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Chapter 1


Ryoma groaned as he missed his fourth ball that day. Giving his racket a fierce glare, even though he knew it wasn't the racket's fault, Ryoma got off the court and went for his water bottle. The water was lukewarm, but he didn't care. He needed to calm down. It had been like this all week. He would like to think it was because of the incredible heat, it was the beginning of summer after all, but he knew that it wasn't the issue. The real issue was what happened a few days ago; The realization that Ryoma had never asked for. If he had known about it, he'd have preferred to remain oblivious.

But for heaven's sakes! Ryoma was thirteen years old. For him to finally go through puberty was only to be expected. With puberty came lots of different things, both good and bad. Good things were voice changes, something that Ryoma anticipated to happen soon, and random body maturity. Ryoma couldn't wait to grow taller. He was tired of always being the short one.

But puberty also brought bad things. Things that Ryoma hated. Things that even scared Ryoma. And annoyed him. And angered him. It brought a lot of feelings, and Ryoma couldn't help but to hate the feeling of growing up.

Ryoma had never really felt any kind of attraction towards another person before, let alone sexual attraction. And now it had finally happened. And Ryoma was outrageous. It wasn't like it was supposed to be. Something had gone wrong. He wasn't feeling attraction towards the right kind of people. Ryoma had always known that one day he would come to find another person attractive, but he had kind of suspected that person to be kind of like that girl, Ryuzaki-san. Ryoma sighed, he couldn't even remember her name. Something with an 's'... Sakura? No, that wasn't it...

"Ryoma? What's the matter with you?" Ryoma snapped his lazy eyes open at the sound of Fuji's voice. "You've been off all week. Is something wrong? You're not sick are you? The match against the Senzu Academy is next week!" Slightly frowning, Fuji put his cool hand on Ryoma's forehead. Ryoma flinched and turned his face away, forcing the warmth that had gathered in his cheeks to go away.

This was so unlike him! To get flushed that easily... So damn uncool! Ryoma hated it. He really hated it.

"I-I'm fine!" Ryoma exclaimed and turned his back to his senpai. He couldn't even bear to look at the brown-haired boy now. Not after what happened last week. Not that Fuji knew about it, but still. Ryoma was embarrassed enough to die. "I... I have to go!" Ryoma said shakily and grabbed his bag before taking off.

He could hear Fuji call after him, "My sister could give you a ride, she'll be here any minute to pick me up!"

"I'll walk!" Ryoma gave a wave but didn't turn around.

When he had finally made distance between himself and Seigaku, he slowed down and finally stopped to stare angrily at the ground. His whole body was thumping, and he could still feel the brief touch of Fuji's hand on his face. Ryoma blushed and cursed himself. Why did this have to happen? Sure, he knew that one guy could fall in love with another guy, but he never expected himself to do so! Still blushing like mad, Ryoma started walking. He thought about what had happened last week.

He had been watching Momo play some tennis with Fuji, just like any other normal day. The sun had been shining, and Fuji had been sweating... so he took his shirt off. It wasn't like Fuji to show skin, but the past few weeks had really been insanely hot. Ryoma remembered how the sweat on Fuji's skin had gleamed in the light.

That's when the damn feeling had started. A strange, tingling feeling in the pit of his stomach that made him hot and cool at the same time. And he couldn't have taken his eyes off of his sweaty senpai, even if he wanted to. There was something about that tanned body that entranced Ryoma.

That's when he realized, that he was, in fact, attracted to his senpai. Attracted to another guy.

"Tadaima..." Ryoma muttered and went into the kitchen to grab a glass of ponta. His idiot father was sitting on the porch as usual, reading a poorly hidden porn magazine. He gave a sound of acknowledgement to let Ryoma know that he had heard him. Ryoma sighed and decided to go to his room. His father wouldn't be able to help him. Ryoma had never been able to talk to his father about his feelings anyway, and even if he could, Ryoma didn't know what his father thought of boys who liked boys.

And what about Ryoma? What did he think? Maybe he wasn't even attracted to Fuji, maybe the feeling was something else... Something Ryoma didn't understand. Something Ryoma couldn't get rid of.

Walking into his rather dark room, Ryoma let sigh of relief escape. He could be alone to think here. He threw himself onto his bed and groaned. He needed to find a solution to this dilemma.

Okay, there were obviously feelings of attraction involved. If there weren't, Ryoma hadn't been enjoying the sight of a half-naked Fuji as much as he had. Could he do something to stop himself from liking his senpai? Maybe the feelings he was experiencing were merely lust? Confused or frustrated hormones? Curiosity even. Maybe... if Ryoma, just once, allowed himself to do something like that... the feelings would go away!

In fact, Ryoma soon discovered he hadn't really much of a choice; a stirring inside his boxers had already been activated. And just by thinking of his senpai?! Ryoma frowned. This was getting out of hand. He had to do something. Sitting up on the bed, he spread his legs and stared at the growing tent. He swallowed and decided to experiment a little. He imagined Fuji-senpai in the shower, water dripping down his naked body-

Ryoma moaned at the thought and slapped a hand over his mouth. What the hell?! He was actually getting turned on? Flustered and extremely embarrassed, he threw a glance towards his groin and blushed even more. The tent had grown quite a lot. It was even twitching a little through the soft fabric of his shorts. Ryoma swallowed nervously and timidly put a hand on the tent and gave a small squeeze. He could barely contain the moan that threatened to spill over his lips and the pleasure that small squeeze gave him was indescribable. Ryoma had never really touched himself before, so any small act of sexual pleasure felt incredibly good to him.

Ryoma glanced towards his door to make sure it was closed and locked. It was. Biting his lip in nervousness, Ryoma slowly undid his shorts and pulled the fabric down over his lean hips. He took a shaky breath when he saw his own erection. It had never been that big before. And even though he knew exactly what sex was, it was an almost shocking experience to finally have an erection of his own. His penis was straining and slightly quivering. Ryoma prodded the shaft with a finger and found that the touch felt good, so he took a firm grasp of his penis and gave a careful stroke.

His back arched with pleasure and a lustful moan emitted from his lips, and he didn't even care. It was so good! Settling against his pillows, Ryoma spread his legs wider and locked his dazed gaze on his reddening member. It was getting harder in his hand. He gave another stroke and bit his lip. He blushed. It felt good. Very good. He was starting to breathe heavier. His hips were starting to make thrusting movements. Images of Fuji-senpai started to slip into his mind and the pleasure increased.

Fuji kissing him, Fuji's hands on his body, Fuji rubbing against him... The images wouldn't stop coming to him! Ryoma's toes curled as the erotic feelings coursed through his inexperienced body, and he gave another low moan.

"Fuji-senpai..." he whispered dazedly, barely aware of what he was saying. He imagined Fuji touching him like this, kissing his neck... Ryoma's strokes got more frequent. He watched, with a strange kind of fascination, as pre-cum started to dribble down his young shaft. His pale fingers gripped his penis more firmly and he let his thumb slide across the small slit. Finally, he gave a loud gasp, scrunched his eyes shut and shook as a thick rope of white cum spurted from his jerking penis. His toes curled into his sheets as the climax made his body tremble and he threw his head back to savor the fantastic sensation of an orgasm.

A few seconds later, he opened his eyes and stared at the small puddle of cum on his blanket through heavily lidded eyes and his rosy cheeks got even rosier. The realization hurt as it came to him with a pang - he had gotten an orgasm from thinking about his fellow tennis partner.

He brought his spread knees together and hid his blushing face in his damp hands.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god..." he repeated to himself, feeling ashamed a disgusted by himself. Curling into a ball on the bed, Ryoma gave a dry sob. The feeling wouldn't go away. If anything, it would increase instead of cease. The yearning, the wanting he had felt while touching himself wasn't just lust. Ryoma wanted Fuji-senpai. And there was nothing he could do about it.



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