Chapter 7: Implementing the Trap

The coffee dare to which Johnny Test, and Sissy Bladely had waged each other was finally going to come to an end. While Johnny was trying to show Sissy where his mother-Lila Test's office was, his mother was quite busy with a certain group of villains whom were trying to reform their old ways with the presence of Mr. Black, Mr. White, Susan, Mary and Dukey secretly observing in another room.

"Everything has been setup to catch your brother and the other neighborhood girl" said Mr. Black, "this is the usual meeting room your mom often meets, and where the Johnny Destroy Force Five will also meet with her, in effort to reform their ways."

"But how do we know that Johnny and Sissy will be coming here?" asked Dukey.

"Don't worry, we know they will be coming here" replied Mr. White.

Suddenly, the door which the room Lila Test was going to meet with Porkbelly's local villains opened up, but it wasn't Lila who entered the scene but Johnny and Sissy.

"Hey, look there's some coffee for us, so that we can finally finish our coffee dare" said Johnny who didn't notice there was a secret room in the back.

"This coffee was already made, I'm sort of suspicious about this Test" said Sissy.

"Oh come on, are you chicken that you don't want to finish the dare you dared me into?" asked Johnny, trying to egg her on.

"It's not that, but I'm suspicious to why coffee would already be made here" replied Sissy.

Suddenly, Johnny and Sissy could hear voices coming down from the hallway.

"So, how do you folks know my son Johnny?" asked Lila to the villains whom were walking with her to the meeting room.

"Well, let's just say we had a few run ins with your son in the past" replied Mister Mittens.

"But we certainly wish to reform our ways, that's why we're here meeting with you trying to go back into the community, er, business community" said Wacko.

"Well that's a relief" said Lila.

"And I got some great ideas that would bring business down to my mole people" said the Mole King.

"Well, let's just discuss these terms in the meeting room, shall we?" asked Lila as she opened the door of the room.

"Quickly, they're coming inside!" cried Sissy.

"They won't be able to catch us if we drink all of this!" cried Johnny as he drank a large portion of the coffee down.

"Give me that!" cried Sissy as she took the coffee and drank down some of it herself.

But it was too late for the two, as Johnny's old nemeses have entered the room.

"Not so fast Johnny Test" said Brain Freezer as he pointed his weapon at Johnny and Sissy.

"Hold on a moment" said Lila as she stepped right in front of Brain Freezer.

"Oh come on, we were really hired by the two g-men in the secret room next to this room to stop them from their coffee craze" said Brain Freezer.

"Oh come on, we just wanted to see who would last the longest!" cried Johnny.

"Speaking of lasting the longest" cried Sissy as she felt her stomach, "I think I drank too much coffee.

"Ha, I won the coffee dare!" laughed Johnny to which he suddenly felt the same stomach problems and raced off toward the restroom with Sissy.

"What, that was the grand trap here?!" cried Wacko.

"I think I know what sort of coffee managed to do in those two" replied the Brain Freezer as he took out the coffee beans, "these coffee beans here are guarantee to make anyone, and I mean anyone have horrible stomach experience."

"You allowed my son to have that type of a coffee?!" cried Lila as she was quite enraged at Brain Freezer.

"B-B-But I was allowed to do this in order to ensure your son and the other neighborhood girl wouldn't go on a rampage with their coffee dare" replied the Brain Freezer.

"I think we can give you some explanations here" said Mr. Black as he entered the scene with Mr. White.

"And you two, I should be the one to give the proper punishment to my son" said Lila.

"But what sort of punishment would that be?" asked Mr. White.

The scene then switches to Johnny's room where he was certainly going to be grounded for at least until Christmas.

"This grounding sucks!" cried Johnny as he sat on his bed quite in a grumpy mood.

"I told you, you shouldn't have taken that dare from Sissy, speaking of which, I wonder what her punishment is" replied Dukey as he was standing outside Johnny's room with a ladder due to Johnny not being allowed to play with him.

Back outside the house, Sissy was at the front door of the Test residence, with her mother standing watch as Hugh Test, Johnny's father answered the door.

"Now you know your punishment young lady" said Sissy's mother.

"Yes mother" grumbled Sissy as she was showed in by Hugh.

A few minutes later, Hugh was at his son's door and opened it with Sissy right behind him.

"Hey son, guess who gets to come over here until her punishment is over?" asked Hugh.

Johnny then only responds with a loud scream as he notices Sissy Bladely, his arch rival next to his father. The scream was quite loud enough, it could be heard all the way over to Porkbelly park, where Mr. Black, Mr. White, the General along with Johnny's old enemies sitting quite comfortable.

"Ah, did you hear that?" asked Wacko after hearing Johnny's screams, "Music to mine ears."

"And ours too" laughed Mr. Black, Mr. White and the General as they drank down some coffee.

The scene then promptly ends from there, as poor Johnny Test now has to deal with his arch rival Sissy Bladely for the rest of the year as his punishment.