Chapter 1:

Bella's point of view:

I walked past the sliding doors at the front of the hotel. I kept button up my vest with both bands as I walked towards the reception desk. Jessica was on the phone with a guest giving them directions.

"Sir, may I put you on hold for just a second? I have another agent who knows the area better than I do." She pressed the hold button, extending the phone to me. "He needs directions from the airport."

I grabbed the phone and took the man off hold. "Hello, sir. Thank you for holding. This is Bella and I'd be more than happy to give you directions from the airport." I said in the formality we had been taught while working at the hotel. I gave him the directions and asked him to call us back if he did get lost. It seemed I did that everyday.

I turned around saw Jessica counting her drawer. I went into the back office and put my purse down next to the door. As I headed back to clock in, the general manager called me into his office.

"Yes sir." I said as I approached his office door.

Matthew Smith motioned for me to sit down. "Sit, Bella, please."

I took a seat on the chair closest to the door. I felt extremely nervous about this.

"Tonight, we have a VIP guest coming in with his family. The last name is Cullen. He's here to help his son settle in at University of Washington . Bella, you are our best out there with the guests, but I really want you to go beyond this time. I know you are going to be attending UW as well, so I was hoping you could give his son a personal tour."

I sat there, trying to find a way to make him understand that it would be a bad idea. "Mr. Smith, I don't know if I would be able to give much of a tour. I mean, I only just moved onto campus about four days ago. There wouldn't be much I could show him."

"Bella, please find a way to get this done. Mr. Cullen is an extremely important client. We'll consider a raise after they leave, okay?" His phone rang just then, and he went to answer it. I knew I had no choice. "Oh and one more thing, when they check in, walk them to their room, make sure everything is okay with it and if they are hungry or thirsty have the kitchen prepare anything they desire. Thank you."

I stood up and began to walk back to the desk. Jessica was waiting for me so she could leave. I had a feeling it was going to be a long week.

Edwards Point of View:

It had been my dad's idea. He wanted everyone to come and help me move in. My mom was having a hard time letting go even though Alice had already left for college.

We were driving from the airport in the rented car. I had chosen University of Washington as my school for two reasons. The first being it was close to the school Alice was attending. The second reason being the weather was always gloomy. I enjoyed gloomy.

Alice was singing softly and out of tune to a on the radio. "Dad, do you think I'll be able to see Jasper, while we're here?"

Jasper was Alice 's new boyfriend. They talked on the phone everyday at all possible hours. He came to see her halfway through the summer and Alice had taken a trip herself to see him. Alice was only a year older than he was, but sometimes she acted as though she was a decade older.

"Dad, how long are you going to be here?" I asked. I was just curious.

:"Ready for your independence? We'll probably only stay two or three days. We also need to get Alice settled in. I need to be back at the hospital by the end of the week." He told me. Three days was not so bad. School started on Monday so it would give me a few days by myself to meet people.

Alice was the next to speak. Her excited voice matched her face. "Edward, look!" She was pointing straight ahead. It seemed our hotel was right on the water. It was like my dad to pick the most expensive places.

He parked the car at the front entrance and a bell boy immediately began to approach the car. I heard him address my father. I looked over at Alice and she rolled her eyes. We were going to be treated like royalty here too.

Authors note:

Here's the start. I'll try and post daily. Give me suggestions. It's abit short, but I just wanted to introduce the characters. Enjoy.