense?"

"Like I said, I have nothing to lose so yes, I'll tell you. As funny as it sounds, I just made love to you and I loved it. The kicker? This moment has confirmed what I've been fighting against for weeks."

"I'm afraid to ask. No…let me guess. You really don't despise me as much as you seem to right?"

"Yes, you're quite right. I don't despise you. In fact, I don't hate you at all because I love you."

"Wha…what?" he gasped. 'He can't be serious. Love?'

"I love you…Light Yagami. Yes, I know. Another exciting twist for today and no, it's not a ploy to get inside your head. I just…love you. Simple as that."

"Ryusaki wait a second. You shouldn't say things like that. You can't possibly love me. What have I done since we met to make you think such a thing?" he snapped. "All I do is fight with you and throw tantrums because you won't let me go."

"Did it ever occur to you that I handcuffed myself to you just to get closer to you? Of course, it was still all about finding out if you were really Kira but it was also an excuse to be around you all the time. I loved the person that I became when I was around you. I also loved hearing you talk; how you analyzed things so quickly, thinking out loud and outsmarting me every step of the way. /Like now.../ I thought I was just losing my mind but don't we all when we fall in love?" /You are Kira after all so I must be nuts./

"I…wouldn't know," he answered softly.

"Fair enough." He leaned over and pressed his lips to Light's coaxing him into another slow, lingering kiss that lasted several seconds. He pulled away and stared into the beautiful brown eyes of his love. "Despite what you say or how you may feel it still won't change anything. I love you Light…and I'm sure I always will." He crawled to his feet and stretched out a hand to help Light up. "We should probably get back. I do believe we've been gone long enough."

They both headed out of the corridor and straight to their separate rooms to get changed, each one thinking about the other. They met back up minutes later and started towards the investigation room. L took hold of Light's hand and kissed it as they walked in an awkward silence. When they reached the door of the room, they both stared at each other, both hesitating to go inside. L leaned over and kissed Light's lips one last time before entering the room. Light followed behind him nervously. L took his seat in front of the main computer while Light just lingered in the back, watching.

"Light, Ryuzaki. You guys have been gone for quite some time. There's a message for you Ryuzaki."

"Thank you Chief Yagami. As for Light and myself, we had some things we needed to privately discuss about his stay here to help with the Kira investigation." L proceeded to talk with the other officers while going through his messages. Light however, had drowned everyone else out. He nervously fidgeted with his watch. 'How much longer before he dies? What is Misa doing? I tried calling her but she wouldn't pick up. I don't think I want him to die anymore. God what have I done? But…he's still my enemy even if he does love me. I don't love him. Wait a second. Why don't I sound sure of myself. I just can't be in love with him either!' His thoughts reverted back to his and L's lovemaking. He closed his eyes reliving every moment.

"God, Ryuzaki please…"

"Has anyone ever told you that you're cute when you blush?"

"Don't stop Ryuzaki…"

"I love you…Light Yagami."

'Oh God, I might love him too, but how? Why?'

"Is something to matter Light Yagami?" Misa's shinigami was standing behind him watching him fidget nervously.

"Uh…where's Misa? Why won't she pick up her cell?" he whispered sounding slightly panicked.

"I don't know. I suppose she's out and about ridding the world of criminals. Would you like me to go and find her?"

"Uh yeah. I need her book. This is an emergency and…"

"I think we've caught Kira. It's the proof that we need to haul in Misa." 'Oh God no…' Light turned towards Ryuzaki who was staring right back at him as if begging for a confession. /We have evidence that Misa is Kira number two. How are you going to save her Light?/ Light just turned away and stared out the window. "Bring her in," L commanded. His officers started for the door when all of sudden L fell out of his chair. He plummeted to the floor landing flat on his back. Light's eyes went wide with fright. 'Oh God, It's happening…' Light hurried across the room to the spot where Ryuzaki lay and kneeled beside him.

"Oh my God L, are you alright?" Matsuda asked. He was standing over Light hovering over the both of them. The rest of the officers were frozen stiff with fright at the door.

"Go…get help…all of you…now," L managed. "Leave us. Light will take care of me now please…go," he gasped clutching his chest. All of the other officers hurried out of the room leaving L and Light alone.

"Light." Light continued to stare off in the distance not wanting to meet L's eyes. For the first time since he became Kira, there were feelings of guilt, hurt, and shame. "Light please look at me. Aren't you going to honor my last wishes?" Light turned to him slowly, his eyes welling with tears. L reached up and cupped Light's face, looking deep into those soulful brown eyes of his.

"Are you the real Kira?" Light squeezed his eyes shut in an attempt to stop the flow of tears but it was all too much. The tears started to flow endlessly down his face. "That…pretty much answers my question but I need to hear it from you. Are you…the real Kira Light?" He could only nod. His throat was too knotted up to allow any speech to come through. Ryuzaki just smiled, raking his hand through his lover's hair again. "I thought as much."

"Ryuzaki…I'm…If I had known…I've never been in love and no one's ever loved me like...like this and…"

"Don't apologize Light. /I have to speak quickly or I'll die before I can say everything I need to say./ Every moment I spent with you was precious to me. Today, though I saw death coming, I managed to have the best day that I've ever had in my life Light. The best part for me was making love to the one I love and have always loved."

"God Ryuzaki…" he choked. He leaned over kissed Ryuzaki's lips. He responded immediately by grabbing the back of Light's head deepening the kiss. Light pulled away when L groaned clutching at his heart again. He watched in horror as L's breathing became shallower and his skin paler than a ghost's. Light dropped his head in shame and cried out.

"God what have I done? I never meant for it to go this far. I just…"

"Stop…shouting or they'll hear you," L scolded. /It hurts but I can't die just yet. I have to…/ He could feel his heart rate slowing down and his eyelids grew heavy. Light just stared at him horrified; he was too afraid to speak and too shocked to move.

"I…If I could do it over, I wouldn't have…" he sobbed.

"Light look at me. It's ok. I forgive you. You've always been my friend… /Oh no! I gotta…/ And today you…became…my…my Light. I…I love you," he whispered softly. Then he closed his eyes for the final time. Light stared at the lifeless body before him. 'No. He…he's not dead. Yes…he is because I killed him. I…I killed him and I'm sorry for it. I…'

"Ryuzaki wake up," he cried. He grabbed his friend and started shaking him. 'Wake up! You're not supposed to die! You wasn't supposed to die because you were supposed to fight me til the bitter end! What am I going to do now Ryuzaki? Who is going to push my buttons now that you're gone? Huh? How could you…how could I…?' "I killed him," he sobbed. "I killed the only person I've ever truly cared for." 'I think I may have loved him…'

"Let him go Light. It's over."

"But dad…dad I…" He turned to his father and cried in his chest, letting the warm embrace of his father comfort him. It had been a long time since he'd needed his father and he needed him now more than ever. 'He's gone but I…' "Dad…I…I think I loved him," he confessed.

"I know son. I…I know." He held onto his son and they stayed that way for the next several minutes, neither saying a word but both praying silently. When Light finally managed to stop crying, he cut his eyes at the lifeless body of the man he loved and smiled. 'I'll probably be joining you soon enough. Wait for me.'

"Hey dad?"

"Yes my son?"

"I have something I want to tell you."

AN: Yeah well I told you that it wasn't all that great but it's what was plaguing my mind. The ending...may have sucked for some of you people but take it however you like. I like to leave some things open so people can formulate their own theories. I do have a full epic story in mind for L and Light and it would start sometime before L's death but events will not happen the way they did in this story. I may or may not write it. Just depends. I don't want to start writing something and a majority of people hated this one. -shrugs- Anyway, review if you want. Oh and there will be an AMV made of those two at some point. Check my profile regualary because I'll post it there when it's finished. I think that's all. Ta Ta.