I don't own doctor who. If I did do you honestly think Billie Piper would of left.

The darkness was coming. I can feel it. The device that me and Mickey made to get across the void was pretty much the same as a vortex manipulator parallel Jack helped us. We finding him were a complete and utter coincidence. I nearly cried when I saw him( Mickey was a bit teary too) poor parallel Jack thought we were properly right freaks- but none of us cared.

After putting across our sob story of how our Jack saved me from a barrage balloon in world war 2, how me, Jack and the Doctor. How our Jack died a hero saving the world. He was happy to help and with a little 'borrowing' from the time agency we had enough technology to 'update' the vortex manipulator.

That all feel so long ago now, I left a soon as it was ready- but I didn't go straight through. I had to be careful; to go through the weakest point- which happened to be near the moon. Ran into a little problem with the judoon, but the thing is that's what made me realise. I can travel and gain some knowledge about the world I was going to travel in with the doctor. I can just imagine his face when I tell him "Oh I've already been here Doctor!" his face would be a picture.

That's when I found the darkness- what it was doing and even worse, what was going to happen. I knew I had to protect the one person that was important to me and my' to be' second home. The Doctor and my Earth. I decided to prepare for what was going to happen, to collect my weapons to defeat the darkness, I know my doctor hates weapons and would never use one. But this time it is necessary.

I sometimes wonder, when I'm on my travels around my original universe if the Doctor has a new companion, I made a promise to my self not to be the bitter companion that Sarah-Jane was at the begging. I know that if the Doctor chose them they will be brave and wonderful. We will fight the darkness together.

As I travel towards the Earth I know my time is coming. The time me and my love will be together. Together we will fight the darkness