Author's Note:

First of all I'd like to say, because I didn't in the summary or in the first chapter: this takes place after New Moon which is why she's saying that she was so happy to be with him again and her sleep schedule was still off since they got back from Italy.

So I've gotten quite a few reviews asking or demanding cough PoisionedRoses cough me to make this and my story kissing in the rain more than a one shot.

I'm not exactly sure what I'll do yet but if you think I should make them more than a one shot and/or have any ideas about either story, review or PM me and let me know.

The whole reason for this author's note is that I got a review thanks cullenist1918 commenting on the fact that i said "I could feel his warm breath..." yada yada yada. Vampires don't have warm breath! So i just wanted to clarify... yes it is Edward in the story and yes he is a vampire. So it really should've been... "I could feel his cool breath.." yada yada yada. Oh well... my mistake!

When I initially wrote this, it was just a story I was writing because, well, I just felt like writing. But I decided to rewrite it as an Edward and Bella scene. So some of it I was copying directly from my other story and some I was making up as I go along. So there are probably mistakes. Let me know if you find any others! Speaking of finding my mistakes... I'm looking for a beta. PM or review if you're interested!


By the way I have a new story up...

Music Appreciation--Bella is a student at Washington University in Seattle. She knows that it's not right to have a crush on your teacher but she can't help but fall for Mr. Cullen anyway. Full Summary in the actual story.

And I'm working on another one...

Miss Invisible

Bella has always been the shy and unpopular girl in Forks High School. Then, one day the Cullens move to Forks. Bella knows that none of them will ever pay attention to her. But she is very intrigued by these extremely beautiful people. Especially Edward. He is gorgeous but turns down every other girl in school. Bella knows that she doesn't have a chance with him. Especially because at first he seems to really hate her. But when Bella is in danger it's Edward who saves her... This is the draft of my summary. As of now, the Cullens will be vampires but I'm not sure yet if I'm going to make them human or not Let me know what you think?

Ok. Thanks for putting up with my babbling!