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Itachi formed a seal and transformed into a young boy with shoulder length black hair and green eyes. The lines on either side of his nose were gone and he was wearing a silver earring. As for attire, he was dressed in a jacket with black pants. Simple enough.

"Let's go Itachi." Hikari grabbed Hinata and they all disappeared in a whirl of black and red chakra. They reappeared in front of the door that lead to the Hokage's room. Hikari knocked softly on the door. It swung open and Shizune peered at them. Her eyes widened in shock.

"Is that Hinata??"

Hikari nodded. Itachi crossed his arms over his chest, wondering what the hell he was supposed to do. Tsunade appeared behind Shizune and was about to grab Hinata when she caught sight of Itachi.

"Who's that?" Her eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"A friend we picked up along the way." Hikari said smoothly. Tsunade glanced at Itachi. "What's your name?"

"Call me Kenji." Itachi tried to sound as normal as possible. Hinata needed help and it wouldn't help to blow his own cover. Hikari stepped forward with Hinata in her arms. Tsunade took her and began to carefully inspect her.

After several minutes, she stood up with a serious look on her face. "Shizune! Get Hinata to the hospital right this moment. Her lungs are failing and something is wrong with her heart!"

Shizune dashed out the door.

A little later, Hinata was wheeled into the emergency room. Hikari was standing nearby, asking what she could do. Tsunade looked up in surprise. "You know medical jutsu."

Hikari rolled her eyes. "Duh.."

Tsunade got the message. "Well, for starters, there's a small whole in the left side of her heart. I'm not totally sure what happened there, but her lungs are also failing."

Hikari frowned. "Got it." she leaned over Hinata's body and raised her hand over Hinata's lungs. Tsunade's eyes widened. "W-wait! You have to be careful, if not h-her…" Tsunade faltered as an orange glow appeared around Hikari's hand. An assistant nearby watched. "A-amazing! Tsunade-sama! Her breathing is returning to normal!" Hikari swept her hands over Hinata's lungs and the skin sealed over.

"Done. What I didn't get was the heart part. I can't find the hole." Hikari said calmly. Tsunade stunned by the speed o her healing powers coughed and nodded. Together they inspected Hinata, trying to locate what was wrong. An hour passed and her condition got worse.

"Maybe we're thinking too hard." Hikari offered. "Maybe the problem is more simple then what we're looking for."

Tsunade pondered at what she said. "Could be."

Hinata hacked again. Her body jerked. Alarmed, Hikari pushed Hinata down, careful not to disturb the tubes. Blood dribbled out of the corner of Hinata's chin. Hikari wiped it and thought carefully about all the different symptoms.

Something inside her clicked. "That's it!" she burst out.

Tsunade looked up.

"We assumed there was something wrong with her heart because of all the blood coming from her mouth. Could it be that its coming from internal bleeding of the stomach??"

Tsunade thought carefully about it. "Its worth a try."

Together, they eased a tube inside her stomach…….

Itachi paced around the room. How was she? Was she dying? Living? Hanging on the end of her life? He needed to stop torturing himself like this. He plopped down onto a cushion, crossed his arms and sat.

He felt someone slide into the seat next to him. It was Ino. "Hey there. Waiting for Hinata?" she batted her eyelashes at him. Itachi wanted to barf. "How about we go for something to drink?" Ino slid right next to him and reached for his arm. Itachi smacked her hand away. "Leave me alone."

Ino pouted. "Come on. Don't you find it boring sitting here?"

"I will tell you one more time. Leave me alone, or I will kill you." Itachi's voice was dangerously soft. Ino took the hint and went away before she killed. The red light above Hinata's room went off. Itachi looked up expectantly. The door creaked open.

Tsunade smiled broadly and looked very happy. "She survived. She's sleeping, but her life is no longer in danger."

Itachi almost jumped up and ran around like a little kid who got his first bike.


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