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Hinata stared out her window. Once again, she had disappointed her father. Again. She felt lonely. She was surrounded by people constantly. But….it was just so lonely.

Hinata pulled her knees up to chest. "Why…why do I have to be so weak? Why can't I be like Neji, or Hanabi?"

There was a knock at the door. "Come in."

It was Hanabi. "Hey nee-chan! How ya doing? Wanna go out and play? Neh? Neh??" she said cheerfully.

Hinata smiled. If there was anyone who could cheer her up, it would be Hanabi.

"Hello to you too Hanabi." Hianta hesitated. "Finish….training w-with F-father?"

"Yeah." Hanabi snorted. "Dad is moron."

"H-Hanabi! You shouldn't have said that."

"What? He is! Father is an OLD FART!"

Despite what she said, Hianta smiled. "And why is that?"

"I don't want to be clan leader. Its booring. I want to be an explorer."

"Eh. Not likely its gonna happen."

Hianta and Hanabi were sprawled on the floor.

"Neh. I think I'll go for a walk."


Hinata walked into the forest.

She sat beside a waterfall and took off her sandals. Then she dipped her feet in the cool water.

"Why can't I be stronger?" she murmured.

"You can. If you wanted to, you could."

Hinata whipped her head around. There standing in front of her, leaning against a tree was Itachi.

"Eep!!" Hinata squealed. "I-I-I-I-I-Itachi!"

"You could join the Akatsuki. If you wanted. Of course, you wouldn't be an official member, but we could train you."

Hianta knew she should have run immediately. This was the Akatsuki here she was dealing with.

"Do you accept it?"

"You want me for my Byakugan right?"

"No. Not really. We need a new member for the Akatsuki. ANd it would help if you're a good cook." Hinata was shocked. "Can I think about it?" she whispered.

"If you don't we'll do it by force. "Itachi whispered, then disappeared. She didn't hear.

She was too stunned by what just happened. It went by so fast.

The next day, Hinata went back to the waterfall.

To her surprise, Itachi was standing there. "Well?"

"Sure." she murmured quietly.

"Go pack. We will wait for you by the entrance. Hidden of course."


Deidara, Kisame, and Sasori stepped out. "Call if you're having trouble."

Deidara went over to her and gave her a bone crushing hug. "Awww. She's so adorable. Yeah."

"Ouch. That hurt Deidara-san"

"Oh sorry…yeah."

"See you later."

Hinata sped off in the distance.

She crept into the house.

Hinata grabbed a few shirts, and a few precious items and stuck them into her beach bag.

She crept down the stairs again………..and bumped right into Neji.

"Ah. Hinata-sama." he frowned. "Are you going somewhere?"

"A-ah. N-no. I'm just g-going f-f-for a walk."

He frowned even deeper. "Why would you bring your precious items on a walk.?"

Hianta turned red, then ran out the front door.

"Hianta!! Come back!!" he dashed after her. Hanta's heart pounded. She couldn't let him catch up!

She needed to accept this offer, and become stronger. To impress Naruto.Yes. Naruto.

She ran even faster. Unfortunately, Neji was even faster.

She was almost to the big gates. Neji grabbed her wrist. "L-let go! N-Neji! Y-y-you have to let me go!"

"No! Why do I have to?" Neji grabbed her other wrist. "Where are you going?"

She gazed at him. "To….get…stronger."

"She turned her head and said softly, " Deidara-san? Are you there?" Neji blanched. "What?"

Suddenly, Hianta was on the floor and All four Akatsuki were standing in front of her. Neji was infuriated. "Y-YOU!! GIVE ME BACK HINATA-SAMA."

"Ah. Screw off kid."

Kisame pushed Neji, and surprisingly, he flew back right into Kiba.

Deidara was bent over Hianta, worrying bout her. Neji had gripped her wrists too tightly.

Kib was shocked to see Hianta with the Akatsuki. "HINATA!! Get away!! Hurry."

Hinata shook her head. "I'm sorry Kiba-kun." she whispered, and all five of them disappeared.

"Noooooooooooooooo! Hinata!"

They reappeared a few miles from the forest.

Hinata looked absolutely miserable. Deidara was worried. "Are you okay?" Hinata looked up at him.

"Yes I am. Um. Itachi-san?"


"C-can I go say good bye to them? I won't let them see me." she whispered, her voice barley heard.

"No. You hardly got away this time."

"Please. Itachi, I beg you." she looked at him earnestly. "Please?"

Itachi sighed. "Hurry up. Be back in 10 min."

Hianta's eyes lit up. "Oh thank you Itachi! Can you watch my things. I really can't lose them." Itachi nodded and Hianta dashed off.

"Hey. Why did you give in so easily? Perhaps…you like her?"

Itachi snarled at him. "SHUT UP."

Hinata breathed a sigh. She was well hidden in a tree. She called for her pet dove. It cooed and landed gently on her shoulder.

She handed it a rolled up piece of paper. She had written several of these, each addressed to a different person. There were enough for all her friends.

"Go to Neji."

The dove swooped down from the tree and expertly dropped the scroll onto Neji's head. :3

He reeled a bit, then opened it.

Dear Neji,

I am going with the Akatsuki to train. They are very nice to me and promised to train me to get stronger. I need to become stronger. I'm sorry. Father will be mad I'm sure. I will miss you.

With lots of Love,


P.S. Hey, do you think you could blow up Father's desk for me? For me please. I really dislike him. Bye Neji-nii-san. I hope we will meet again.

Neji was shocked. "HINATA?? Are you there? I know you are!!"

But Hinata had already vanished. She delivered all of these messages and went back to find Itachi.

"I'm done." she told them quietly.

Her pet dove, whom she named Hikari, was riding on her shoulder.

"LEt's go." Itachi flew up into the tress. The others followed.

Kisame came up next to Hianta. "Nice bird."

Hanta smiled. She hummed something. The dove flew onto Kisame's shoulder and rubbed its soft head against his cheek.

Kisame looked so surprised she giggled.

She whistled for it come back. To her surprise, Hikari flew up to itachi and hopped around his shoulders.

Itachi just kept on going.

The bird was now doing a funny dance on his left shoulder.

Everyone laughed.

Itachi frowned to see what was so funny.

The bird hopped out of his vision range. (His Sharingan wasn't activated.)

Deidara snickered. Hinata got a mischievous look in her eyes. She whistled, it was a strange tune. The bird flapped its wings and stood on Itachi's nose.


All four of them burst out laughing. Ok. Sasori just chuckled.

Itahci grabbed at Hikari. She just flew around his head. Itachi looked furious. "Call off the bird Hianta! Before I kill it!"

Hanta, still grinning, whistled a low tune and Hikari flew back on her shoulder. Deidara was still laughing. "You should have seen your face…un."

Itachi gave him a death glare.

He shut up. After a few hours, they rested on a big branch. Hianta was exhausted. She fell over, off the branch.

Itachi zipped forward and caught her in his arms. "Troublesome woman." He laid her on the branch.

"Come on Itachi, we have to go. Pein said we have to get there before sunset...un." Deidara urged.

Itachi picked up Hianta bridal style and went after Deidara, Kisame and Sasori.

A few more hours later.

Hianta opened her eyes. She was in a bed. The covers were tucked in nice and warmly. She looked around the room……….and saw Itachi lying right next to her.

"Eeep." She went back under the covers, snatching them away from Itachi.

She fell onto the floor. Itachi leaned over the side. "Stop being so selfish." Then flicked her forehead.

She stuck her tongue out at him. She was tangled in the sheets. "Help me."

"No." Itachi was clearly amused.

He watched as she struggled with the sheets fro a few minutes and landed with a 'whump' on the floor.

She frowned. "You're so mean."

Itachi smirked. "That's me. Now come with me to the kitchen. I hope you can cook. We've been eating instant ramen for as long as this organization has started."

He half dragged and half carried her into the kitchen.

Deidara immediately began to grovel at Hianta. "Please tell me you can cook."

Hianta nodded. Deidara hugged her. "YES!! FINALLY!! A FILLING DINNER!!" He jumped around the kitchen.

Hianta smiled.

For the next hour, she was busy.

When she was done, there was a beautiful dinner on the table. Beef, vegetables, you name it. Ok not really. But you get the point.

Everyone of the Akatsuki sat with their mouths open.

Konan patted Hinata and smiled. "Great job!!"

All the men just sat there with their mouths open.

Hanta giggled. "I would close them if I were you. I saw a few flies flying around the kitchen you know?"

Mouths closed. "You first Pein." Kisame said.

Pein popped a piece of beef in his mouth. "Its delicious." he said calmly and started pouring the whole platter of beef onto his plate, all the while, staying calm.

Suddenly, the men were all over Pein, trying to grab the plate.

A few minutes later, all the food was gone and Hianta and Konan had dots for eyes and a sweat drop next to their eye.

"Come on Hianta. Its time for midnight entertainment."

"But…its not midnight."

"Too bad." Deidara grabbed her wrist and dragged her into the living room. He winked at her.

"Hit it Kisame."

Kisame pressed something and the Hamster Dance blasted out from the speakers.


Here we go.That's it.

That's all there is to it.

Alright everybody now here we go.

It's a brand new version of the dosido.

Just stomp your feet and clap your e on everybody its the hamster dance.

Bounce in time to the beat. You don't even have to move your feet. Just shake your thang; let me see you move. Now spin it around and feel the groove.

Deidara grinned. He started moving to the beat. He started humming the tune. Hinata stared at him. She was even more shocked when everyone started to sway to the music and began dancing around the room.

Tobi was wild. He hopped, He spun. He even spun on his head.

Hianta cracked up. "Go Tobi!" Tobi when faster, then tipped over on Pein and got a lashing.

Hianta was shocked when she saw Itachi. Even he gently swaying to the music. Hah. Imagine Itachi swaying to music.

She smiled gently. Deidara grabbed her hands and started dancing to the music. Hianta broke out in giggles.


Hianta's hands were clasped in front of her. She laughed.

Tobi linked his arms with hers and they danced around. She went from man to man. She even did it with Konan. She was laughing hysterically. So was everyone else. Except for Itachi. He just smirked.

Y.M.C.A blasted out. Hianta burst out laughing. "That song is so old!"

Pein offered his arm to her and they linked arms, dancing in a circle.

(A/N: I know. Totally OOC. But I want to make Itachi the "emo", I can't have fun guy.)

Itachi twitched.

Hianta was already laughing her head off, but to make matters worse, Deidara started tickling her.

She squeaked. "Ah. Ticklish are we now." Deidara grinned evilly.

They went down. "AHH!! Deidara-san!! Stop it! Hahahahah."

Itachi cracked a small smile.

No one saw him.

Deidara stopped. Hianta sat breathless on the floor. "I'm going to get you for that!!"

"When?" he teased. "Maybe in about 100 years."

Hianta pounded her small fists against Deidara's chest. "Deidaraaa!" she whined. "Stop being so mean."

The "Midnight Entertainment" was over. "Oh yes. Hanta, you will have to share a room with Itachi."

"What." Itachi said calmly.

"WHAT!!" Hianta cried out.

"We don't have another room." Pein explained.

Hianta was on the side off the bed, trying to get as far away as possible from Itachi. She felt his arm on her waist and he pulled her closer. She blushed.

"I don't bite, and if you don't come closer, you're going to fall off." he said calmly.

Hianta huffed. "Fine." she snatched away the blankets..

Itachi sighed. "You are so selfish."

He made a grab for the blankets but Hinata rolled over….right off the bed. She braced herself. But it didn't come. She cracked open an eye. Itachi glared at her.

He was holding her bridal style. "Be careful." Hianta was mad and glared right back at him.

Itachi was surprised. No one ever glared at him before.

He smirked. "Stop smirking at me." Hianta complained. He dropped her on the mattress. She winced.

"What do you have under here? Bricks?" she leapt off the bed and was about to lift the mattress when she was stopped by Itachi.

"I prefer you not look."

Hianta was silent, then crept back onto the bed. She pulled the blanket around her. "Good night." she said curtly.

Itachi leaned against the wall and watched her until she was asleep. Then he fell asleep too.

Hianta opened her eyes and yawned.

Then she sat up and rubbed her eyes. "Another day of having to deal with father…."

Sundeenly, she saw Itachi. She brightened.

"You ran away with the Akatsuki remember?"

"Ahhh! Who are you?"

"Hm. Let's say I'm your conscience."

"I have one?"

"Yes! Now look at Itachi."


"Just do it."

Hianta looked, and invented a whole new shade of red.

Itachi was leaning against the wall, wearing only a pair of pants.

Hianta gaped. Itachi smirked. The girl seemed to be in shock.

Hw walked over to her and knocked on her head. "Hello? I'm looking for a girl named Hinata. She should be right where you're sitting, have you seen her?" Itachi smirked.

Hianta snapped out of her gaping trance. "Cut it out."

She leapt out of bed and walked into the bathroom.

She sat down, on the cool floor, wondering what to wear and if the blush was off her face yet.

She finally decided what to wear and walked out of the bathroom. Itachi was sitting on the bed cross-legged reading a book.

She ignored him and walked over to the wardrobe.

She grabbed her clothes and dashed into the bathroom.

When Hianta came out, she was wearing: (my new clothing design) a black tank top, a black jacket, a black skirt, black boots, and she had a red bandana tying up her hair.

Yup, today's color was black.

Itachi raised an eyebrow when he saw her. "Hey. She has good fashion sense at least."

"Come on. You need to start breakfast."

Hinata grinned. "And you're helping." She grabbed his hand and dragged him into the kitchen.

"I can't." he said bluntly.

"Why not?" Hianta was puzzled.

"I have bad eyesight." he said coldly.


Hanta turned away and went to the fridge. "Umm…if you want any breakfast, I think we need to pay a visit to the closest supermarket."

Itachi stared at her. "Come on." he dragged her out the door and disappeared. They reappeared in front of a market. "Hurry up and come back."

"Ok." Hianta replied cheerfully and ran off.

Itachi smirked and shook his head.

30 minutes later….

"Ita…….!!" Itachi had quickly covered her mouth.

"Do you want them to know we're here??" Itachi hissed.

"Ooops." Hinata said sheepishly.

They went back to the hideout. The other's were still asleep.

Hianta cracked an egg in the pan. "Itachi-san?"


"I think….I can fix your eye sight." she was now frying bacon.

"Oh?" Itachi was interested. He could only make out outlines of people and some color. But that was it.

"Yes. I took medical class for a few years." she tossed some scraps into the trashcan and loaded a plate with eggs. She had bought 5 dozen of eggs and one dozen was already gone.

"Will my eyesight be perfect forever?"

Hianta shrugged. "Perhaps."

"Can you try after breakfast?"

She smiled. "Why do you think I bought it up."

Itachi returned her smile with a faint smile. "Aww. Look at the lovebirds." Deidara teased as he waltzed into the kitcen.

Itachi's poker face returned. "Shut up and eat." he said as Hinata put plates of bacon, ham and eggs on the table.

Everyone dug in. "Mmm. Yummy!!" Tobi said cheerfully. "Hianta-chan is awesome!"

Hianta suddenly realized the Akatsuki only wore their robes when going out. Inside their hideout, they wore T-shirts and jeans.

After breakfast hanta and Itachi sat on the couch.

"What are you guys doing?" Hidan said, sitting on the floor.

"I'm going to try to heal his eyes." "Oh." Pein brightened. "Now he doesn't have to go around blindly. He's as blind as a bat."

Itachi growled.

"Last time, he went into Deidara's room and thought it was the bathroom. He pissed on Deidara."

Itachi snarled. "Shut up."

Pein shrugged.

Hianta gently placed her hands on top of Itachi's eyes and a green glow appeared.

Everyone leaned forward, anxious to see what would happen next…

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